Castle Cabs Owner Fits Trackers On Cars To Keep An Eye On His Drivers

HMP Creamer’s Banter

They say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

The proprietor of Castle Cabs is Meirion Wyn Jones, the firm is now located in Llandudno Junction. Meirion over the years forgets himself and forgets where he came from. As a young lad, he lived above the old registry offices on Rosehill Street in Conwy, nothing too fancy and when he left school he worked at Hotpoint, I think he used to stick the labels on the washing machines. When he left home from mummy and daddy, he rented a house called Bryn Hendre Cottages, Oakwood Lane Sychnant Pass, the girl he was living with at the time was a friend of mine, on a number of occasions I had to borrow the girl money to pay the rent which was no problem as she always paid me the money back; these were your earlier days Meirion when you weren’t as well off.

He eventually left Hotpoint and went to work for his dad at Elwyn’s taxis, can I just bring to your attention Meirion in case you have forgotten, your father was arrested for drink-driving, he failed the breathalyser and was then released on bail, the same day he did it again, twice in one day Meirion. He was rearrested and charged once again and eventually received a custodial sentence for the offences, the positive from this was nobody was seriously injured bearing in mind your Dad is a taxi driver.

You eventually ended up in another relationship with whom you are still with, do you remember on your wedding night with your now wife Kymberley fighting in her wedding dress at the reception, so ladylike.

Do you know what I don’t like Meirion? Two things, firstly, people that take drugs and secondly jealous people. People think cancer is the biggest killer, it’s not, jealousy is and it comes from all ages. We are all God’s people on this earth and we are just passing through, life is very short. We all just want to make a few bob and get on with our lives, instead of worrying what your neighbours & friends are doing and how much they are making. What you and Kymberley are good at Meirion is knocking other people and worrying how they are getting on in life, you have talked about everyone in Conwy me included, you love listening to gossip and whispers. I don’t chat s**t, I talk facts.

Remember when you moved into Catbells on Sychnant Pass and you had just started Castle Cabs with a couple of cars, good luck, we all have to start somewhere and to be fair to you and Kymberley you have worked hard. I don’t forget myself Meirion, I came from Liverpool to Morfa Flats.

When you lived at Catbells, do you recall the insurance claim you put in for the building works, some of those tradesmen that completed the works at Catbells were lads that had subcontracted to me. At this time I was living in Whinacres, Penmon, Lon Padog, I was very busy with work; I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I had a couple of houses and I had a brand new blue Range Rover, which I paid over £30,000 cash for and I had a private number plate on it ‘M7CK C’; don’t worry, when I had a VAT inspection, they were fully aware of my assets and how they were paid for, so you won’t need to snitch on me.

Today number plates are very cheap and freely available most cars have them along with dash cams fitted in them. As you and Kymberley know, I had all the mod-cons nearly 20 years ago and fitted in my Range Rover was not only cameras but a voice activated system recording sound as well. Can I just remind you and Kymberley, nearly 20 years ago my car was parked in Church Street outside the Legion and Kymberley with her friends after leaving the Legion walked past my vehicle and she took her time to bend down in front of my car and point to the registration plate saying “who does he think he is with M7CK C on a Range Rover?”. I don’t think I’m anybody, I’m Michael John Creamer, that’s the name my mother christened me. It was a good job the camera system recorded Kymberley and if you remember, I played the video in Conwy United Football Club for all to see, everybody had a good laugh. I’ve still got that video, I must play it again sometime. I will return to the subject of number plates at the end of this post.

Whilst you were still residing at Catbells, you both could not keep your mouths shut spreading malicious and false rumours about me, telling people in the town that I was on a consumer programme called the Ferret, that word springs to mind again Meirion, ‘jealousy’. As soon as I threatened to serve a writ on you, you wound your neck in, I was never a candidate for that programme, your new employee the ex-VAT man Haydn Williams will confirm this.

Please read the letter from my solicitor to Meirion dated 14/10/1998.

It wasn’t long after sending you this letter Meirion, you packed up and left Catbells that little poxy house and you headed to The Whins, Whinacres, you became my neighbour, if Whinacres is good enough for the Creamers it’s good enough for the Jones’. You were not there very long Meirion, but I do remember your second insurance claim going in; this was a lot bigger than the one in Catbells, you must be unlucky at your properties.

