Will Constable 2489 Anja MacLeod Be Sacked This Time??

Two dog beating cops should have been sacked after they were caught on camera abusing their pets; it was heard in court that PC Craig McLeod and his partner Anja Mason (now Mrs Anja MacLeod) who at the time lived in The Meadows, Prestatyn, were banned from looking after any animals for 5 years, many hours of distressing footage came to light of them abusing their pets, the footage was on TV and YouTube but has since been removed.

The dog beaters were ordered to carry out community service and pay hefty court costs, there was outrage by the public as to why Anja McLeod kept her job with North Wales Police despite her having a criminal record. Anne Owen founder of North Clwyd Animal Rescue near Hollywell said, “I didn’t think their punishment was severe enough they deserve to lose their jobs and I would back any campaign to support that”.

When police officers commit criminal offences, they never get a POCA, you would think the government would bring a new law in where they shouldn’t get paid whilst they’re suspended and if found guilty their pensions should be taken off them.

Constable 2489 Anja McLeod is now facing another allegation that whilst on duty on the 26th of May 2022, she requested a period off from her duties via her line manager which was agreed on the understanding that she would record the absence on the appropriate force system.

PC MacLeod left her place of duty to attend an appointment at a veterinary clinic whilst off duty; she used a police vehicle without authority to carry out the journey and subsequently failed to record the period of absence. It is alleged that PC McLeod has breached the standards of professional behaviour relating to honesty and integrity, duties, responsibilities, and discreditable conduct. The allegations above have been assessed by the appropriate authority as amounting to Gross Misconduct.

A police misconduct hearing for PC Anja McLeod will be held today 28th of June 2023 at Police Headquarters Colwyn Bay.



Honest and Loving Husband…All He Ever Wanted From North Wales Police Was Justice

Please read this harrowing story below about Mr David Service, his family and how they were so badly let down by the corrupt North Wales Police. This is a disgrace to the force, hang your heads in shame!!



Ex Superintendent Simon Humphreys



On my honor, I will never betray my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of my community, and the agency I serve.

Duggan obviously didn’t take any notice of the oath he swore!

A North Wales Police Sergeant 2840, Gareth Duggan, 38 avoided jail.

The sexual predator admitted sexual assaulting two female colleagues at a work Christmas party. He grabbed one officer’s arse, Duggan has fingers like bananas, he also put his hand under the dress of another as they were celebrating a festive season at a nightclub in Chester.

Despite a reputation as a rumoured sexual predator, the two victims were accused of making up the allegations to get promotion, when they reported the incident.

Duggan’s solicitor told the court he was suffering from PTSD as a result of his time as an officer and a prison sentence would impact his family including his wife Claire. What a load of BULL**IT any excuse now to avoid jail.

Duggan & his wife Claire

The courts often side with the police. The double chinned fat faced officer received a 32 week suspended sentence and 200 hours of unpaid work after admitting two counts of sexual assaults at Warrington Magistrate Court last week, just before Christmas.

He also had to pay the two victims £1000  compensation each. He’s been a North Wales cop for over 15 years.

You have to question what else has he done, who has he locked up and who has he been a witness against in court.

A Welsh cop been tried in an English court what a joke, why wasn’t the case heard in Llandudno magistrates or Mold?

Maybe to save the force embarrassment.

In a statement one of the female officers, was a detective who deals with rape victims. She said: “when he put his arms around me, I was shocked, but when he touched me in that way I was disgusted”.

He put his arm around one of the women then touched her backside, she said she could feel his fingers through her clothes, and through her underwear. She kicked his ankle with her foot to get him to stop. On the second victim he had his hand around her waist and put his face to her neck and made kissing noises, he put his hand between her legs and under her dress and touched her vagina over clothing. The court was told he made the 2 female officers extremely upset. There were already rumours in the North Wales force that Gareth Duggan was a predator and had previously assaulted someone before.


Police misconduct hearing 5th January 2023

Misconduct hearing will be held at police headquarters Colwyn Bay commencing at 12noon on 5th January 2023. PC 2040 Duggan will be facing the following allegation:

On the 15th November 2022 Gareth Duggan attended Warrington court where he pleaded guilty to 2 offences of intentionally touching a woman aged 16 or over and that the touching was sexual when she did not consent. He did not reasonably believe that she was consenting which is contrary to sec.3 of the sexual offence act 2003.

It is alleged that Duggan has breached the standard of professional behaviour relating to discreditable conduct. All matters are considered to be of a gross misconduct.

I guarantee you the bad cop probably won’t turn up as he would get the sack, he probably would resign this week and wouldn’t want to embarrass himself.

Any members of the public who have arranged to go to the hearing, don’t bother going because he will not be there.

My blood is boiling with these coppers who keep getting into trouble and don’t have to pay a proceeds of crime order.

Their pensions need taking off them and in some cases, it should be given to the victims. Duggan has got all the hallmarks of what a predator looks like: overweight, bold head, fat faced, wears glasses, wears a mac, and hides behind the veil of his job. Remember North Wales Police were told about his previous behaviour.

