A Welsh Man Loses Three Fingers In Police Custody, Watch Videos

A father from Burry Port in Llanelli, Jamie Leigh Clark was at home on the evening of 20th of June 2016, Jamie’s neighbours called Llanelli police station and reported a domestic as they could hear two people arguing.

The police attended the home address of Jamie where there was a minor incident of two people arguing, the police became heavy-handed and threatened to taser Jamie, they then arrested Mr Clark for a police assault. As we all know readers of the blog, these are the tactics they use, it’s difficult to prove when four officers say you have assaulted them, it’s your word against theirs and they have now justified their actions for taking you in. Jamie is now in the back of the van on the way to custody on an assault charge.

I am going to show you three videos.

The first one is Jamie entering the custody suite where two officers have Jamie in a headlock and are marching him straight to the cells. There are six police officers accompanying Jamie plus a male and a female officer at the custody desk.  Most people know whenever you are taken into custody you’re supposed to be booked in, your name and details given to the custody officer and the nature of the offence you have been arrested for, for some reason Llanelli police have chosen to ignore this procedure.

Now moving on to the second video, warning this is graphic and disturbing.

Jamie is placed on the cell floor where you can see 6 officers in the cell, Jamie is stripped naked, the handcuffs are eventually removed, all the officers back out of the cell and as the last officer backs out, you can then see Jamie stand-up naked, then he goes to grab the door, you can see the officer slam the door shut on his left hand severing three fingers you can see Jamie banging on the door with his right hand screaming for help and for the police to open the door, how convenient the audio has been switched off on these videos.

You then see later Jamie lying on the floor semiconscious, his right hand trying to stop the bleeding on his left hand, astonishingly it took them three hours to eventually take Jamie to hospital.

These videos are absolutely shocking, the police have a duty of care to look after anyone they have in custody around the country no matter what they had been arrested for.  Llanelli police you have failed and let Jamie Leigh Clark down, come on it is time to pay him compensation now.

Video three shows half a dozen police officers outside M4 cell where they have closed the door on Jamie’s hand, you can see a police officer wiping the blood off his top that has squirted out of the edge of the door from Jamie’s hand also see them looking above the M5 cell at the blood splatter.  The officers seem to think it’s a joke the amount of time it took them to open the cell door and to add insult to injury they charge Jamie with common assault on a police officer.

Jamie eventually attended Llanelli Magistrates Court on 18 October 2016, some four months later Jamie pleaded not guilty and the magistrates found Jamie not guilty of the common assault as they said they were too many inconsistencies in the police statements.

Jamie then put a complaint in as to how he was mistreated at Llanelli police station. As usual the police say they have done nothing wrong and it was referred to the IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Cops), Jan Williams investigated from the IPCC, how strange she said the same basically the police have done nothing wrong. I have told you on previous posts when you make a complaint they love to tire you out and wear you down, this is the protocol you have to go through.

I have had lengthy conversations with Jamie and my heart goes out to him and his family, he’s finding it very painful this time of year having to wear gloves, now the police and the IPCC have finished their investigation, Jamie can now claim against the Chief Constable of Llanelli and his foot-soldiers, I think we would all agree he should be entitled to compensation, I cannot say any more at this stage as Jamie’s claim is imminent as I would not like to prejudice his case.

I would like to wish Jamie good luck and all the best for the future, I know it’s difficult for Jamie, he used to be a painter and decorator and can no longer work and is finding it very difficult at the moment.

Your comments would be appreciated.


North Wales Police Officer Guilty Of Stalking A Female Police Officer

A North Wales police officer Stuart Alfred Bradshaw from Flint, admitted stalking his ex-partner between July 2016 and March 2017. Bradshaw couldn’t cope and was desperate when Emma Dinning told him the relationship was over, Emma who was also a police officer made it clear to Bradshaw that she wanted nothing more to do with him. He accessed one of her social media accounts hundreds of times, Bradshaw also sent flowers & posted a photograph of her and her cat on his Facebook account.

