Barrister Wyn Lloyd Jones Receives £125,000 Plus VAT to Prosecute Michael Creamer and His Co-defendants.

Following on from the previous post, my last letter to Catrin Evans who is the head of the Complex Case Unit was sent to her on the 9th October 2011. Please read below, Catrin Evans’ response to my complaints, note in the first paragraph they admit to receiving my letter dated 8th of August 2011, but she’s not in possession of any letter sent 3 months prior, which you can quite clearly see the 1st letter on my previous post that I sent to Mr Curzon dated 3rd of May 2011. What they are very good at, is tiring you out and wearing you down especially when you’re in prison.

Catrin Evans still won’t let me know how much this trial cost, just to remind readers of this blog who are not sure how the judicial system works, I’m going to try and help you; when The Mob charged my wife & I and 15 other co-defendants, no solicitors in North Wales could carry out this work, the reason for this it falls into a category known as VHCC (this stands for VERY HIGH COST CASE), meaning the lawyers that carry this work out are usually based in Liverpool, London and other big cities, please feel free to Google the VHCC and see for yourselves how it works.

What I can tell you is these lawyers from Liverpool were constantly phoning me and asking me for my co-defendants names as they wanted to defend them, you can quite clearly see why, because they were paid big money and this was all met by yourselves, mugs money.

Could you now read the letter sent to the governor at HMP Kennett, Liverpool to be given to myself, my Freedom of Information Act 2000 request.

Readers of the blog, Wyn Lloyd Jones was the Crown Prosecutor at Mold Crown Court in 2010 and at that time he had a junior barrister, Brett Williamson both based in Chester. Look at the letter the CPS sent saying Wyn Lloyd Jones prosecuted 17 defendants and they also say he got about £125,000 plus VAT, they can’t give you an exact figure; what is it they are hiding?

Look what you paid for, you have the right to know.

£125,000 for eight weeks work, if any of you mugs out there and let’s say you’re a Slinger Banksman earning £25,000 a year you mugs will have to work 5 years to earn what the prosecutor Wyn Lloyd Jones received in 8 weeks, and if you’re a hairdresser earning £15,000 a year, you will have to work for over 8 years for what Wyn Lloyd Jones got for 8 weeks work.

So, the more you earn mugs, the more you pay; your taxes paid for all these lawyers to earn big money for a victimless crime. Michael and Anita Creamer owed nobody no money, where was the intent to defraud their lenders, when nobody was owed nothing. The one’s making big money here where the lawyers, but at that time the Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom (the Mad Mullah) and other senior officers were settling a personal vendetta with mugs money against Michael Creamer.

Please read letter below dated 24th of November 2011 from myself back to Catrin Evans, they just will not answer how much of mugs money was paid to the defence lawyers, the cost of the jury, or the cost of the judge.

They really don’t want the public to see the cost of the case for a victimless crime, all this brought by North Wales Police to settle their personal vendetta.

Please read Catrin Evans’ next letter of stage 2 of my complaint. Still not answering all of my questions, what are these CPS lawyers paid for?Steve Jones the mortgage advisor, was struck off the FSA for falsifying 1,500 mortgage applications and fined £100,000 and Catrin Evans, head of the Wales complex case unit now knows 1,500 applications have been falsified but refuses with North Wales Police to prosecute any of them. They may still have mortgages I don’t know, but what I can tell you is when North Wales Police arrested me, our mortgage had been redeemed 3 years prior to the arrest and nothing was ever outstanding, I’m not saying I’m a better person than other people with outstanding mortgages but if you carry on lying on your applications and exaggerating your earnings, nothing will happen to you and you will not get prosecuted.

I contacted the Legal Aid team at Connor House, Birmingham on Monday, 2nd  July 2018 and asked a lady for a full breakdown of the costs, she gave me my MAAT reference 2182054 and said I’ve checked the reference number, your name is here and the court dates but it’s not telling me the court case costs and advised me to phone Mold Crown Court like the CPS said, phone HM Courts and Tribunal Services, which I did on 3 July 2018. I spoke to a lady there she said we have no records of this cost or how much the staff have been paid, she was very rude on the phone and hung up on me, I made complaints regarding this lady, please read their response dated 6th July.