Met police officer charged two counts of rape

Please read the link below regarding PC Rupert Edwards


PCSO Fined After Being Filmed W***ing In Uniform In A Park

A former Metropolitan Police community support officer PCSO has been fined £500 after admitting masturbating in a London park while he was on duty. Kevin Phillips 56, who was charged with outraging public decency after being caught on camera committing the act while wearing his uniform Phillips who is married and has two young daughters.


The Met Police are investigating over 600 domestic and sexual abuse allegations against its officers, are these the only ones that have been caught? The new Domestic and Sexual Offences unit known as the DASO unit this was set up in January 2022 in order to restore public trust in the force following the recent scandals.

Another Bad Police Officer

A policewoman named Helen Kane was paralytic drunk whilst on duty and fell asleep in the police van while the engine was still running, the van also contained three police dogs. When a concerned member of the public looked inside, she was seen to be slumped against the driver’s side of the car with a bottle of white wine between her legs.

In court she told the jury she was going through tough times the jury also heard that Kane had one previous conviction which was for driving with excess alcohol relating to the same incident which she had admitted, she was found guilty and will be sentenced later this month.


Who Can We Trust?


North Wales Police At It Again

Now read about a North Wales bad cop, PC 3268 Colin Hall. The photo below is of DC 2313 Don Kenyon a North Wales good cop who once told me “Police officers have good jobs and don’t tell lies”, he even kept a straight face when he said it. Maybe he could explain why all these cops with good jobs keep misbehaving, there are so many miscarriages of justice, these four cases stick in my mind:

  • The injustice of Colin Stagg, falsely accused of murder of Rachel Nickel, my blood boils.
  • The injustice of Barry George, falsely accused of the murder of Jill Dando.
  • My heart bleeds for the family of Sarah Everard, how she suffered at the hands of Police Officer Wayne Couzens.
  • How my wife was given a 2-year custodial sentence for a victimless crime with no complainee, and how you stole £350,000 from her, aided by a corrupt judicial system.



A Welsh Inspector Guilty of Assaulting a Vulnerable 16-year-old boy

Inspector Dean Gittoes resorted to force within less than a minute of encountering the teenager outside Merthyr Tydfil police station in South Wales. He twisted the boy’s wrist forcing him to fall and held on to him by the hood making it difficult for the vulnerable boy to breathe; the 16 year old did not resist and cried out in pain.

Gittoes the bully who is nearly 50, was convicted after a three-day trial in Cwmbran, another Welsh pig abusing his power.

Read the link below and watch the video:


Three Welsh senior cops have been banned from the force after behaviour towards a woman at a boozy retirement party, the police chiefs were fired without notice after they were inappropriate towards a more junior female officer at a work event. Each one of them spoke to a woman who was below them in rank so inappropriately that it amounted to misconduct, one of the dirty pigs also touched the woman without her consent it was proved at the hearing.

Please see the video below

A Welsh Cop Sacked for Perverting the Course of Justice

PC Abubakar Masum who made several false accusations about a university student has been sacked and barred from serving as an officer again I feel so sorry for women who get married or have a relationship with a copper, they are bullies with a badge, we are not going to have any officers in Wales left at this rate.

DC2313 Don Kenyon and 2179 Jason Davenport from St Asaph, what do you 2 think of this behaviour?

Please read the link below



Police Woman P****s On The Shop Floor in Changing Room But Keeps Her Job

PC Amelia Shearer has been found guilty of gross misconduct but won’t be sacked, the dirty b***h kept her job despite urinating in the changing room at the York branch of Urban Outfitters whilst drunk when off duty and then lying about the incident in September last year.

The Dirty pig was issued with a final written warning and the retailer paid just under £500 to have the cubicle professionally cleaned and the CPS chose not to take her to court for criminal damage knowing that the officer lied under caution.

DC 2313 Don Kenyon told me when I was in St Asaph custody that “police officers have good jobs and don’t tell lies”, Don even kept a straight face when he said it, despite having one of his colleagues being sacked for rape; 2272 Parry behaved inappropriately towards a female colleague whilst on duty, other officers have been dismissed for drink driving and drug offences… the list is endless Don!

Please read link below:



Ex-cop and Predator who Worked as a Lifeguard in Llandudno Swimming Pool

On Friday the 19th of August 2022 a former Met Police officer Anthony Smith, 56 who sexually abused and repeatedly raped three teenage girls was sentenced to 24 years in jail; the girls never reported it for years because of his job and were terrified.

The bad cop Smith left the force in 2004 after he was convicted of gross indecency with a child in an unrelated matter.

Smith, before he became a bad cop was a lifeguard and a swimming instructor in a Llandudno swimming pool, how disturbing; he obviously knew his intentions when picking his jobs. Once he became an officer he hid behind that badge and abused his power and trust.

Please read the link below: