Police Officer Sacked After Filming Himself Performing a Sex Act in Police Station Toilets!!

I will be voting for Boris Johnson tonight.

Yes, you’re getting my vote Boris; you did say you will be recruiting 20,000 more police officers, if you are true to your word send them to our cities where they are desperately needed (ie; terrorists, shootings and stabbings).

Please Boris don’t send any more to Wales, unless they have been vetted to a high standard because as of late a lot of Welsh police officers have caused pain, misery and disgrace to our communities.

Boris, here are just a few for you to read about; officers drinking and driving, an officer filming himself in a police station toilet, a female police officer who had sex with an abuse victim, another officer jailed for raping a baby, on a previous post a solicitor was caught having sex with an officer at Cockett Police Station. North Wales Police Superintendent Robert Kirman goes on trial next week for fraud, another officer, PC Mike Smith is also in court next week, the list is endless and these officers are all in Welsh police forces.

Please Prime Minister, help our communities to be safe from these sex monsters.

Please read the link below why PC Christopher Leach was dismissed:


Disgusting behaviour!! Now read the link below, PC Robert Jeffrey Hill banned for drink driving for 14 months; another officer that uses the defence suffering from anxiety and depression, they seem to think this is get out of jail card.


Now read the link below of the North Wales policewoman PC Andrea Griffiths, who had been a liaison officer for a vulnerable middle-aged man.


Also, read about the sick PC Dean Roberts recording himself abusing an infant and shared the clip with other paedophiles before he was caught by his workmates and arrested.


Finally, DC 2313 Don Kenyon and 2179 Jason Davenport, Don your favourite saying what you told me “police officers have good jobs and they don’t get into trouble”, shame on you Kenyon and shame on you NWP.

Below is a list of North Wales Police officers that have been sacked from the force, the majority of them for sex offences:

SUP Gordon Anglesea

DC 2272 Shaun Parry

PC Garry Donnelly

PC Wyn Morris

PC James Cleverley Evans

PC 1352 Dave Parminter

PC Dave Gardener

PC Ian James Clarke

PC James Gill

PC 1651 Martyn Parmley

Prime Minister, you have got my vote and my family’s, please look at how many corrupt officers we have in the force and I’ve only mentioned a few.


A Police Inspector Murdered His Detective Wife

Darren McKie 43, stared straight ahead and showed no reaction when he was jailed for life for the brutal killing of his wife Leanne who was 39. The callous, debt-ridden senior police officer left his desk at Stretford police station halfway through his shift on September 28 last year; he went home to his house in Wilmslow and strangled his wife after she found out about a £54,000 loan he had applied for behind her back, calling him a liar in an angry text message.

Darren McKie jailed

Darren McKie broke two bones in Leanne’s neck while he crushed her throat after Leanne discovered he had hacked into her work computer to get a payslip and forged her signature for a loan he applied for behind her back as the family’s finances spiralled out of control.

McKie, who was in charge of resource management at the Trafford division of Greater Manchester Police, put Leanne’s body into her Mini car and parked it around the corner before going to collect their three children, after putting his children to bed McKie drove the mini to Poynton Lake, where he dragged Leanne’s body 140 meters into the water.

In the middle of his trial at Chester Crown Court, he finally admitted manslaughter but claimed it was a terrible accident. Last week a jury found McKie guilty of murder by a majority of 11 to 1.

The couple had been spending way beyond their means and were more than £100,000 in debt not including the £300,000 mortgage on their home. It’s hard to believe a police inspector does this over a little bit of money. As you have all read on this blog North Wales Police stole £350,000 off me, that’s without other monies that went missing which Superintendent John Chapman is aware of, it’s hard to believe the lengths a police officer will go to, to gain money



I can tell you now ex-police inspector Darren McKie will not be getting a Proceeds of Crime Act, you can kill somebody and will not get a POCA.

Now let’s have a look at what some of the North Wales Police have done over the years:

  • Chief Constable Richard Brunstom (Mad Mullah) fined for having an out of date car tax disk.
  • Superintendent Gordon Anglesey, jailed for abusing boys in care homes.
  • Superintendent Rob Kirman, guilty of criminal damage, assault and a public order offence.
  • PC Ian James Clarke, jailed for rape.
  • PC Wynne Morris, jailed for abusing a young girl.
  • PC Dave Parminter, banned for drink driving.
  • PC Robert Jones Welch, hung himself after being arrested for grooming a young girl.
  • PC Martyn Parmley, sacked for going on the police computer for non-policing purposes.
  • PC Andy Gill, sacked for going on the police computer for non-policing purposes.
  • PC Gary Donnelly, jailed for sexual abuse of a teenager.
  • PC David Gardener, was accused of selling a custody picture of Howard Hughes, the man who murdered 7 year old Sophie Hook in Llandudno in 1995, along with confidential psychiatric reports to the media; Gardener denied the accusations against him. He was also accused of having an affair with a lady while he was on duty, this relationship started when he had arrested the partner.
  • There are too many officers to list in North Wales.