This story is to be continued in a few days, I will show you how much all the lawyers got paid.


How North Wales Police settled a personal vendetta against Michael Creamer using ‘mugs money’ to pay for it.

If a crime is ever committed the police in your area are called, whoever makes the complaint, they will be given an event number and you hope that the police do a good job by solving whatever crime it may be, which is to be expected. I don’t wish to bore you too much, you have read on this blog how I was charged with mortgage fraud when there was no complainants and it was a victimless crime. No bank, building society or credit card company knocked on the police stations door and said “he owes us money” as I stated on previous posts, I owed nobody nothing, what the police did with the CPS was to make a conspiracy charge and what they then did was publish in the papers we have taken Michael Creamer’s empire from him, we have given him 2 prison sentences totalling 7 years and we’ve taken money from him totalling £350,000 but what they kept away from you the public the tax payer they have spent over £20million of ‘mugs money’ to convict me for a victimless crime.

Yet, when I have phoned HQ or spoken to senior police officers and asked them who bought this investigation against me to court all they tell you is “it’s North Wales Police” and they refuse to tell you what officers were involved. I am now going to name every officer in the case and other people associated with the case and the amount of  mugs money they have spent:

  1. John Rogers QC, the judge in the trial who asked the other defendants that if they were to plead guilty he would not send them to prison but that didn’t include Michael and Anita creamer.
  2. CPS lawyers, Head prosecutor Karen Dixon and Simon Joel Curzon.
  3. The district Judge Gwyn Jones who dealt with the proceeds of crime order.
  4. Chief constable at that time Richard Brunstrom (that mad mullah) fine for having an out of date tax disc.
  5. Senior police officers in the case, Superintendent Simon Humphreys we now know retired after he was investigated over the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar.
  6. Superintendent Steven Williams, superintendent John Chapman; Mr Chapman is the officer who I have been asking for my money to be returned that went missing.
  7. Superintendent John Hanson

Here are the foot soldiers:

