“It Will All Come Out In The Wash’’

Coming soon, a shocking true story regarding Carol Ann Hughes the ‘Black Widow’ and two of her daughters who witnessed the sham marriage; Carol herself has four daughters to three different fathers but this is not the children’s fault.

You will read in this story how evil these girls have been we will tell you:

  • who has previous convictions for shoplifting?
  • which one stole over £5000 from a garage?
  • which one stole from her employers at Conwy Golf Club?
  • Which one stole money from a local fish and chip shop (Archways)?
  • which one drove round in a vehicle without a driving licence?
  • which one has committed benefit fraud?
  • which one is not declaring her full income when working for cash in hand?
  • will let you know which one has been selling the gunpowder aka cocaine

The mother Carol has robbed my wife, sister-in-law and brothers in law of nearly a quarter of a million pounds; what she has taken from my wife’s family will all be itemised.

The sham marriage has been reported to the police the event number and officer’s name will be given in the full story.

I told my wife, and her family don’t expect much help from North Wales Police; the police have looked at it twice now and I will show you their findings, there have been a couple of officers who have been disciplined over this case.

You will see documentation I have, and you will see text messages from Stacey Hughes aka Fish Lips asking the family not to come and see their Dad as he was very poorly and wasn’t up to any visits whilst the secret wedding went ahead.

You will also hear what Gary Hughes thought of them all and what names he called them; he only had a nice word to say about one of them.

Readers of the blog please reserve judgement until you’ve read the full story and viewed the evidence yourself.

You will also read and see a video of a Conwy grandmother being arrested for threats to commit arson all on the say so of Joanne Pope’s statement and four others without a shred of evidence.

Unfortunately, some of the lads who have had affairs with some of these girls you will be named… from a schoolteacher to a policeman, a drug dealer and a builder I know some of you lads will be upset with me for naming you, but I warned you what these girls were like.

You will also see a video of a sexual nature regarding one of their family she seems to enjoy being in front of the camera (my lawyer is looking at this to see if it can be shown).

I can imagine Fish Lips and Carol having hysterics today when they read this blog, they’ll be straight on the phone to the police playing the victim like they always do, well the truth hurts.

I will give you some free advice, Inspector Ian Verburg told all police officers in North Wales not to look at this blog but none of them listen, they all read it and they pretend they don’t, so should you complain ask them to show you a letter from Superintendent John Hanson a letter dated to myself 10th February 2015 when I made complaints about somebody putting false information on the internet, Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 Section 1 Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and many more, they said there is nothing we can do Michael and these were lies… what I’m printing Fish Lips is the truth!

999 emergency only

101 non emergency

and kindly take advice from a solicitor if you think about bringing a civil claim.

Please see the video below of a lovely, polite young lady called Faye who went to London for a bank holiday weekend and came back talking like this… she was born and bred in Wales!


G3M doing her Baywatch run on the beach


Gemma Collins makes me laugh, got no shame!

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38 thoughts on ““It Will All Come Out In The Wash’’

  1. What an absolute disgraceful bunch they are…sewer rats. They should be ashamed of themselves especially the BLACK WIDOW!! For putting her BELOVED family through this. SCUM OF THE EARTH.

    1. Thanks for your response shortly before my uncle passed away from lung cancer Carol and her family were in touch with the family members Hughes 🙏 and I can’t find the right wording for them so please excuse me for being a little 😢

  2. I love your blog Mick, it inspires people like me who have also faced huge amounts of North Wales Police corruption, to continue to fight for justice.

    As for this hareem of low life females who have lied, stolen, abused and taken advantage of a terminally ill 80 year old gentleman, I hope that fate serves justice upon them…..let’s face it, North Wales Police won’t, unless they have a vested interest.

    Just like they did with the poison pen blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, who we know was authored by the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones and his Freemason palls Nigel Roberts, and Dylan Moore, they were eagerly assisted by inspector Ian Verburg, superintendent John Hanson and many other Freemason police officers within the ranks of NORTH WALES POLICE…..

    Stand up and fight this low life scum, legally and peacefully of course.

  3. It’s evil what they’ve done, basically waited for the man to be on his last legs to take advantage of marrying him, so his family couldn’t get any of his hard working money, we all know when someone’s coming to the end of their life with cancer their not fully with it, if he wanted to get married he would of done it years ago, or when he found out he had cancer, but no they took advantage of a vulnerable man,I hope the family can do something, after his hard working money is paying for private number plates for tr*mps etc,how can they live with themselves,and as they know and we all know is the best thing with your blogs is, you always have the evidence, the state of Faye even has a filter on whilst sending that video, coked up to the eyeballs and pissed like usual, and those lips look just like a baboons ar*e, Gemma has the same and they look a mess, filters her pictures but her face will always look like a pigs with baboon ar*e lips, dumps her kids on anyone then claims they have problems, yes a mum who can’t stay in her own business she has to but I’m everyone else’s, hope you can help your wife’s family get something sorted, after they took advantage of a vulnerable man out of greed, Stacey claims from a flat that she don’t live in when theirs lots of people needing a home, they should be embarrassed the bunch of gremlins l

  4. Joanne Pope…
    Dwi’n cofio eu gwyliau merched dra’mor pryd galwast ti digon o hwyl yn yr haul heb eich gŵr, yr hen hwch budr!

    Dw’i ‘di bod yn marw i gael gyfle i ddweud y gwirionedd amdanat ti.

  5. Oh my lord I’ve heard about horrible people, but my…These are evil vile disgusting specimens. They’ll be kicked out of hell!!

