PC Dubbins, number plate specialist!!

You couldn’t make this story up…18 years ago I bought my wife a convertible Suzuki Vitara Jeep, I also purchased a number plate from the DVLA, which in them days before computers, the DVLA used to advertise them in the Autotrader and sell them as your name, spacing them incorrectly, I bought M7 CKC advertised as M7CK C and that’s how I placed it on my car. Back then, there wasn’t as many private plates about as there are today and of those that were around, they were spaced illegally.


One afternoon, I drove Anita’s Jeep into Conwy square and on my way home PC Dubbins was on the police station steps, staring at me. I arrived home and as I was getting out of the car, PC Dubbins was pulling up behind me, he came over to me and handed me a fixed penalty ticket for having an illegal number plate.

I went over to HQ in Colwyn Bay, spoke to the Inspector, I said no-one else in the area are getting these tickets for it, he said you have had a VDR and now you have had a fine, I accepted that, left and I paid the fine at a later date .


Over the next couple of weeks, I drove around police HQ car park and various other Police stations BINGO!    I found quite a few police officers own vehicles with illegal plates.

I will produce these number plates later on in the blog.

When I was talking to Chief Inspector G. Davies at HQ, regarding PC Dubbins, he told me that Dubbins is a ‘number plate specialist and he has a trained eye for this’.

I went back to see the Inspector for a further appointment and told him what I’d been up to, I said to the Inspector, do you remember telling me PC Dubbins has a trained eye for number plates? Could you explain this please?! I showed him a photo of PC Dubbins red BMW, with the illegal number plate DI.IBSY .


The inspector was embarrassed and gobsmacked, he said Michael I need some time to look into this, before I left I said ‘can you go and get your book out and go and give him a ticket’, he just said leave it with me.

Approximately 2 weeks later, the Inspector phoned me up and came out with an amazing statement, ‘PC Dubbins has had a great offer on the plate and sold it’.

How convenient.

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