The good old district judge Gwyn Jones gave Bradshaw a 12 week prison sentence suspended for a year and placed him on rehabilitation with £85 costs and a £115 surcharge to be paid. He was also made the subject of a 5 year restraining order not to contact his victim Emma Dinning.

This was the same judge that on 21 December 2016 just before Christmas sent myself and my wife to prison both for 33 months; my solicitor John Brown from Liverpool told Gwyn Jones ‘Mr Creamer has already paid £100,000 to the confiscation unit and you will receive another £250,000 at the end of January early February’ and then reminded the judge ‘that you shouldn’t activate the sentence when a person has assets available’.  Good old Gwyn Jones was having none of it and as I said, he activated the sentence four days before Christmas not taking into account we have children and grandchildren.

The same judge that said he knew nothing about our case yet when he sentenced us, he knew chapter and verse, I have mentioned this before on a previous post; karma comes to everybody Gwyn (before Gwyn was appointed a District Judge, he was a solicitor for Gamlins, some of his clients were affected by the Thoughts of Oscar scandal). A serving police officer who has stalked and abused his position of trust receives 12 week prison sentence suspended for 12 months, he is now likely to lose his job John Hanson from Professional Standards Department is going to be very busy with all these naughty little officers drink-driving and stalking.

Please read the link below to the Paedophile Post:


North Wales Police Finally Admit They Knew Who The Author Of The Troll Blog Thoughts of Oscar Was

Please read my complaint about The Mob to PSD (Professional Standards Department) it is self-explanatory; I’m sorry it’s quite lengthy but this was their reports back, firstly by Superintendent Sian Beck from the local Policing Services at St Asaph and also a pathetic reply back by good old Detective Superintendent John Hanson, who’s now head of Professional Standards, as I’ve said before when you make a complaint to PSD (stop laughing!!) it’s the police investigating the police and if you’re not happy with the decision you then go to the IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Cops) over 70% of the staff from IPCC are ex police officers, this is throughout the country; what a great complaints procedure talk about banging your head against a brick wall.

If you are ever going to bring a claim against any officer this is the protocol you have to follow and they do their best to tire you out, but please don’t give up. It starts out like this, a local Sergeant in your area will record the complaints which will then be passed to PSD, they will gather all the information and take as long as possible and always try to resolve a complaint with a local resolution, then if you’re not happy it then goes to the IPCC, they can then take up to a year before they investigate and 9 times out of 10 they follow PSD’s decision. When all that has finished you then bring a claim against the Chief Constable in your area and take it to the County Court, I will show you in due course when I had to do this and how much money was awarded to us.

John Hanson as I’ve stated on this blog before had a meeting with Chris Walsh and head crown prosecutor Karen Dixon, it is my belief Karen Dixon was not made aware of all the facts by John and Chris. If the police want somebody charged a thorough investigation is carried out providing as much evidence as possible if they do not wish somebody to be charged should a complaint be made information is held back from the CPS. Somebody’s name was released on the Thoughts of Oscar website, this person was threatened to be killed and violence to be used, John and Chris’s advice to the complainant was that if someone makes a threat they don’t always carry it out, could you imagine readers of the blog if the threats were made regarding a police officer, they would babysit outside his property.

I can confirm that what I have mentioned above was true & factual and mentioned in headquarters but what I can’t confirm is did John Hanson pass this information on to Karen Dixon in their meeting?  I’m sure if Karen would have been made aware of this somebody would have been prosecuted from that poison pen blog.

As we know Nigel Roberts a.k.a. ‘7 Bellies’ admitted to being the author, ex- Secretary of State for Wales MP David Jones carries on denying having any involvement but you have seen his deleted tweets on the previous post and North Wales Police couldn’t prosecute themselves but as you can see from the reports they do their best to close your complaints down.

