Justice For Mark Hall Continues

Once again, I am appealing to anybody with any information regarding the miscarriage of justice against Mark Hall, can I just draw your attention to the last post where I told you the victim’s mother was stalking me, please go back and read it again for yourself I don’t want to go over old ground and bore you.

I told you that the victim’s mother came into the pub with a few girls from Llandudno Junction, not once did I tell you what pub it was and I never named any other girls I only mentioned the victim’s mother Sharon and I also read a comment out from a Michelle Roberts; I was asking her view on Colin Stagg claiming compensation, which is perfectly legal to do, the lady in question Michelle ‘Mushy’ Roberts will tell you herself I don’t know her and have never spoken to her in my life but she seems to have an awful lot to say for herself, fair play to her. Michelle, I did say to Sharon in my previous post, a little advice don’t follow in the footsteps of other people, stay away from me, but you thought you knew better.

Michelle made three statements on her Facebook status, as you all know I am not on Facebook, but her statements were sent to me. They are below for you to read them (just wondering Michelle, why have you closed your Facebook down?)

Hope you enjoyed her little rant.

I’m going to apologise to you on her behalf, firstly about her grammar as from reading her notes she seems like a young lady with no decorum (what is decorum? Behaviour that is controlled calm and polite) you have none Michelle. Secondly, I apologise for her foul language, she makes it quite clear in her words ‘I will challenge any F****r that wants to say different’.

Well Michelle, I’m going to challenge you, if you want to take me on, do so at your own peril. Just in case I bring any civil proceedings against Sharon the victim’s mother for stalking me and making nuisance phone calls, may I remind you Michelle should I bring a claim against Sharon, she has to defend it and it’s nothing to do with the police, no doubt you will be the star witness. I can’t give you a full disclosure as all my evidence would be submitted to the court but one thing I will make quite clear to you Michelle, should you give evidence on behalf of your friend Sharon I would tear you to shreds.

On Saturday, 8 July I was drinking in the Mail Coach and in walked Sharon with her friend Michelle and somebody else; the CCTV Michelle, will show that I was already there before you arrived, I eventually left the pub and returned back later, how observant you were to be looking out of the window to see me pull up with my wife, the registration of the vehicle I was in was M7CK C, I think that says my name, if you go on the DVLA website and check this plate out you will see what vehicle it is and I can tell you it is not a white transit van, as you stated.

Please don’t get me mixed up with Gary Sky, he’s got a transit van and he picks girls up, I’m going to deal with Gary Sky and Gary John shortly. So, I couldn’t have got that phone call as you stated to say the victim’s mother was there because as I stated I had been in there before you, bearing in mind your vision was impaired as you were quite intoxicated, once I had taken a seat in the window of the Mail Coach and sat down with a group of friends, you were directly opposite me. You made reference to your friends on Facebook, that the man in the Mail Coach had grey hair and that it wasn’t Michael Creamer in the photo that he showed of himself on the blog.

Michelle, George Clooney doesn’t drink in the Mail Coach, it was me Michael Creamer I don’t know if you have a partner Michelle, but if you do I bet you didn’t tell him that you threw yourself in front of me, lying across a couple of chairs while you were getting Sharon to pretend to be taking photos of you, when she was taking photos of me.

Michelle, you only tell the truth once in your statement to quote you, this is what you said ‘and not once did I take my phone out and take photos’, that’s correct, you didn’t take photos of me you were lying across the chairs while Sharon was taking photos of me, you’re not a model if you were Michelle Keegan, I might have shown an interest but you’re Michelle ‘Mushy’ Roberts.

Picture of me and Michelle Keegan in Marbella on the beach in                                             Puerto Banus

Another quote from your statement, ‘the picture of the victim’s mother is not of her leaving it was taken earlier on in the night’ please don’t go red with embarrassment Michelle.

Let’s look closely at the photos below.

The first photo I enlarged it so you couldn’t see the other people who were sitting down, I have now blacked out the people’s faces. Picture 2, you know the pub as well as I do Michelle, can you see Sharon leaving the pub? notice the date and the time July 9th 00:55, that’s 5 minutes to 1 o’ clock, leaving for a taxi; you had already gone outside with your friend and picture 3 showing her leaving the premises, hope that clarifies the facts for you.

As I’ve already stated I can’t show you all the evidence for legal reasons.

I’m a great admirer of William Shakespeare and his quotes, I adopted one of them and it’s tattooed on my right arm, this is what it says:

Love me or hate me,

Both are in my favour,

If you love me I’ll always be in your heart,

If you hate me,

I will always be in your mind.