Paula Vaughan Smith partner of ex-Superintendent Rob Kirman avoids court!

Leading on from my last post regarding Superintendent Robert James Kirman and his partner’s drunken escapades. What surprised me was when I attended his court appearance and had the advantage of watching and listening to the video evidence being played the CCTV in the taxi was clear and you could hear Paula Vaughan Smith and Rob Kirman both hurling abuse at the taxi driver and banging on the Perspex window between them and the driver, the language from the two of them was foul; they both had clenched fists banging on the window so if Kirman was charged with criminal damage, why wasn’t Paula Vaughan Smith charged with the same?

Kirman was also charged with a public order offence again, why wasn’t Paula Vaughan Smith charged with this offence? When the taxi driver Sardesh Hassan drove into Wrexham town centre to a place of safety where he was able to stop the taxi, Rob Kirman got out of the taxi and grabbed the taxi driver by the scruff of the neck and took the keys out of the ignition; the CPS clearly got this one right and charged Kirman with common assault, Paula Vaughan Smith played no part in the assault.

When the bouncers came over from a nightclub trying to calm things down, along with other witnesses who saw and heard the incident, both Rob Kirman and Paula Vaughan Smith were both telling the witnesses and the two special constables that they were both police officers. Can I just remind you readers of the blog, that Rob Kirman was a Superintendent at the time, Paula Vaughan Smith is not a police officer, she is a civilian worker, so why didn’t the CPS charge Paula with impersonating a police officer?

Should that have been any other member of the public who had done what she had done that night, they would’ve been charged with criminal damage, a public order offence and impersonating a police officer; these should have been Paula’s 3 charges, but how convenient, Paula accepted a caution for a public order offence and proceedings against her were dropped.

What I also found very strange was this offence happened early in August 2017, it took 6 months to come to court; this was not a fraud case which would’ve been complex to investigate, this was a straightforward assault, criminal damage and public order offence. Was Rob Kirman given 6 months to clear his desk, get his story right and what’s more North Wales Police kept on paying his wages up until a couple of weeks ago.

On the afternoon of 19 February 2018, the court listings says Robert James Kirman was to attend court at 2 o’clock to face the charges he pleaded to, it also said Paula Vaughan Smith was due in court and that they were both due to appear in court 5. Paula Vaughan Smith did not attend court, Kirman appeared alone and it was switched from court 5 to court 4. In court was the District Judge, the prosecutor, Rob Kirman and his lawyer, myself and my wife and what I find strange, sitting at the back of the court behind me was Superintendent Stephen Williams & two of his colleagues, there was also one reporter, what a complete waste of money to have 3 senior officers sitting in the public gallery to support Kirman. What a waste of tax-payers money, you would’ve thought the Judge would have sent the 3 officers out of the court saying have you not got public duties to attend?

Please read the link below that was in the paedophile post yesterday:


Maybe the police could explain to the public why it took 6 months for Rob Kirman to be charged and put in front of the court? And could the CPS explain why Paula Vaughan Smith was not charged?

Rob and Paula both reside at St Mellion’s Crescent in Wrexham, their community must have been shocked at this behaviour I can clearly tell you from watching and listening to the video both of their behaviour was outrageous. What I found shocking is Kirman has been in the force for 24 years and as you know he was fined just under £1500, when the judge asked him how he was going to pay the money, his lawyer said he had no money and has just recently done some part time work for a bank & could he have 56 days to pay the fine; 24 years of work and no money, they may have to sell the his and her’s motorbikes.

Robert Kirman

On the last post you will have read my 3 FOI requests to North Wales Police, you can read 2 of their responses, the one they have not answered is the one where I asked why did Kirman retire or resign from the force and why was Kirman’s partner sacked? We will have to wait and see on that one!

I also told you Paula Vaughan Smith was a civilian that worked at a Police Station, the whistle-blower told me Kirman had her trained so she could go and operate in the ‘Go Safe’ vehicles getting in more overtime and as you can see they also get police officers working in them ‘Go Safe’ vans, I can tell you Duncan Logan is one of those officers who works in the vans, just look at the figure for overtime that they have paid, it is shocking, no wonder they are out in the vans targeting the motorists.

Your comments are appreciated.


Oh Deer! There’s A Deer Missing That The Mob Can’t Account For!!

Since my last post explaining how a deer had been run over by The Mob, this incident was brushed under the carpet, I can confirm that the Daily Post requested a FOI on How many animals had been killed in North Wales by The Mob?

I do know that the Daily Post are regular readers of my blog, as information is often relayed back to me. The Daily Post were probably shocked to read my last post regarding the deer and this has probably prompted them to enquire through the FOI Act.

North Wales Police have confirmed they have killed 10 animals since 2013, this does not include the dog killed on the A55.

The list is 4 deer’s, 2 sheep, 2 horses, 1 cow & a badger, all killed by gun shot. They go on to say that 3 of the wild deer were shot on the expressway. So if you do your maths, there’s a deer missing, is this the one that was killed by Nia Owen that they don’t want to mention?