How convenient for The Mob, the IPCC says in their findings “we do not consider any one’s recollection of events would be clear after such a significant length of time i.e. five years, Verberg can’t remember, Kenyon’s memory has faded and Simon Humphreys took retirement as soon as my complaint came in to save his pension but when The Mob investigated myself and Anita for mortgage fraud they went back over 20 years and cross-examined me in the witness box for over 5 days and expected me to remember every detail, every mortgage application I made, where deposits came from etc, tax I had paid stamp duty, capital gains I had paid and right down to how much money I had spent on my credit cards yet they say it’s hard to remember things 5 years ago.

The truth of the matter is they have now been caught out covering each other’s backs and worrying about their pensions.

Finally, all you people that went to Llandudno police station and reported the Thoughts of Oscar blog to Inspector Verberg, he lied to you when he said he didn’t know who the author was; I’ve been telling you for years that he knew full well who it was, The Mob then moved him over to PSD and that’s where he is today. The reports from PSD, Sian Beck, the report from John Hanson and the report from the IPCC is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever read but they have to cover their backs to save their pensions, if The Mob had admitted they knew who the author of the blog was they knew this would have prejudiced my trial and the case would have collapsed.


The Same Judge Dealt With Two Separate Rape Cases

His honour Judge Rhys Rowlands QC dealt with two separate rape cases, the first one was PC Ian James Clarke of North Wales Police who worked at the major crime unit in St Asaph alongside DC Don Kenyon and Inspector Jason Davenport, you would have read about Ian James Clarke on this blog a few posts back, so you’ll already be familiar with the story.

There is something I can’t quite get my head around, His honour Judge Rowlands told PC Clarke of St Peter’s Park, Northorp, Mold “you have been convicted of the most serious offence of rape, not only did you behave in a wholly disgraceful and immoral way that night, but you took advantage of a woman you thought was badly affected by drink, she was not” the judge told him. So this judge knows this case inside out, he has sat and listened throughout Mr Clarke’s trial and after being found guilty he sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment.

I’m going to point out a few facts here, Ian James Clarke was a police officer in a position of trust and married to a police officer; Clarke couldn’t accept being found guilty, he tried to drag his wife down with him, telling people it was an agreed threesome, this is what the coward Clarke was telling people in prison. No statement was given in to say it was an agreed threesome by his wife. Judge Rowlands said the victim in this case had given her evidence with remarkable strength, a victim impact statement was read out to the judge.

Detective Superintendent Joe Williams from North Wales Police Protection of Vulnerable People’s Unit said Ian Clarke has been imprisoned for five years for a very serious offence of rape. To someone who is unsure as to what the police badge means as the profession of policing has evolved over the years, it is a most visible symbol of service that has taken on an almost iconic meaning, from a practical standpoint officers wear the badge as a means to identify who they are and who they work for, the law-enforcement badge is easily recognisable sign of legal authority, the badge symbol means:

To protect and serve…….not to rape women and not of fit people up.

Take a look at the full story from the Paedophile post below:


Now let’s look at the case against Mark Hall, just a couple of months after the previous case His Honour Judge Rhys Rowlands also had the advantage of hearing Mark Hall’s trial, Mark was also found guilty by a jury, we have to respect the jury’s decision although juries sometimes do get it wrong as I have pointed out on the previous posts. Mark too was sentenced at Mold Crown Court, the same as PC Ian Clarke.

The judge in this case, in his own words when jailing Mark Hall at Mold Crown Court to 6 years imprisonment, the judge said “the case involved Hall clinically taking advantage of the victim”, the definition of clinical in English is

1.) Relating to the observation and treatment of actual patients rather than theoretical or laboratory studies.

2.) Very efficient and without feeling coldly detached nothing was left to chance everything was clinical.

Remember what the Judge told Clarke, “you have been convicted of the most serious offence of rape” yet only gave him five years imprisonment and not forgetting his job being in a position of trust.