I haven’t quite worked out yet with you and Sharon whether you love me or hate me Lol!  Remember you told your friends it wasn’t me in the picture that I put up for you to look at, oh that’s me alright, can you see the tattoo on my arm? I look forward to the challenge as you quoted on your status, I think you have been very economical with the truth with what you stated on your Facebook status, it was fanciful, outlandish and only existed in your imagination.

I’ve got to move on now Michelle, I know you follow my blog and you love it, so I’m going to ask all my followers not to give Michelle a wave, as she only has three friends on Facebook so I’m told, instead could you hit the share button and make her famous.

As I have mentioned before, everything that you read on this blog is true and factual and some people don’t like to learn the truth. We can’t forget Nigel Roberts a.k.a. seven bellies the author of the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar who lied and libelled people, Hayden Williams the VAT man again another liar (click on his name on the index and listen to the recording), Lucie and Bev Hobson lied and spread malicious gossip, Peter Nolan lied to North Wales Police, I don’t think the above mentioned people love me but I’m so happy I’m always on their minds.

May I finally remind you, Mark Hall is accused of a heinous crime and currently serving a six-year prison sentence for a crime he strongly denies, we can only hope and pray that justice will prevail, just spare a thought for him in the cell every night, how he must be feeling and the victim has life time anonymity from North Wales Police.

Over the next couple of days, I’m going to write a post where the same judge sentenced two defendants from two separate cases and one of them is Mark Hall, it’s shocking what you will read.

I really would like to thank people for the information they have supplied but there is still information out there what we need to help get Mark a retrial. I am not interested about the people that are selling contraband cigarettes or using rebated fuel in the vehicle (red diesel) that’s a matter for HM Custom & Excise. I’m not interested in who is claiming tax credits that they are not entitled to and living where they’re not supposed to be, that’s a DWP matter. I do get the point that people are starting to get a bit nervous and blaming each other to try and take the heat off themselves.

I’m only interested in anything that can help Mark Hall, again not tittle tattle like who’s been carrying on with who behind their partners backs and finally no bad language on the comments or it won’t be published.




I’d Love To Be A Fly On Creamer’s Wall!!

Here is the tape recording of Haydn Williams the VAT officer and Mr Wicklow (aka Bill Twomey) RIP Billy.

Readers of the blog, isn’t it frightening and disturbing, how a VAT officer can talk about somebody like myself, when he doesn’t even know me?

Haydn Williams did manage to say one thing that was the truth, at the end of the tape, where you can clearly hear him say “he doesn’t know me and has never spoke to me” and then for PC McMahon to go around and tell people I have been done for Tax Evasion when there’s no truth in that either!

Just think members of the public, when you were hearing from a VAT officer and a police officer all these things I was supposed to have done, which were unfounded and untrue, but the doubt was in your minds, because you were saying “there’s no smoke without fire”.

When you listen to the tape, you may feel angry, but imagine how I felt when I heard it, it’s about time that someone in the government took notice of this blog and the harassment that has been targeted at me.

Enjoy the tape and I look forward to your comments but please remember no bad language.


The Truth Hurts!

I have shown you some documentation regarding HM Customs & Excise and my complaint, I have too much paperwork to show, letters to the customs, from the customs, opinion from Counsel for slander etc. Yet I still have hundreds of exhibits regarding other stuff that has happened to me to be published on this blog.

I did seek advice to serve a writ on Haydn Williams the VAT officer for the slanderous remarks he made about me, there are also some other people I threatened to serve writs on, regarding slanderous comments they made. Their names will be shown on this blog.

Members of the public, when I was going to confront these people about what they had said about me, they thought it was OK to just repeat what they had heard, let me just explain something very simple here, if people go around saying things that are untrue, saying ‘well I heard it in the pub’ or ‘my friend told me’ or ‘a policeman told me’ etc, you are as guilty as the person who started the rumour off.

Some people need to learn to keep their big mouths shut. Remember loose lips, sink ships!

These people I confronted about the nasty remarks they were saying about me, their faces were a picture, thinking that saying ‘I’m sorry’ was OK.

My legal team were discussing with Haydn’s solicitor about bringing a claim against him for slander, a compromise was made and it was settled out of court. I had to sign a form to say I would not disclose the amount of money Haydn paid me for damages, so I’m sorry I cannot tell you the amount I received, but I can show the letter of apology from him.

Haydn Williams Haydn Williams, made to eat humble pie

As I’ve stated before, this is unbelievable what a man said about me when he doesn’t even know me and to this day I have never spoken to him.