What I do know that is factual is you had a lot of lads that worked for me, working at yours, building walls, fitting a kitchen, also laying new parquet flooring and fitting a new boiler, all paid cash in hand good claim that was Meirion. Hmmm, you stole some of the lads that worked for me, why would you employ them if they’d been on the Ferret? Remember what I said earlier, don’t forget yourself, where you came from and don’t knock other people when you’re at it yourself! You eventually left Whinacres and headed for Penmanmawr to Parc Moel Lus on the top of the hill, hidden at the bottom of a cul-de-sac.

I’m now going to show you your statements that you made on the 01/06/2009 which you made to North Wales Police. At this time, I had been arrested for mortgage fraud as you know.

I’m now going to call you Sherlock Jones, since reading your statement, how clever of you fitting trackers to your cars, how did you come up with that idea? I would just like to point out readers of the blog, Meirion did not give evidence against me and was nothing to do with me, one of my co-accused Mr Meyler worked for Castle Cabs so the police attended Sherlock Jones’s office to ask for Mr Meyler’s work details.

I’ll just explain Sherlock, if the police would have come to me and asked for an employee’s details, I would have said ‘get a court order, I’m not giving you them’ but you’re not me, you’re a little creep. You still could have been cooperative with the police and said ‘I’ll get you the information I will either drop it off at the police station or email it to you’ but no, not you, you couldn’t keep your mouth shut and you have to tell them all about Mr Meyler’s life story, your favourite word in your statement was ‘I heard whispers’.

‘I heard whispers’, there you go again with that big gob Sherlock, you went on to tell the police how you had trackers fitted to your cars so you could find out where Mr Meyler was; you forgot to tell the police that Mr Meyler was good when other staff let you down, you could always rely on Mr Meyler, he would come in and do an extra shift. What you also forgot to tell DC Phill Griffiths about the lads you paid cash in hand that worked for you, I’ve spoken to some of your staff that worked for you, they told me they were on tax credits & they would get the minimum hours required as to their form, the rest was cash in the back pocket, there was no mention of this in your statement.

I couldn’t believe when I read the statement you say you’re willing to assist North Wales Police with their enquiry but you would prefer not to attend court. If Mr Meyler’s barrister wanted you in court, you would have had no option and you also do not wish the people involved to know that you’re providing this statement. Once you have made a statement the police will hang you out to dry, they don’t care they have what they wanted, your statement!

It was very clever of you Sherlock Jones, putting them trackers in the cars, it’s a shame you never put a tracker on Kim you could’ve ended in Cock-all Bay!
A lot of people in the community say it’s not Meirion, it’s Kym, she bosses him, I have to disagree, you made the statement Meirion, not Kym.

Do you remember not so long-ago Sherlock you borrowed £14,000 from one of your friends, and you asked him how he wanted it back, he replied ‘the same way as I gave it you, cash’. The money you said was to pay your staff’s wages, you replied back ‘I have no cash from the school contracts and you’ll have to wait until I get some cash in from the taxis’, does the taxman know about this? Because you’re dead straight remember. Is your accountant Gareth Hughes & co from Llandudno Junction aware of your personal loans etc.

There’s also another two people I know that borrowed you money to pay your staff that’s all hush hush isn’t it. Just remember Meirion and Kymberley, those people off the council estates, Maes Derw and the bottom of the hill Marl Crescent that use your taxi services have contributed to your Christmas turkey today, people from Plas Newydd in Deganwy that use your taxis have helped contribute in paying your mortgage and also people who live on the council estates on Morfa, Pengarth and Gorlan are contributing towards your rent that pays for your caravan in Pwllheli.

Taxi for Kymberley

Now back to the number plates we mentioned earlier, I couldn’t help but notice when I called to your house last week and took a photo of Kymberley’s Range Rover on the drive with her personalised number plate on, I had one of them 20 years ago; I couldn’t help noticing looking through your window, Meirion was walking on the treadmill, tell him Kymberley if he wants to get rid of that belly, you’re supposed to run on the treadmill not walk.

To all your loyal customers at Castle Cabs, you lot are paying for Kymberley’s Range Rover, she has purchased it on a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) this was taken out over 4 years, please see photo with Kym’s number plate and please read Kym’s PCP, anybody who’s purchasing a vehicle the police always advise the public to HPI any vehicle.

I would just like to add Kymberley, from my Range Rover dated on the picture 06/06/98, the models have changed in 20 years, so has Meirion he’s put quite a lot of timber on, he’s lost his hair and lost his teeth, the same goes for you.

Stop knocking people when you’re not perfect yourself. You’re not alone Meirion and Kym, there’s a few people on this blog I’ve had a pop at and there’s a few more to come; councillors taking cocaine, councillors having affairs behind their partners back and coppers too, these are evil people that were all pointing the finger at me and you were all hiding behind me when you were all up to no good yourselves.

How convenient that the little poison dwarf, the ex VAT man Haydn Williams is now working for Castle Cabs, I’m sure he’ll give you good advice on how to keep your books straight and your mouth shut. I mean you wouldn’t believe the stories that dwarf made up, it was a good job Billy Twomey taped him making those derogatory remarks about me and my family, he’s only kept his mouth shut since listening to the recording. Goes back to that word again, jealousy, worse than cancer.

You people love giving it but you can’t take it, do you get where I’m coming from Meirion, people just don’t like the truth.

Happy Christmas to you and Kymberley and all the best for 2018.

Just in case you’ve not heard it Meirion, you can listen to your driver Haydn Williams on this recording


50 thoughts on “ Castle Cabs Owner Fits Trackers On Cars To Keep An Eye On His Drivers

  1. Kim you have got one wicked mouth, your a bad bastard I don’t know who you think you are??!! You have been caught out this time haven’t you. You have had your fair share of men as well just saying like!!!!!!

    1. She’s always been a user and abuser, reels people in then drops them like a hot brick once they are surplus to her requirements, her first husband must still be devastated when he sees castle cabs driving around knowing that he possibly financed the business many years ago. The poor man didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was by Kim and Meirion, they are both nasty vindictive people.

  2. Hahaha bet kym’s not so high and mighty now we all know her car’s on the never never and they had to borrow money to pay the staff

  3. What a ugly looking bunch that family are I never knew about the old man getting done for DD, who did they bribe at the council to keep his badge????

  4. Sly evil meirion even ripped his one and only friend off Lee Moore . Sly meirion kicked Lee out over money. . Money mad Jones

  5. Margaret Taxi fat gossip elwyn sly drunk driver . Nai wyn slags everyone off meirion Taxi police informer who doesn’t want to be named. The family should be called the weekly news.

  6. Meirion is a prick who’s MOUTH runs away with him. He was meant to give a statement to the police confirming that Mark worked for him. He told the police his life story, who needs a boss when you have enemies like meirion. Thanks Michael creamer for finally showing Conwy that the Jones’s taxis are the biggest slyiests sneakiest ugliest family.

  7. I worked for meirion at his home in whinacres he messed me about over money never wanted to pay his workers. I’m now getting him back my own way. I had a nosey in Kim’s top drawer there were an assortment of vibrators whips and kinky video’s

  8. Have the sly Jones family got nothing to say thought so.that will be a first. That horrible family run everyone down. It’s on you now Jones let’s hear your reply still waiting .evil lot.

  9. Twofaced meirion is heard saying in the mail coach to some guy don’t go out with that girl she has been interviewed by the police. Meirion you forget to say what you had been up to people in glass houses frog eyes.

  10. Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year Mr creamer. You have kept the community thoughrully entertained over the festive period., have you ever thought about writing a book?.you exposed the Gary’s for what they really are. The Jones’s taxi family are pure and evil lot.


  12. Mick why don’t you tell us what little slapper was knocking PC Rob Jones off, we have the right to know she may be passing information on, thought someone like you would want us to know, I have an idea who she is loves wearing mini skirts……. ???

  13. You forgot to mention Creamer before Meirion left his Dad to set up on his own, he nicked a few of his school contracts talk about dog eat dog, Elwyns is now Ellys as elwyns went bust.

  14. Meirion do you remember when Kim come home covered in love bites that fella who owned the pub in rhuddlan and he owned the Blue Bell he was nobbing Kim he was just one of many.