  6. Very good comment mr windmill I live in penmaen road and I can tell you no one in the Morfa likes carol she is hated she hasn’t got one friend, I only spoke to her because she was with Garry I used to say to Garry in the White House , what’s a handsome man like you doing with that fat ugly pig? And Garry being Garry just used to smile!!!!!

  7. OMG just read this post my mum told me to read it, can’t wait to read part 2 any idea when this will be , always knew this family were gold diggers , untrustworthy and out for what they can get , I remember these girls in aberconwy not nice people .

  8. Creamer have you got an email address ? Got some filthy pics of her to send you 😜😜😜 But keep my name out of it cheers great blog by the way.

  9. I’ve lived in Conwy all my life carol Hughes your a selfish and evil woman your in your senior years of life let’s say at best you have 10 years left , but with your health conditions I’d say more like 5 what are you trying to gain? Everybody knows it was Gary’s house, what type of woman would be happy in depriving his children of their inheritance ? They have suffered enough losing their brother and father. Your like a vulture hovering for scraps you should be ashamed of yourself furthermore I don’t know the story about your own 4 girls but your not being fair on them either .

  10. M8 I’ve seen the video of the threesome got it on me phone its been well passed round you can’t shame her ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

  11. When’s the next post I’m on edge of my seat I just can’t wait……. So exciting!!!!!! 😜😜😜😜😜😜.

  12. What an ugly family so insecure they all have to have fake lips fake tits, Botox etc just like to add hasn’t improved any of them still ugly !!

  13. Carol Hughes hope to see you in the new Comrades club the place from where your affair all started giving Garry free drinks any men from Conwy no matter how desperate you are for sex keep well away from her she’s a gold digger and she will have your pants off before you know it

  14. I think some of Stacey’s friends need to wind there necks in because your no saints and neither are your family, you know who you are!!! I will phone mick myself and tell him who’s been with who’s Dad you have been warned stop chatting shit about things you don’t know about.

  15. I live quite close to her I can’t stand the bitch none of the neighbours can either I AM LOVING THIS about time everyone new thee truth

  16. Who let the dogs out 🐅🐈🐅🐅🐅??? What a sight I seen the other day walking down Bangor road, a pack of hounds not one pedigree amongst them all mongrels 😳😳😳!!!!!

  17. Carol Hughes the trouble you have caused all because of your greed I feel for your kids what you are putting them through stubbornness won’t get you anywhere .

  18. I always wondered what Gary saw in carol, it certainly wasn’t her looks as she has always been ugly and got worse with Age.

  19. Carol is bitter and twisted because her father never left her anything in his will Norman left it to his favourite daughter suppose she felt she was owed so she helped herself to someone else’s inheritance ……… Disgraceful!!!!!

  20. What an evil woman carol Hughes is, Gary Darren’s dad and best friend before he passed away gave him his boat licence but she won’t sign them over to Darren the money grabbing bitch has been trying to sell them , she’s never had anything, never worked full time , barmaid that’s about as good as it got, that’s why she’s never had fuck all , a council house and council maisonettes that’s all she ever had and they are paid for by benefits, oh I forgot she has got something supplied by north wales police a fucking panic button. I read your comment Gorlan resident you say she’s got 5 years left at best she’s a size 18 she’s living on her nerves ,high blood pressure the amount of stress she’s put herself under 2 years she will be finished, the biggest female coffin you would see but smallest funeral as nobody likes her.

  21. Cannot believe what carol Hughes has done, married gary days before he passed away, its plain to see why!, its absolutely disgusting, her family need to have words with her.

  22. This is a clear example of the monsters we create. Those girls would of turned out OK only for that c–t Carol. She bred and groomed them into the horrors they are. Shame really. They should bin her off and think on.. How they would feel if someone treated their family this way??? Do the right thing Carol and free the new generations of this turmoil… Your life is nearly over. Before you die do something decent you old bag!

  23. Those girls would of turned out OK if it wasn’t for Carol. She was a horrible mother. Especially to the older ones. Carol is disgusting and she is going to leave her children and grandchildren to try to clear up the mess she started. Do the decent thing before you die woman… Your father didn’t leave you anything in his will because he saw you for what you are! Literally nobody likes you. You are poison and you have taken your kids to the gutter with you.

  24. Carol hughes is money more important than your conscious. you married Gary 72 hours before his sad death voiding his children’s inheritance. The law needs changing its a sham when people Mary on deathbeds. His son and best friend wasn’t invited to the wedding nor was his daughters and other son after you had Joanne and Stacey present. so unfair a despicable act by you and your daughter’s unforgivable carol. Feel free to share your side of the story as the majority of the town are calling you sewer rats. We would like to hear your side, maybe you are being blinded that your father left your sister in his will and you nothing. Do the rightful act carol give Gary’s children what is rightfully theirs, your conscious will feel better dell.

  25. 07977928434
    4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL

    I’ve read some of the comments that have come in and I’m grateful for the support from our community regarding this latest post but the language is far too foul for me to publish, children in Aberconwy and John Bright schools read this site and that type of language is unexceptable.

    I appreciate the photos & video clips that have been sent in but they’re far too racy for me to publish and this is not Thoughts of Oscar site; one of the pictures does look like the person but because of the angle it was taken ie from behind we need proof its them before we can publish as the owner of this blog will be liable…everything on this site is all factually true and is evidentially supported.
    There will be a new post coming out very shortly, the next load of washing is going to be long and hot!!!

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