Also here is a letter of apology from HM Customs & Excise.

customs Apology from HM Customs & Excise.

People may say, well that’s acceptable, well to me it’s not, their information should be correct before coming out all guns blazing.

My life was on hold for over 2 years plus being on bail for that time aswell.

I do read all of your comments that are left on this blog and I thank you for them but please don’t speculate when it comes to how much money they have spent on this case, one of your comments said £100,000.

Well I can tell you it was a lot more than that, you could have built a new lifeboat station in Llandudno and still had change leftover with the real costs!!

Just think of all the better uses they could have spent that money on?

Again, I ask who gave permission for this warrant?

The tape recording of Haydn Williams and Mr Wicklow (aka Billy Twomey) will be available to listen to shortly.


Dame Barbara Mills Asks To Investigate Further!

Below are letters from the Adjudicators Office and my Solicitors J W Hughes & Co.


                 AdOffice5 AdOffice6 AdOffice7

                 AdOffice8 AdOffice9 AdOffice10

                 AdOffice11 AdOffice12 AdOffice13

HM Customs & Excise Go To Interview Mr Twomey (RIP William Patrick Twomey)


This is the statement from Mr Twomey which he gave to HM Customs & Excise as Customs wanted to know why he went to Haydn Williams’s house.

Readers of this blog, prepare yourself for over ½ an hour of recording in the next few days and then you will read the letters of apology from HM Customs & Excise and Haydn Williams!!


No Decision Made Yet By Customs!!

Over a year and a half and still no decision made by HM Customs & Excise whether to prosecute or close the case.

I got my MP Mrs Betty Williams to write to Customs and Excise as to when a decision will be made.



Complaint Response from Carol Summerfield, complaints manager.

Decision Finally Came

In February 2001 a decision had finally come from HM Customs & Excise, notifying me of their decision NOT TO PROSECUTE, I got straight in touch with the Adjudicators Office and made a complaint about HM Custom & Excise.

My Complaint was taken very seriously and was appointed to Dame Barbara Mills, who was a high profile Barrister for a full investigation into this matter.

Adoffice1 AdOffice2 Adoffice3

To be continued…


When HM Customs & Excise Come To Town!

26th February 1999

Back in 1999, HM Customs & Excise carried out what was probably one of the biggest raids that they’d ever done in North Wales at that time, where a team of officers raided my house at Penmon, Lon Padog, Whinacres.

I was at home on that morning, laying in bed, when they burst into my bedroom and wouldn’t let me get dressed in private, the officers said they had a warrant for VAT evasion, yet I was somewhat amazed, how they came for VAT evasion.

During the search the officers who were looking for paperwork, brought some specialists who were dipping the fuel tanks on my vehicles for rebated fuel (red diesel).

They were looking in cereal boxes, testing icing sugar for drugs, they even asked me if there were any firearms in the house, I told them ‘I think you’ve been watching too many movies’ before they rushed me off to Llandudno Police station to be interviewed.

I got my solicitor to come to my house and be present while the search was conducted in case anything could have been planted in my home.

Over the next few days you will read on this blog, statements from a VAT officer, a complaint to the PCA regarding a police officer, you’ll listen to a tape recording from a VAT officer, secretly taped in his own home.

This VAT officer was spreading rumours that he knew me and telling people that I was being investigated for VAT fraud, on a watchdog programme called the Ferret and that I was a cowboy builder.

Let me point out to you, Haydn Williams is a VAT officer from Deganwy who I have never spoken to in my life and never made any remarks about him, but a man who would have been sworn to an official secrets act had an awful lot to say about me and everything that he did say was untrue.

Readers of this blog!!

What you have got to understand is that Conwy in North Wales is a beautiful place, but it’s a toy town and full of gossip and when people round here don’t know the truth they will make it up, but it’s more juicy when its backed up by a police officer and a VAT officer.

After listening to the tape and reading the statements, you will read the real truth, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how these officers had lied to try and fit me up.

Not one of these people had any consideration for my wife and my family, I was on bail for over 2 years, each time the officers came up to North Wales to interview me, they stayed at the Empire Hotel in Llandudno, the money that this operation must have cost.

Bail Every few months my bail was extended, this went on for over 2 years.

In the end I had to go to my MP Betty Williams for her to write in to get some answers as to when a decision was going to be made.

HM Customs Michael CreamerThe file contains many papers, too many to put on the blog.                                                                                       Along with hours of interview tapes to listen to.

To be continued over the following days…..