Read the link below.


We can only hope that there will be a full and thorough investigation into this conundrum, let’s wait and see what they come up with.


Oh Deer, Look What The Mob Killed On The A55!

This post you are about to read is both shocking and disturbing, at least it will be to most of the readers but what The Mob get up to comes as no surprise to me.

When a traffic officer anywhere in the country comes on shift, their first task is to check their vehicle ie; water, oil, fuel, electrics and tyres and they have to sign a book to confirm the vehicle has been checked.

This is not a quiz, this is just standard, just like a member of the public, if he or she got stopped in a vehicle and a traffic officer carried out your vehicle checks and let’s say you had a defective tyre, you would get 3 points and a fixed penalty, which is quite right and is the law.

It doesn’t work if you say to the police officer it’s not my car, the officer will tell you, the onus is on you to check the vehicle before you borrow it, the officer may say to you ‘are you exempt or have you any special conditions which allow you to drive a vehicle with defective tyres?’.

No one is exempt.

Now moving on, before that dog was deliberately killed on the A55 by North Wales Police officers, PC 2671 Nia Owen was driving a traffic vehicle, a marked BMW vehicle, she was travelling at high speed, not for an emergency, doing approximately 90mph along the A55, this female officer was not on a call to any incident, she was intentionally breaking the speed limit and between Kinmel Bay & Bodelwyddan, she hit a deer, she killed it, travelling at high speed.

When she returned back to St Asaph police station, she reported the accident.

She was asked was the camera on in the vehicle, she replied no.

Police vehicles are fitted with a device that can download all the data information for that particular vehicle, when this investigation was carried out, the downloaded data clearly showed PC 2671 Nia Owen was speeding, doing at least 90mph, the recording of the accident, where she stated the camera was not on, proved the opposite, as it was on.

When this vehicle was to be picked up and driven to the BMW Premier garage in Llandudno Junction for repairs, one of the staff quite rightly refused to drive the vehicle because when he conducted is pre journey vehicle checks he discovered this car, last driven by PC 2671 Nia Owen doing 90mph had 2 defective tyres.

Now to me and I’m no solicitor, this has to be a case of gross misconduct, not just because she was speeding and that she had clearly not carried out her vehicle inspection checks all though she signed the book to say she had, but also for telling lies.

Gross misconduct is behaviour by an employee which is so serious that it goes to the roots of the contract, destroys the relationship between an employer & employee and usually results in dismissal.


Nia & Mark celebrating

May I bring it to your attention, Nia Owen’s husband is ex- Chief Inspector now a Superintendent, Mark Owen, who is responsible for North Wales Police Special Constables and head of missing persons’ co-ordinator, Nia & Mark Owen are close friends with Superintendent 1443 Rob Kirman, please read the link below to Mark Owen & Rob Kirman.

Mark Owen’s New Job

Rob Kirman’s Biker Road Safety Campaign

I am absolutely amazed, after an investigation was completed in to the incident, the outcome for PC Nia Owen was NFA, which means No Further Action taken.

If any members of the public are caught speeding on the A55, doing up to 90mph and you get a fixed penalty notice or you get stopped for defective tyres, refuse to take the ticket and inform the officer about this case, about how a precedent has now been set, if the officer insists you take the ticket, do so politely and take it to Police Headquarters, present the ticket to either Mark Owen or Rob Kirman and ask them can they get it excused, in the same manner that they had PC Nia Owen’s, because at the end of the day, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Nia Owen Profile Pic

Nia Owen’s profile picture 9th October 2015

I have told you before readers, whatever is published on this blog is true and factual, I am able to get information before the press get it, especially in cases like this, cases that North Wales Police brush under the carpet in an attempt to prevent the public hearing or reading about it.

Any of you readers of the blog, please write into the Mob under the Freedom of Information Act and request information about this shocking cover up.

I think our local MP Guto Bebb needs to be made aware of this as well as the Prime Minister David Cameron.

This behaviour is completely unacceptable and I will update you as there is more to come about this case.

Finally, I would like to bring to your attention Superintendent Sacha Hatchett, the 2 male officers that killed the dog on the A55, the dog was actually killed at Aber along an unlit section of road, not between Llanfairfechan and Conwy, you were 8 miles out in your assessment and I do believe you are about to release the transcripts of what was said in the police car taken from the in car video, be warned the language is foul.

Remember readers, Superintendent Hatchett never told us about the video in her speech that was released on social media, I personally think the 2 male officers won’t be prosecuted, how can they, especially if you say they were doing their job and the incident with PC Nia Owen just gets brushed under the carpet resulting in no prosecution at all.

I can now confirm that PC Craig Mcloed & Anja Mason were not driving the vehicle that killed the dog on the A55.

Please, if you leave a comment, no bad language, I know many of you are passionate animal lovers and like me, just ordinary members of the public.

Good luck to Ched Evans, the 3 high court judges are now considering his appeal and will give their answer early April.