A Welsh female Sergeant Guilty of Harassing Her Former Law Tutor Sends a Message “Snog me, Chew me, Come And Do Me”

A South Wales Police Sergeant Melanie Earnest 39, was found guilty at Caerphilly Magistrates Court of harassment. The former police officer bombarded her female law tutor with emails, phone calls and gifts after Melanie became besotted with her tutor.

The ex-police sergeant sent Ceri Hughes flowers on Valentine’s Day with an explicit card reading “snog me, chew me, come and do me”. Ceri Hughes was horrified by this Valentine’s Day card, Melanie was constantly calling Ceri’s home phone and her mobile and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Melanie told police in her interview the pair had had sex in Miss Hughes’ office and were enjoying a lesbian affair she claims Miss Hughes would lock the door behind them while they romped for 45 minutes but district Judge Andrew Shaw dismissed Melanie’s claims as lies and convicted her of harassment. She was sentenced to a two-year prohibitive activity order, which bans her from any contact with Miss Hughes, she also had to pay £800 costs.

DC Don Kenyon, on the previous post I left my number, I have had no calls from any of you, what’s your opinion on this case with Melanie? The lies just keep coming and coming from these Welsh officers, we can only hope that all these police officers that have been sacked can be replaced by hard-working, honest and decent police officers. DC Kenyon from St Asaph police station was commended by Judge John Rogers in my trial, but over 12 months later when a complaint was made by myself against Kenyon, he doesn’t remember going in the witness box, selective memory comes to mind Mr Kenyon.

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7 thoughts on “A Welsh female Sergeant Guilty of Harassing Her Former Law Tutor Sends a Message “Snog me, Chew me, Come And Do Me”

  1. These disgusting breed are incapable of telling the truth.

    Even Judge Andrew Shaw saw through Ernest’s lies and even highlighted that they were LIES.

    It must be a pre-requisit of the Police role that there able to LIE through the skin of there teeth. They all must hold Bsc (Hons) in Lies, Corruption, Stitch Ups and Whitewashes which they all no doubt pass with distinction.

  2. Don Kenyon you are a big liar Martyn parmley threatening to knee cap Andrews knee all lying pigs. I pay 40 per cent tax what for .

  3. 80% of the police force are over weight and couldn’t pass the bleep test, if they are not sitting in the Station they are driving in cars or in a fast food restaurant filling there faces at least Parmley went to weight watchers at least he tried…………..

  4. MARTYN PARMLEY was very fond of Kentucky fried chicken hence the fat face,fat belly, and fat mouth. His fat fingers got him into hot water going on the police national computer for what exactly parmley you fat crook.

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