Every rape case in Great Britain, the victim gives a victim impact statement, in a very unusual case ie; the Mark Hall case, the victim decided not to give a victim impact statement. I can’t get my head round how the Judge passed a six-year prison sentence, the parole board take these victim impact statements into account before deciding whether a criminal should be released or what, if any restrictions are required.

Am I right to say readers of the blog, that the parole board should release Mr Hall from custody as the ‘victim’ in this case couldn’t be bothered making the statements?

Judge Rowlands says, Hall must register as a sex offender indefinitely and a restraining order was made, when you read this you must be as shocked as I am. We put our trust in law lords to write the law and the judges to apply it correctly and fairly, how dare Mark’s legal team go and see him in the cells after sentencing & convince a man who is dyslexic and doesn’t understand the law, telling him you’ve had a good sentence as you could have got 8 years. Mark being naïve, thought he’d done well. Disgusting.

I think Mark Hall’s family need an urgent meeting and should draw up a petition, get it signed so that the Right Honourable Prime Minister Theresa May could have this case looked at, as this case is flawed and rotten to the core.

Please read below what victim impact statements are:

” Victim statements may include descriptions of physical, emotional, financial, medical and other consequences of a crime. These statements allow the victims of crimes to add their voice to the proceedings in order to impact the judge or board responsible for making decisions about sentencing. Judges may listen to the impact statements in order to figure out how long someone should go to jail. A parole board might take the statements into account before deciding whether a criminal should be released, and what conditions the board should attach to their release. Besides affecting sentencing, according to the website Victims of Crime, victim impact statements are often useful to victims because they can be cathartic. After all, during the trial, the victims usually have a very limited ability to talk at all about their side of the story. Lawyers ask very narrow questions, and the victim’s opinions aren’t taken into account. Having a chance to read their side in open court can often be a crucial part of the psychological process of healing from any type of crime 

A lay person may not understand how important this statement is and once again somebody who was been raped should apply to the criminal injuries board for compensation.

Here’s a few articles out of the paper about evil women crying wolf, it does happen and I know it’s very hard to understand why a lady would do this to a man. Finally, Mark Hall continues to deny this allegation that was made against him, again just spare a thought for him on how he must be feeling in prison having been convicted with this heinous crime.

Once again thank you for the emails and comments, I keep telling you I can’t publish comments with foul language, I know some comments are nothing to do with this post, they are going on about Gary Sky from the Maelgwyn and how many girls he had in the back of his transit, I promise you it’s all going to come out shortly.


Justice for Mark Hall: The Victim’s Mother Is Stalking Michael Creamer

The last post I put out there has attracted lots of attention regarding the injustice for Mark Hall, we still need the public’s help, some of that material that is on people’s phones needs to go to the police.

Let me explain something very simple, Mark will not get a retrial on people saying it’s unfair and I feel sorry for Mark; there is plenty of them remarks being passed around, we need fresh evidence and I know it is out there, we just need you people to come forward.

Please don’t feel scared to do the right thing and go to the police or a solicitor.  If you feel it may occur any cost to get your messages retrieved, I will reimburse you the money; don’t worry it’s all legal, the police have registered informants that they pay money to every day for information.

Now moving on to the victim’s mother, her name is Sharon, she came to Conwy on Saturday night for a drink with a few girls from the Junction, may I say firstly in Sharon’s defence, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s a free country and she can go anywhere, but Sharon and her friends were observed using a mobile phone taking at least half a dozen pictures of me. I’m a little unsure as to why she wants pictures of me, so firstly I’m going to put a picture of me below so she can have a good look at me, secondly Sharon I’ve been with the same woman for 30 years and you are just not my type.

Michael Creamer

Thirdly as your friends know, you always go for older men so that counts me out and finally there must be a reason why you’re stalking me.  If you’re working with the police trying to set a honey trap, you will have to get up early in the morning to catch me out.