  15. Handy living up a hill Kimberley in this weather because if you have a flat battery you won’t need to phone the garage for a jump start, you can just roll down the hill and bump start it, you have bumped enough people in your time

  16. Gareth Hughes accountant keep meirion and Concorde Kim off your books the evil pair will bring you down and even arrested you have been warned Gareth.

  17. Meirion Jones taxi frog eyes tell the taxpayers did you and vibrator Kim pay interest on the 14’000 pounds. Come on tell us,you like to no everyone else’s business. Gareth Jones accountant s in the junction did frog eyes declare it, I demand to know as I pay my taxes.

  18. Does anyone no the taxmans number to report the Jones’s over illegal tax matters. I no it’s an evil thing to do but hey ho it’s what Margaret elwyn nia meirion and Kim do. So if it’s good for the Jones’s it’s good enough for me. The evil Jones’s thrive on people’s misfortune. They snitch on people for everything

  19. Vibrator KYM what does k 600 on your reg stand for 600 men you’ve had behind meirions back or does it stand for 600 pounds interest you pay per month fianance on your car the one you copied from Mr creamer

  20. I’ve never liked meirion and Kim both are evil they still owe me money from way back. Next thing you no the evil pair will go bankrupt so they don’t have to pay their debts.

  21. Elwyn taxis in jail never knew that. Margaret with her knickers down in the graveyard never knew that. KYM and her vibrators never knew that. Meirion borrowing 14 grand never knew that . The Jones family in debt never knew that. Never knew Haydn williams was helping them dodge the taxman. Meirion a police informant never knew that the Jones’s family bad mouthing everybody yes we all no that. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feel free to post your comments and dish the dirt it’s only what the evil Jones’s family do.


  23. Iv’e given your dire situation (Kim & Kermit ) a lot of thought, and this my advise, you may not take it, which is your prerogative, but here goes, firstly I would run for the hills, well walk maybe, doubt Kermit can run or you for that matter, I would hand the caravan back to the finance company, you know the ground rents are astronomical, get yourselves a little tent maybe (plenty in the Argos sale), send the car back and get yourself a little run about, obviously one big enough to fit your nose and tummy into, just make sure it’s mot’d taxed and insured because I think there’s a lot of people just waiting to snitch on a snitch. Hold a yard sale to get rid of some of your s** toys, you surely can’t need them all, or are some of them Kermits ? whatever, I’m sure he will agree that it makes sense, you can’t keep hording this stuff when the business is clearly in financial difficulty. As for your two historical insurance claims, (big earners by all accounts) Oh dear, fraud investigations can and do go back many many years. I’ll come to a close now but it looks like Creamers Karma is coming back on you, and good luck to Mick, he deserves it after all the crap him and his family have had to endure , down to the likes of you two.

  24. So true gold digger . I never knew about the fraudulent insurance claims. frog eyes portrays himself as whiter then white. I’m not a snitch but I would snitch on a snitch. Does anyone know the number of the insurance fraud claim line. NORTH WALES POLICE another BENT witness go and arrest the pair of bints.

  25. No wonder my house insurance policy is going up year after year.with the likes of Kermit and Kim ripping of the insurance company’s there a bloody disgrace and should be brought to justice. Making false insurance claims can land you in prison.. meirion is making false claims then giving nwp false statements. Theirs a word for people like you meirion c–t.

  26. You little fat piglet Haydn williams how have you got the nerve to drive them taxis and show your face around the town, junctions football money went missing from your house and you made lies up about creamer on that tape who else did you stitch up when you were a VAT man?? Horrible twat

  27. Frog eye meirion and vibrator Kim every word written on here is TRUE.

  28. Kim and Meirion are horrible people and the daughter Lisa claire Roberts, Hardie and now Jones but soon to be Roberts AGAIN! Just like her mother, they both taught her well. Im so glad this blog has been posted to show the jones’s for whag they really are!

  29. I thought she just married the Jones ! Mr Decktara or now half price cash marquees. Punching above his weight always was a smarmy arrogant git. Isn’t he connected to Bryn Thomas Cranes

  30. They are a very distasteful family ,they will sink to any level to get money or try to ruin other people’s lives .The saying “ all fur coats and no knickers “ rings true on so many levels , and on so many female members of that family .

  31. Yes very distasteful wasn’t she all over the front page of the Daily Post after a close encounter with a certain antiques dealer recently…

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