  1. Martyn Parmley 1651 now sacked from the force.
  2. PC Dave Gardner now sacked from the force
  3. PC Andy Gill sacked by the force
  4. PC 489 Stephen Carrol
  5. PC Ian James Clark from the major crime team jailed for five years for raping a woman.
  6. Nicholas Mark Hawe, major crime team.
  7. DC 1497 Jim Jones North West regional asset recovery team (RART)
  8. DC Steve Power, North west regional asset recovery team
  9. DC 1937 John Gaige CID
  10. DC 72197 Karyn Gallagher
  11. PC 209 Amanda Williams, stationed at Denbigh
  12. PC 1768 Robin Jones, stationed at Llangollen
  13. PC 1915 Peter Evans
  14. VCT 66 Claire Williams, stationed at St Asaph
  15. DS 633 Mark Abbott
  16. PC 2246 Dafydd Curry, stationed at Colwyn Bay.
  17. PC 2148 Alex Barker, based at Llandudno police station.
  18. PC 425 Chris Carpenter, Llanrwst police station.
  19. Stephen John Hooper PC, stationed at St Asaph
  20. DC 2247 Lee Andrew Jones, St Asaph CID
  21. DC 1267 Andrew David Hulson, based at St Asaph
  22. PC 2228 Scott Martin, stationed at Colwyn Bay
  23. PC 2563 Ben Edwards, stationed at St Asaph
  24. PC 2503 Richard James Evans, stationed at St Asaph
  25. PC 2573 Julie Niven, stationed at St Asaph
  26. PC 2431 Jennifer Claire Sanson, stationed at St Asaph
  27. DC 1707 Anthony Underhill
  28. DI 885 Ian Verburgh
  29. DC 2272 Shaun Parry, stationed at Llandudno
  30. PC 2410 Kevin Smith, stationed at Llandudno
  31. PC 2391 Lowri Wyn Jones, stationed at Llandudno
  32. PC Peter Ashton
  33. PC 2704 Donna Walne, stationed at Llandudno
  34. PC 2413 Gemma Shaw, stationed at Colwyn Bay
  35. DC 1995 Petra Grimes, stationed at St Asaph CID
  36. PC David Ian Evans, forensic audio analyst, based at St Asaph.
  37. PC 2554 Stephanie Ball, stationed at St Asaph.
  38. DC 1726 Ian Davies, stationed at St Asaph.
  39. DC 1781 David Brennan, stationed at St Asaph
  40. DC 1738 James Robinson-Kite, stationed at Towyn.
  41. PC 661 Wayne Culshaw, stationed at Colwyn Bay
  42. PC 2227 Ian Patrick Cordon, stationed at Abergele
  43. DC 1380 Peter Jarvis, CID St Asaph
  44. PC 2341 Paul Byron, stationed at St Asaph
  45. DC 1590 Brent Ashcroft
  46. DC 1608 Graham Cobley, based at HQ Colwyn Bay.
  47. DC 1838 Zoe Williams, stationed at St Asaph
  48. PC 17821 Stephen Wraxall, Greater Manchester Police, stationed at Stockport Police Station.
  49. PC 15832 Ian James Shannon, based at Leeke Police Station.
  50. PC 1854 Garry James, stationed at St Asaph
  51. Sgt 831 Paul Williams, based at St Asaph
  52. PC 2538 Katryn Heledd Davies, based at St Asaph
  53. Police Service civilian, Geoffrey Preston
  54. Stephen John Liston, police civilian employee
  55. DC 586 Phillip Griffiths, based at St Asaph
  56. DC 105 Meirion Jones, high-tech crime Unit HQ
  57. DS 2179 Jason Davenport
  58. DC 432 Phillip Harvey Jones, CID St Asaph
  59. DC 1436 Mark Jackson, high-tech crime Unit HQ
  60. Ruth Ewen, Principle Registrar of the family division
  61. Janet Ryan, General Registrar
  62. Paul French Fennah, human resources dept
  63. Carys Hughes, employed by Caernarfon County Court, clerk.

As Officers and the judges involved in this case, remember these were all paid money and a lot of these officers were paid overtime, the gym at St Asaph police station was full of paperwork they couldn’t use the hall as there were that many boxes in there, 17 defendants each receiving 12 boxes of paperwork plus the prosecution and the jury, in weight there was over a ton  and a half of paper,  you may well laugh mugs, but you paid for all this paperwork, paperclips, binders, folders, elastic bands etc

All these officers involved in this case were all on the payroll, mugs money once again, you’ve paid for all of this and all for a victimless crime. 17 solicitors each receiving 12 boxes of paperwork, then passed onto 17 defence barristers and all 12 jury members that sat for over seven weeks. I’ve only named two CPS lawyers, there were a lot more staff in the CPS who dealt with this case. There were hundreds of pages of witness statements, The Mob had visited various people including Sally Elizabeth Sloman from the Royal Bank Of Scotland, T Cryer senior insurance advisor Swinton group, Kenneth Jones chairman of Bangor city football club, David Milner managing director of Rhyl football club, Jennifer Scott Whitbread plc payroll Department, Gary Lloyd witness and Bill Fredericks accountant witness, there were many more witnesses who gave evidence and I have all the police officer’s statements.

You are going to see a lot of statements some of which are a load of rubbish, nothing to do with investigating mortgage fraud, you readers of the blog have a right to see what you have paid for, yet the CPS did their best not to tell me how much the police have spent on this investigation and how much the lawyers received.

Please read my letter dated 03/05/2011 to Mr Curzon CPS Cardiff, I was at HMP Altcourse at the time,

Please see my letter dated 08/08/2011 to Mr Curzon as he has still not replied from my letter dated the 3rd May. He doesn’t want anyone to know how much money they have made which was paid by ‘mugs money’.

Please read my letter dated the 27/09/2011 where I write to the CPS and complain about Mr Curzon, I have now moved to HMP Kennett.

03/10/2011 finally received a letter from the CPS Catrin Evans head of the complex case unit Wales.

Please read my letter 09/10/2011 back to Catrin Evans somebody has finally acknowledged receipt of my letters.

The bill for this trial was paid for by the legal aid board for each defendant, none of the defendants paid any money, mugs money footed this bill.

To be continued, invoices will be shown on next post.


North Wales Police Finally Admit They Knew Who The Author Of The Troll Blog Thoughts of Oscar Was

Please read my complaint about The Mob to PSD (Professional Standards Department) it is self-explanatory; I’m sorry it’s quite lengthy but this was their reports back, firstly by Superintendent Sian Beck from the local Policing Services at St Asaph and also a pathetic reply back by good old Detective Superintendent John Hanson, who’s now head of Professional Standards, as I’ve said before when you make a complaint to PSD (stop laughing!!) it’s the police investigating the police and if you’re not happy with the decision you then go to the IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Cops) over 70% of the staff from IPCC are ex police officers, this is throughout the country; what a great complaints procedure talk about banging your head against a brick wall.

If you are ever going to bring a claim against any officer this is the protocol you have to follow and they do their best to tire you out, but please don’t give up. It starts out like this, a local Sergeant in your area will record the complaints which will then be passed to PSD, they will gather all the information and take as long as possible and always try to resolve a complaint with a local resolution, then if you’re not happy it then goes to the IPCC, they can then take up to a year before they investigate and 9 times out of 10 they follow PSD’s decision. When all that has finished you then bring a claim against the Chief Constable in your area and take it to the County Court, I will show you in due course when I had to do this and how much money was awarded to us.

John Hanson as I’ve stated on this blog before had a meeting with Chris Walsh and head crown prosecutor Karen Dixon, it is my belief Karen Dixon was not made aware of all the facts by John and Chris. If the police want somebody charged a thorough investigation is carried out providing as much evidence as possible if they do not wish somebody to be charged should a complaint be made information is held back from the CPS. Somebody’s name was released on the Thoughts of Oscar website, this person was threatened to be killed and violence to be used, John and Chris’s advice to the complainant was that if someone makes a threat they don’t always carry it out, could you imagine readers of the blog if the threats were made regarding a police officer, they would babysit outside his property.

I can confirm that what I have mentioned above was true & factual and mentioned in headquarters but what I can’t confirm is did John Hanson pass this information on to Karen Dixon in their meeting?  I’m sure if Karen would have been made aware of this somebody would have been prosecuted from that poison pen blog.

As we know Nigel Roberts a.k.a. ‘7 Bellies’ admitted to being the author, ex- Secretary of State for Wales MP David Jones carries on denying having any involvement but you have seen his deleted tweets on the previous post and North Wales Police couldn’t prosecute themselves but as you can see from the reports they do their best to close your complaints down.

How convenient for The Mob, the IPCC says in their findings “we do not consider any one’s recollection of events would be clear after such a significant length of time i.e. five years, Verberg can’t remember, Kenyon’s memory has faded and Simon Humphreys took retirement as soon as my complaint came in to save his pension but when The Mob investigated myself and Anita for mortgage fraud they went back over 20 years and cross-examined me in the witness box for over 5 days and expected me to remember every detail, every mortgage application I made, where deposits came from etc, tax I had paid stamp duty, capital gains I had paid and right down to how much money I had spent on my credit cards yet they say it’s hard to remember things 5 years ago.

The truth of the matter is they have now been caught out covering each other’s backs and worrying about their pensions.

Finally, all you people that went to Llandudno police station and reported the Thoughts of Oscar blog to Inspector Verberg, he lied to you when he said he didn’t know who the author was; I’ve been telling you for years that he knew full well who it was, The Mob then moved him over to PSD and that’s where he is today. The reports from PSD, Sian Beck, the report from John Hanson and the report from the IPCC is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever read but they have to cover their backs to save their pensions, if The Mob had admitted they knew who the author of the blog was they knew this would have prejudiced my trial and the case would have collapsed.


At 01:03 hrs Lucie Hobson Calls 999 and reports Michael Creamer for rape!

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to hurt or humiliate.

Now the truth

On the 7th September 2008 The Mob came mob handed to my house at 5:50am on a Sunday morning, the property I was living at the time was 6 Cwrt Llywelyn in Conwy.

DC 2197 Gallagher was a female officer with the A team behind her, when they entered the property, I was obviously in bed at that time, when I came down the stairs 2197 Gallagher said she was arresting me on a suspicion of rape, I gave no reply after the caution. I was then taken to St Asaph custody suite, on leaving the property whilst handcuffed and escorted by a number of officers, I could see that outside the property was a recovery truck, with flashing lights on, which was taking my nephew’s jeep off the drive.

After being booked in at the custody suite at St Asaph I was told why I was arrested and then taken to see a police doctor, where I was medically examined and swabs were taken from me. I fully complied with the doctor and a male officer watching me being swabbed, this was degrading, several times I told the PC 1726 Ian Davies ‘I have not raped anyone’ and someone is trying to fit me up.




After spending some time in the cells my solicitor eventually arrived, we had a conference, I told him where I had been the night before and exactly what happened, this was all written down, I told him I was in the Blue Bell public house in Conwy drinking and a male came in with a female. The male was an old gentleman called John, he said he was in the area laying electrical cables, the female was called Sarah, I had spoken to them half an hour before this in the Liverpool Arms, this was the first time I had ever met them in my life.

When talking to them in the Blue Bell, I was sitting down at a table and they joined my company, I must admit they looked odd, he was about 60 and she was in her early 20’s, when John left the table and went to the toilet she moved her chair from where she was sitting and moved it next to me, she put her hand underneath the table onto my groin area and said to me that she wanted to have sex with me. I immediately thought has she been sent by the police, I got up and left, walked out of the pub and went to the Whitehouse.

I am very well known in the area, my mobile number is 07977928434, I’ve had the same number for well over 15 years and still have it today, this number has been on my vans when I was doing building work, the same number was on my cars & mini-buses when I was doing taxi work aswell. Later on when I was in the Whitehouse I received text messages before midnight from this girl called Sarah, which were offensive and sexual in nature, the solicitor in our interview noted all this down, after a long chat, the solicitor said he’d spoke to the officers who were dealing with the case and said they would not be ready for interview until 6 o’clock that night, the solicitor said he’d leave and come back at 6.

Before the solicitor left the custody suite, he asked the police why have you seized Michael’s wife’s phone when you arrested him this morning, I think you need to go back to his house and retrieve his phone so you can see the messages he received. The police immediately went back to my house and seized my phone (07977928434).

I was eventually interviewed that evening by DC 1267 Hulson and DC 1937 Gauge, where I was asked to give an account of where I was the previous evening, I gave a full and factual account, the 2 officers become shocked when I asked them to go to the Blue Bell and seize the CCTV which would support what I told my solicitor earlier, where they would see the female coming over, sitting next to me and doing what she did etc and you would then see me on the street cam leaving the Blue Bell on my own, Anita picking me up outside and us driving to the Whitehouse and if you get the CCTV from the Whitehouse you will see me arriving there, I also said my solicitor informed you this afternoon of the messages sent to my mobile phone, the officers said we can’t look at the phone, it’s gone off to the high-tech unit, but I told him word for word what was sent.














After the interview I was released on bail by the custody Sergeant 71551 Paul Anderson, I asked the solicitor and the officers why am I being released on bail, this is the end of the matter and nobody here has been raped, they went on to say they were making further enquiries to view all the CCTV and the mobile phone. When I was released on bail I was told that The Mob had gone to the entrance of Cadnant Park and it was all cordoned off with blue and white tape, it looked like a murder scene, this is typical of The Mob, what they are very clever at is planting the seed, a gardener will plant his seed, the rain and the sun will come and the plant will then grow, this is why Cadnant Park was cordoned off, they accidently let it slip they have arrested Michael Creamer for rape, so the gossip mongers spread false information, that’s the way the police work in planting the seed.