You will read a bit further on about a honey trap Sharon, The Mob have already tried that once with Lucie Hobson and Sarah Roberts, two drunken girls on Cadnant Park Bridge that were hung out to dry by The Mob.  A little advice I hope you don’t follow in their footsteps Sharon, I tried my best on Saturday not to let you know that I knew you were trying to take pictures of me, I did manage to view some footage from certain people, the faces on some of your friends look awful and they were half cut through the drink.

I managed to get a picture of you as you left the pub, you know what pub you were in. So here is one of your pictures for you to see:

The advice is free, stay away from me, because I have no intention of stalking you.

I do read emails and comments that are sent in to this blog, on the last post headlines: Justice For Mark Hall from Llandudno Junction, today I read the comments from a Michelle Roberts who is answering back on behalf of the victim, comments had come in suggesting the victim was after compensation and Michelle is defending her; Michelle you’re entitled to your opinion, this is your comment “for your information she hasn’t wanted/taken any money hope that answers your question”, thank you for your comments Michele Roberts, now, I am going to try and help you understand why she should take her compensation.

Any female who has been raped and traumatised would be perfectly entitled to compensation from the Criminal Injuries Board and everybody would agree with that.  I was in court and the victim’s sister was there, she heard as well as I did Mark Hall has no previous convictions, only for a motoring offence and the sister will also know that no victim impact statement was handed in. Somebody who’s been raped fully deserves that money, just have a think about it Michelle, no victim impact statement and now doesn’t want any compensation, do you agree it doesn’t make sense.

What do you think of this now Michelle? Colin Stagg was arrested and charged with the murder of Rachel Nickell, Rachel was just 23 when she died on July 15, 1992; she was stabbed 49 times and sexually assaulted on Wimbledon Common, Southwest London in front of her two year-old son Alex. The case against Mr Stagg was thrown out of the Old Bailey two years later but despite his acquittal he claimed the stigma made him unemployable and a natural hate figure for years after.  Remember that word I told you about, honey trap, at the trial the judge lambasted the Met’s honey trap operation in which an undercover detective encouraged Mr Stagg to confess to the killing by instigating an exchange about his violent sexual fantasies.  How evil are the police and desperate for a conviction, you just wouldn’t believe a police woman would stoop so low.

Mr Stagg like Mark Hall never confessed, why would you if you’re not guilty?  It took 16 years before the true killer Robert Napper was finally brought to justice; by now Michelle, Mr Stagg had submitted a compensation claim and he was awarded a record £706,000 in damages, in those days it was like winning the lottery.

The award was decided by Lord Brennan QC, a Government assessor who described the police tactics as reprehensible, after the pay-out Mr Stagg’s legal team said what he really wanted was an apology from the Metropolitan Police.

My final question to you Michelle Roberts, is do you think it’s fair that Colin Stagg claimed for compensation? I think the whole country would agree it was fair just like the victim should put in for compensation.

Your comments are appreciated, please remember no bad language, thank you.


Magistrate sends me to jail; a judge orders my release and my barrister is on bail for child indecency offences.

I put a post on this blog over 12 months ago, when it first began, you will remember a small piece of writing telling you how I got 5 months’ youth custody for breach of the peace, whatever I write on this blog is true and factual & is always backed up with evidence.

Now going back to the offence on Saturday 25th May 1985, some 32 years ago when I was a young man of 20, for those of you who are local, you will remember the Castle Marina (Wheelhouse) on Castle Street, Conwy. I told you before, what the Mob were very good at was coming up to people, when standing outside of the pub waiting for taxis, was to push and shove you & try to provoke a reaction for you to break the law and then be arrested; the easiest charge in the book for a police officer to arrest anybody is Section 5 of the Public Order Act, which relates to a breach of the peace, it means if you shout, use foul language even if nobody is present the law states somebody could have been there, easiest charge in the world for the Mob.

