Are Sgt.1551 Paul Anderson and PC 1854 Garry James Paid For Playing Cricket?

Please read my FOI request on Anderson and James.

Now read North Wales Police’s response to my request.

You can see they have blocked out the names of the two police officers; you will remember Paul Anderson, I wrote about him in a previous post this was the officer that used to come to work when stationed at Llandudno, clock on and take his kids swimming and Garry James before he was a police officer….. Eyes down, he was the local bingo caller in the bingo hall, Garry James is also a Freemason.

Once he became a police officer and got his badge, he was on the pro-active team with his big red enforcer kicking people’s doors in; he once assaulted me with Martyn Parmley, I did make a complaint regarding this that was on a previous post. The reason for this FOI request was because of information received from a good source to me that these 2 officers are regularly taking part in sporting activities whilst on duty, it’s you the tax payer that foots this bill.

Did you read the Police sports policy and procedure? Very vague, but it does say that North Wales Police has a long history and is recognised as providing many benefits which include the health and well-being of its officers & staff and encourages officers to participate in sporting activities.

Obviously not all officers participate which shows on some of them, not many of them could do the bleep test or run after a criminal, Superintendent Simon Humphreys was a little overweight as well as PC Martyn Parmley and PC 883 Gary Martin, these are just a few I’ve named.

A police officer running from a rat.


How North Wales Police settled a personal vendetta against Michael Creamer using ‘mugs money’ to pay for it.

If a crime is ever committed the police in your area are called, whoever makes the complaint, they will be given an event number and you hope that the police do a good job by solving whatever crime it may be, which is to be expected. I don’t wish to bore you too much, you have read on this blog how I was charged with mortgage fraud when there was no complainants and it was a victimless crime. No bank, building society or credit card company knocked on the police stations door and said “he owes us money” as I stated on previous posts, I owed nobody nothing, what the police did with the CPS was to make a conspiracy charge and what they then did was publish in the papers we have taken Michael Creamer’s empire from him, we have given him 2 prison sentences totalling 7 years and we’ve taken money from him totalling £350,000 but what they kept away from you the public the tax payer they have spent over £20million of ‘mugs money’ to convict me for a victimless crime.

Yet, when I have phoned HQ or spoken to senior police officers and asked them who bought this investigation against me to court all they tell you is “it’s North Wales Police” and they refuse to tell you what officers were involved. I am now going to name every officer in the case and other people associated with the case and the amount of  mugs money they have spent:

  1. John Rogers QC, the judge in the trial who asked the other defendants that if they were to plead guilty he would not send them to prison but that didn’t include Michael and Anita creamer.
  2. CPS lawyers, Head prosecutor Karen Dixon and Simon Joel Curzon.
  3. The district Judge Gwyn Jones who dealt with the proceeds of crime order.
  4. Chief constable at that time Richard Brunstrom (that mad mullah) fine for having an out of date tax disc.
  5. Senior police officers in the case, Superintendent Simon Humphreys we now know retired after he was investigated over the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar.
  6. Superintendent Steven Williams, superintendent John Chapman; Mr Chapman is the officer who I have been asking for my money to be returned that went missing.
  7. Superintendent John Hanson

Here are the foot soldiers:

  1. Martyn Parmley 1651 now sacked from the force.
  2. PC Dave Gardner now sacked from the force
  3. PC Andy Gill sacked by the force
  4. PC 489 Stephen Carrol
  5. PC Ian James Clark from the major crime team jailed for five years for raping a woman.
  6. Nicholas Mark Hawe, major crime team.
  7. DC 1497 Jim Jones North West regional asset recovery team (RART)
  8. DC Steve Power, North west regional asset recovery team
  9. DC 1937 John Gaige CID
  10. DC 72197 Karyn Gallagher
  11. PC 209 Amanda Williams, stationed at Denbigh
  12. PC 1768 Robin Jones, stationed at Llangollen
  13. PC 1915 Peter Evans
  14. VCT 66 Claire Williams, stationed at St Asaph
  15. DS 633 Mark Abbott
  16. PC 2246 Dafydd Curry, stationed at Colwyn Bay.
  17. PC 2148 Alex Barker, based at Llandudno police station.
  18. PC 425 Chris Carpenter, Llanrwst police station.
  19. Stephen John Hooper PC, stationed at St Asaph
  20. DC 2247 Lee Andrew Jones, St Asaph CID
  21. DC 1267 Andrew David Hulson, based at St Asaph
  22. PC 2228 Scott Martin, stationed at Colwyn Bay
  23. PC 2563 Ben Edwards, stationed at St Asaph
  24. PC 2503 Richard James Evans, stationed at St Asaph
  25. PC 2573 Julie Niven, stationed at St Asaph
  26. PC 2431 Jennifer Claire Sanson, stationed at St Asaph
  27. DC 1707 Anthony Underhill
  28. DI 885 Ian Verburgh
  29. DC 2272 Shaun Parry, stationed at Llandudno
  30. PC 2410 Kevin Smith, stationed at Llandudno
  31. PC 2391 Lowri Wyn Jones, stationed at Llandudno
  32. PC Peter Ashton
  33. PC 2704 Donna Walne, stationed at Llandudno
  34. PC 2413 Gemma Shaw, stationed at Colwyn Bay
  35. DC 1995 Petra Grimes, stationed at St Asaph CID
  36. PC David Ian Evans, forensic audio analyst, based at St Asaph.
  37. PC 2554 Stephanie Ball, stationed at St Asaph.
  38. DC 1726 Ian Davies, stationed at St Asaph.
  39. DC 1781 David Brennan, stationed at St Asaph
  40. DC 1738 James Robinson-Kite, stationed at Towyn.
  41. PC 661 Wayne Culshaw, stationed at Colwyn Bay
  42. PC 2227 Ian Patrick Cordon, stationed at Abergele
  43. DC 1380 Peter Jarvis, CID St Asaph
  44. PC 2341 Paul Byron, stationed at St Asaph
  45. DC 1590 Brent Ashcroft
  46. DC 1608 Graham Cobley, based at HQ Colwyn Bay.
  47. DC 1838 Zoe Williams, stationed at St Asaph
  48. PC 17821 Stephen Wraxall, Greater Manchester Police, stationed at Stockport Police Station.
  49. PC 15832 Ian James Shannon, based at Leeke Police Station.
  50. PC 1854 Garry James, stationed at St Asaph
  51. Sgt 831 Paul Williams, based at St Asaph
  52. PC 2538 Katryn Heledd Davies, based at St Asaph
  53. Police Service civilian, Geoffrey Preston
  54. Stephen John Liston, police civilian employee
  55. DC 586 Phillip Griffiths, based at St Asaph
  56. DC 105 Meirion Jones, high-tech crime Unit HQ
  57. DS 2179 Jason Davenport
  58. DC 432 Phillip Harvey Jones, CID St Asaph
  59. DC 1436 Mark Jackson, high-tech crime Unit HQ
  60. Ruth Ewen, Principle Registrar of the family division
  61. Janet Ryan, General Registrar
  62. Paul French Fennah, human resources dept
  63. Carys Hughes, employed by Caernarfon County Court, clerk.

As Officers and the judges involved in this case, remember these were all paid money and a lot of these officers were paid overtime, the gym at St Asaph police station was full of paperwork they couldn’t use the hall as there were that many boxes in there, 17 defendants each receiving 12 boxes of paperwork plus the prosecution and the jury, in weight there was over a ton  and a half of paper,  you may well laugh mugs, but you paid for all this paperwork, paperclips, binders, folders, elastic bands etc

All these officers involved in this case were all on the payroll, mugs money once again, you’ve paid for all of this and all for a victimless crime. 17 solicitors each receiving 12 boxes of paperwork, then passed onto 17 defence barristers and all 12 jury members that sat for over seven weeks. I’ve only named two CPS lawyers, there were a lot more staff in the CPS who dealt with this case. There were hundreds of pages of witness statements, The Mob had visited various people including Sally Elizabeth Sloman from the Royal Bank Of Scotland, T Cryer senior insurance advisor Swinton group, Kenneth Jones chairman of Bangor city football club, David Milner managing director of Rhyl football club, Jennifer Scott Whitbread plc payroll Department, Gary Lloyd witness and Bill Fredericks accountant witness, there were many more witnesses who gave evidence and I have all the police officer’s statements.

You are going to see a lot of statements some of which are a load of rubbish, nothing to do with investigating mortgage fraud, you readers of the blog have a right to see what you have paid for, yet the CPS did their best not to tell me how much the police have spent on this investigation and how much the lawyers received.

Please read my letter dated 03/05/2011 to Mr Curzon CPS Cardiff, I was at HMP Altcourse at the time,

Please see my letter dated 08/08/2011 to Mr Curzon as he has still not replied from my letter dated the 3rd May. He doesn’t want anyone to know how much money they have made which was paid by ‘mugs money’.

Please read my letter dated the 27/09/2011 where I write to the CPS and complain about Mr Curzon, I have now moved to HMP Kennett.

03/10/2011 finally received a letter from the CPS Catrin Evans head of the complex case unit Wales.

Please read my letter 09/10/2011 back to Catrin Evans somebody has finally acknowledged receipt of my letters.

The bill for this trial was paid for by the legal aid board for each defendant, none of the defendants paid any money, mugs money footed this bill.

To be continued, invoices will be shown on next post.


Ex-PC 1651 Martyn Parmley Secretly Recorded, Cash is King!!!!

In 2003, I was in bed just after 6 o’clock in the morning, when 2 members of The Mob were banging on my front door with 2 bailiffs, I got dressed, went downstairs and shouted “What are you banging like that for at this time of the morning?”.


The 2 members of The Mob were PC 1854 Gary James and PC 1651 Martyn Parmley, they said they had come to remove a vehicle which was outside of my house on a private road, they said “We know the vehicle is not yours but have you got the keys to it?”, the vehicle belonged to a friend of mine, I told the officers “I do have a set of keys, you’re not taking the vehicle”.

The four of them were being aggressive and using bully-boy tactics, bear in mind it was very early in the morning and they were making a lot of noise, I was arguing with the 4 of them and telling them to clear off my drive. I immediately jumped over the wall got into the vehicle to drive away, Parmley & James drew their batons and said they were going to smash the windows, as I tried to drive the vehicle forward, I didn’t know there was a wheel clamp on the back wheel, they had been out earlier and put a clamp on the vehicle.

I was eventually dragged out of the car by Parmley and Gary James, both of them taking hold of an arm each, Martyn Parmley punched me in my right arm and wrist, he also kicked me in my leg just above my ankle, causing bruising. This investigation into the vehicle ended up with PC Parmley making enquiries and going to Colwyn Bay to see a man named George and he said to George, “It’s him I want” referring to me and “not you”. George relayed what was said back to me, again this investigation went nowhere, although I had to pay £20 towards the damage to the wheel clamp, read the statement below, there was no point in complaining to the IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Cops).



The point I wish to make here, is that right through Martyn Parmley’s career as a police officer, he has been obsessed with me and he’s tried his best to have me prosecuted but has failed every time. Information leaked out of the police station when he was a copper, that he was putting on the intel system that I had committed mortgage fraud, he was generally harassing me all the time, his own wife who he is with now said rather than have sex, he’d talk about me in the bedroom.

This is the same police officer who has recently been sacked from the force, for going on Police National Computer; he appeared at Wrexham Magistrates Court to face charges for this offence, which I have posted previously, he was also due to appear before a misconduct hearing, where the public were invited to attend, do you all remember? How convenient, the Chief Constable Mark Polin held the meeting in private, were no one could attend and as you all know Parmley was sacked.

1651 Parmley now needed a new job to support his wife and family; his new business is called ‘Project Timber’, where he erects fencing, fence posts, gates, concreting & block paving, basically he’s a jobber and I can tell you he knows absolutely nothing about the building trade but is desperate for money, for over 16 years this man has been obsessed with me even now in his new employment he can’t keep his mouth shut.

When you listen to the recording it’s obvious he still can’t get me out of his head, a local lady called his business to ask for a quote for some works, she asks him “What can you do for cash?” he says on the recording “cash is king”, he seems quite happy to defraud the tax man and you will see on his ‘Project Timber’ invoice his total quote for the works is £3,521.87, he’s charged VAT on the materials when this company is not VAT registered (this has been checked at Companies House & HMRC).




So ladies & gentlemen if anybody in North Wales has had work done by Project Timber and he’s charged you VAT, you have been duped and you need to report it straight away to HMRC. He operates from a very small yard at the back of Enterprise Car Hire in Llandudno Junction selling railway sleepers, where the timber that he is selling is dearer than the local builders merchants.

I know I shouldn’t laugh but on the recording he says ‘How did Creamer measure up?” the lady told him “with his eyes”, you have to laugh, he said “look at me I’ve got a tape measure, I do it properly”.

1651 Martyn Parmley I am taking this evidence that has been given to me to my solicitor and I will be considering serving a writ on you for slander, you called me a crook, when for over 16 years you have hounded me and tried to fit me up when you were a copper. It’s you that was sacked from the police force and it’s you that’s charging VAT when you are not VAT registered.

This recording is over an hour long

Remember what DC 2313 Don Kenyon said police officers don’t tell lies, we have got a good job, although he did say his memory had faded and doesn’t remember getting in the witness box at my trial in my complaint to Sian Beck.

Superintendent John Chapman, I am still patiently waiting for my money.


Oh How The Tables Have Turned on 1651 Martin Parmley!!

I have told you before about this evil little policeman, 1651 Martyn Parmley, all 5ft 5 inches of him, how him and PC 1854 Gary James assaulted me many years ago, it was referred by the Deputy Chief Constable to the CPS, but who would the CPS believe, 2 members of The Mob or me?

Read the letter from the CPS:


Read the letter below

Martyn Parmley

This is the same DS 1651 Martyn Parmley who many years ago followed a male driver through Llandudno Junction and eventually pulled him over, the driver was in a green Jeep, Parmley using his bully-boy tactics, told the driver of the Jeep, Andrew, ‘mess me about mate and I will have lads down here from Manchester to kneecap you’. Andrew still lives in the Junction.

When I used to tell members of the public, that him and PC 1854 Gary James assaulted me and that he threatened to have someone knee-capped, some members of the public didn’t want to believe it, saying the police don’t do things like that.

Martyn Parmley

This is the same 1651 Parmley who at Wrexham Magistrate Court on the 8th March 2016 was convicted of 3 offences, contrary to the Misuse of Computers Act 1990.

I told you in a previous post that PC 2154 Andy Gill was sacked for this type of offence.

On Tuesday the 5th April, 2 o’clock at Police Headquarters in Colwyn Bay, a special case hearing will be held regarding a Police misconduct hearing, concerning 1651 Martyn Parmley, where the public can attend.

This has never been seen before in North Wales.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Please note you may be searched on entering the hearing.

I personally think Parmley will hand his notice in and not turn up, but he may prove me wrong.

I am just waiting on an update as to what information he was going on the computer for and I will update you accordingly.


What’s The Point…??

Two police officers called at my house in Conwy, they were PC 1854 Gary James and PC 1651 Martin Parmley. I told them they were not welcome at my house and to clear off.

Things got a bit heated and Martin Parmley assaulted me, I made a complaint. Was there any point?

No, no point. Because Professional Standards, the CPS and the IPCC will always believe The Mob.

This case comes down to 2 police officers word against mine, despite me sending evidence of my injuries witnessed by my GP, my file went off to the police along with my complaint.

The CPS in their letter are saying that I’m telling lies and I’ve made this up.


This case was sent to the CPS in Cardiff.