Moving back to 1985, when the offence took place, I came out of the Marina, you all know about Sergeant Williams you have heard his name mentioned on this blog, he’s picked me out of the crowd, using his bully boy tactics, pushing & shoving me, I’ve squared up to him, given him abuse and used foul language as he’s tried to arrest me I have run away, I had a pint glass in my hand, I then jumped in a taxi & sped off.

The police followed the taxi on to the Morfa, I’ve got out and done a runner, when the police caught up with me I was charged with, theft of a beer glass and bilking, which means making off without paying for the taxi, for the sum of £2, the next day I returned the beer glass & paid for the taxi.

Then on the 29th of July 1985, I appeared before Llandudno magistrates court, where I pleaded guilty to theft of the beer glass, making off from the taxi without paying the £2 and for breach of the peace. I’ve told you before that back then there was no CPS, the superintendent in Llandudno used to speak to the clerk of the courts so when the magistrates would retire, the clerk would go and speak to them and advise them of the law, as we know magistrates are retired school teachers & shopkeepers etc.

How the hell did those magistrates come to send me to prison for 5 months for breach of the peace? It’s called police corruption full stop.

As soon as I was sentenced to custody and was given advise off my solicitor Donald Roberts and advise from council, my barristers name was Trevor Halbert, we lodged an appeal but appeals do take time; by the time the appeal was heard at Mold Crown Court, I had nearly finished my sentence and had to spend my 21st birthday in custody.

My barrister, Trevor Halbert told the judge, Llandudno magistrates got this case totally wrong and Michael seems to have been sentenced for his previous convictions, the judge at Mold Crown Court got the usher to phone Llandudno Magistrate to find out why such a severe sentence had been passed down to me? Their reply was “there had been quite a few affray’s in the area”, how pathetic and what a stupid answer, these other affrays had nothing to do with me or my case. The judge said to me “magistrates do get it wrong at times and your sentence was OTT, over the top” and I was released on the 13th September 1985, again all to do with corruption at North Wales Police.

Please read advise from my barrister:






Isn’t it absolutely shocking that we can’t trust the police, the magistrates or my own barrister, please read below and see what my barrister had been up to, it just sickens you:



During the trial at Mold Crown Court recently in the Gordon Anglesea case it was mentioned that judges, lawyers, MP’s and police had been regular visitors at Bryn Estyn and Bryn Allyn, the truth always comes out at the end and there are some people that don’t like the truth.

I’ve got nothing to hide about my convictions.

Finally, Sargent 840 Bob Welch who was on traffic stationed at Bangor and was always very keen to book people, there was a rumour in the force that he would book his own mother, he took a couple of complaints from myself. On Friday 11th of November 2016 he was arrested at his own home, where he was handcuffed and his computer was seized, he was later released on bail, then on Sunday 13th November 2 days later, he very sadly took his own life, I’m sure the community will hear what he was alleged to have done.


Jessica Ennis Hill, apologise to Ched Evans, please!!!

International footballer Ched Evans has been found not guilty of the rape of a 19-year-old woman on Friday 14th October 2016. The jury of 7 women & 5 men cleared Mr Evans at Cardiff Crown Court, they took just 2 hours to acquit him.

Ched was originally tried by a jury at Caernarfon Crown Court where he was found guilty and sent to prison for 5 years, on his release he appealed his conviction to the Court of Appeal in London, where leave to appeal was refused, Ched’s last chance was to apply to the CCRC, Criminal Case Review Commissioner, where new evidence was submitted to the CCRC and in April this year before 3 appeal court judges in London, the conviction was quashed and a retrial was ordered for October this year and now we all know the outcome.

The 19 year old girl never complained of rape to the police, there was no forensics or DNA, although she claimed her drink had been spiked whilst drinking around pubs in Rhyl, but while she was in the hotel in Rhuddlan, North Wales in May 2011 with no memory of what happened but agreed to have sex with another footballer Clayton McDonald and she said that the sex with Clayton McDonald was consensual, how strange that when she had sex with Ched Evans all of a sudden she says it was not consensual, sounds to me like she has selective memory.

Now let’s turn to North Wales Police and the CPS. The Crown Prosecution Service is the principle prosecuting authority for England and Wales, established as an independent body in 1986 to prosecute criminal cases, they work closely with the Police and other investigators to advise on lines of enquiry and to decide appropriate charges or other outcomes in accordance with the code for Crown Prosecutors. The CPS prosecutors prepare cases for court and present cases in both the Magistrates Courts and higher courts.

So why did North Wales Police and the CPS in North Wales, senior Prosecutor Karen Dixon get this case so wrong, was this case motivated by a personal vendetta from North Wales Police and the CPS against Ched Evans, there was quite clearly no evidence yet the CPS decided to waste the public’s money as they think they have a divine right to win every case, as we know the CPS and The Mob have just lost 2 other rape cases in North Wales, these are on a previous post.

If the senior investigator from the police in this case and the senior investigator from the CPS had to pay out of their own money for this retrial it would never have made the courtroom but because it’s the tax payers money they obviously don’t care, I think the CPS and the Police owe Mr Evans an apology; he spent 2 ½ years in prison and 2 ½ years on licence regularly attending probation and missed over 5 years of his football career and as we all know a footballer’s career is short.

Well North Wales Police and the CPS, it’s time to pay Mr Evans his compensation, I hope you have not capped it at a half a million, he deserves at least £4-5 million, Ched also missed out on what would have been one of the most memorable & important football occasions by not playing for his country Wales at the Euro 2016 championships.

All he was guilty of was cheating on his girlfriend; come on men out there and police officers how many of you have done that behind your wives/girlfriend’s backs?

Finally, Jessica Ennis Hill you owe Ched Evans an apology this Olympic athlete asked for her name to be removed from the stand at Sheffield United’s ground if Ched was resigned following his release from prison in 2014.

Should this post appear on your Facebook, please do not like it, share it so it goes viral, so it will help shame Jessica Ennis Hill into making a public apology to Ched Evans. Personally speaking I can’t wait to hear what Jessica says.

There were quite a few other people where I live in North Wales who also jumped on the bandwagon and knocked Ched Evans, you must all be eating humble pie now.

Isn’t it frightening to think how many people North Wales Police and the CPS have put in prison on trumped up charges, I should know, I’ve been one of them, in the end people who have been wrongly convicted tend to give in and accept it, fair play to Ched Evans and his fiancé Natasha Massey for standing up to The Mob and CPS in North Wales.

How convenient when I attended Llandudno police station and spoke to Sergeant David Ramessur – Williams and made a complaint about the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar, Sgt Williams denied all knowledge of who ‘Oscar’ was, I told him that untrue comments had been put on that blog during my trial in 2010, he wasn’t interested in arresting 7 Bellies Nigel Roberts, MP David Jones or Dylan Moore, all 3 of whom authored that blog but he clearly remembers sitting next to his colleague operating the police helicopter, taking photos of my property, a lot must have been discussed in the Williams house and yet his wife Superintendent Jo Ramessur – Williams has warned people that anybody who names the girl on social media who accused Ched Evans of rape will be arrested and prosecuted under section 5 of the Sexual Offences amendment act and this girl has a life time of anonymity.

Her husband the Sergeant chose to ignore the poison pen blog gang who could have prejudiced my trial in 2010, no charges have yet to be brought against Oscars gang.

Regarding Sergeant Ramessur – Williams, you can view my previous post here:

Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 11

Your comments are welcome.




Ex-PC 1651 Martyn Parmley Secretly Recorded, Cash is King!!!!

In 2003, I was in bed just after 6 o’clock in the morning, when 2 members of The Mob were banging on my front door with 2 bailiffs, I got dressed, went downstairs and shouted “What are you banging like that for at this time of the morning?”.


The 2 members of The Mob were PC 1854 Gary James and PC 1651 Martyn Parmley, they said they had come to remove a vehicle which was outside of my house on a private road, they said “We know the vehicle is not yours but have you got the keys to it?”, the vehicle belonged to a friend of mine, I told the officers “I do have a set of keys, you’re not taking the vehicle”.

The four of them were being aggressive and using bully-boy tactics, bear in mind it was very early in the morning and they were making a lot of noise, I was arguing with the 4 of them and telling them to clear off my drive. I immediately jumped over the wall got into the vehicle to drive away, Parmley & James drew their batons and said they were going to smash the windows, as I tried to drive the vehicle forward, I didn’t know there was a wheel clamp on the back wheel, they had been out earlier and put a clamp on the vehicle.

I was eventually dragged out of the car by Parmley and Gary James, both of them taking hold of an arm each, Martyn Parmley punched me in my right arm and wrist, he also kicked me in my leg just above my ankle, causing bruising. This investigation into the vehicle ended up with PC Parmley making enquiries and going to Colwyn Bay to see a man named George and he said to George, “It’s him I want” referring to me and “not you”. George relayed what was said back to me, again this investigation went nowhere, although I had to pay £20 towards the damage to the wheel clamp, read the statement below, there was no point in complaining to the IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Cops).



The point I wish to make here, is that right through Martyn Parmley’s career as a police officer, he has been obsessed with me and he’s tried his best to have me prosecuted but has failed every time. Information leaked out of the police station when he was a copper, that he was putting on the intel system that I had committed mortgage fraud, he was generally harassing me all the time, his own wife who he is with now said rather than have sex, he’d talk about me in the bedroom.

This is the same police officer who has recently been sacked from the force, for going on Police National Computer; he appeared at Wrexham Magistrates Court to face charges for this offence, which I have posted previously, he was also due to appear before a misconduct hearing, where the public were invited to attend, do you all remember? How convenient, the Chief Constable Mark Polin held the meeting in private, were no one could attend and as you all know Parmley was sacked.

1651 Parmley now needed a new job to support his wife and family; his new business is called ‘Project Timber’, where he erects fencing, fence posts, gates, concreting & block paving, basically he’s a jobber and I can tell you he knows absolutely nothing about the building trade but is desperate for money, for over 16 years this man has been obsessed with me even now in his new employment he can’t keep his mouth shut.

When you listen to the recording it’s obvious he still can’t get me out of his head, a local lady called his business to ask for a quote for some works, she asks him “What can you do for cash?” he says on the recording “cash is king”, he seems quite happy to defraud the tax man and you will see on his ‘Project Timber’ invoice his total quote for the works is £3,521.87, he’s charged VAT on the materials when this company is not VAT registered (this has been checked at Companies House & HMRC).




So ladies & gentlemen if anybody in North Wales has had work done by Project Timber and he’s charged you VAT, you have been duped and you need to report it straight away to HMRC. He operates from a very small yard at the back of Enterprise Car Hire in Llandudno Junction selling railway sleepers, where the timber that he is selling is dearer than the local builders merchants.

I know I shouldn’t laugh but on the recording he says ‘How did Creamer measure up?” the lady told him “with his eyes”, you have to laugh, he said “look at me I’ve got a tape measure, I do it properly”.

1651 Martyn Parmley I am taking this evidence that has been given to me to my solicitor and I will be considering serving a writ on you for slander, you called me a crook, when for over 16 years you have hounded me and tried to fit me up when you were a copper. It’s you that was sacked from the police force and it’s you that’s charging VAT when you are not VAT registered.

This recording is over an hour long

Remember what DC 2313 Don Kenyon said police officers don’t tell lies, we have got a good job, although he did say his memory had faded and doesn’t remember getting in the witness box at my trial in my complaint to Sian Beck.

Superintendent John Chapman, I am still patiently waiting for my money.