What the informant Sarah stated in her statement taken by the officer 72391 Lowri Jones was that she came out of the Blue Bell and that she had seen a male in a black coloured Land Rover, drive towards her and she said she tried to run away from him and she fell over and the male pulled over and put her into the car and the male was in his late 40’s, medium to big build with blonde hair. If she was referring to me, I’ve never owned a black coloured Land Rover and please don’t laugh readers of the blog, I have never had blonde hair.



When the officers reviewed the CCTV from the street cam, Sarah the lying little rat, came out of the Blue Bell on her own, not with me or any other male absolutely rotten drunk, fell over, cut her face and tore her jeans, she was not seen getting dragged into any vehicle. After the officers who reviewed the CCTV from the pub and the street cam saw this they knew I was telling the truth, that 5 letter word TRUTH is great.

Sarah the drunk ends up with Lucie Hobson on the entrance of Cadnant Park bridge between 12:30 – 01:00 in the morning, Lucie was also drunk and with a male called Stephen Roberts, some story is then made up between the 3 of them, bare in mind Lucie Hobson has not seen Sarah in the Blue Bell or seen her fall over outside either, but Lucie being the drama queen she is, dials 999, gives my name in and the police attend Cadnant Park.

There are statements from Lowri Jones and Alison Lewis, these statements are not signed, I can categorically tell you no woman was raped at the entrance to Cadnant Park, this was a rendezvous point where the 3 had met, Lucie, Stephen & Sarah, I don’t know what was said, I wasn’t there.

I spoke with my barrister Peter Davies, he said it could have been a number of things, ‘she could have been a police informant and she could have lost sight of her handler by getting too drunk or the girls could have been sheer vindictive and evil to try and get compensation out of you’.

Women do strange things, but Lucie Hobson took it one step further, she rushed home to her mother Bev Hobson and her step-father Mark Hobson, telling them that I had raped somebody, what an evil little bitch she is and on the 27th of September 2008 I was coming out of the George & Dragon pub and as I was getting in to my car, getting picked up by Anita, Bev Hobson & Mark Hobson were coming out of the Blue Bell and so they got into their taxi, they both shouted ‘You rapist’ so I jumped back out of my car, I ran over to their taxi and the typical cowards locked their doors and told the taxi driver to drive off, I banged on the window and called her a slag as she has had plenty of men and I shouted to him ‘Are you still pissing the bed?’ meaning when he is drunk he has a terrible habit of wetting the bed, I will stand by what I said, because it’s the truth, the taxi immediately sped off.

I did apologise to the taxi driver the next day for banging on his window. I also contacted my solicitor and asked could we serve a writ on them for slander, please read the letter.


Some other members of the public who also made derogatory, untrue comments are Gary John Jones from Llandudno Junction, Dan Parry from Llandudno Junction and also Gary Plumb aka SKY, again typical cowards. I won’t go on about these 3 yet, but just to let you know I have a post coming up soon which will shock you and you probably won’t drink in the Maelgwyn again.

I mean how cheeky are these people, after a false allegation was made against me obviously these idiots believed it to be true yet, Mark Hobson when he’s rotten drunk and sees me in the pub wants to come and say sorry & shake my hand and the other scum bag Gary John Jones sends beer across the bar to me and asks the barman to serve it to me and say it’s from Gary, I told the barman to give it him back, they have also asked friends of mine to ask me to speak to them, I wouldn’t speak to them if they were the last people on earth.

Moving on, any woman who reports a rape and it’s true, the male whoever he is when found guilty should be hit with the full force of the law, but dirty little slappers or police informants should be prosecuted, no doubt when Lucie Hobson reads this post her crocodile tears will come and say I’ve got children now, I don’t deserve this, but I had 3 beautiful children when you made them false allegations up with Sarah.

It’s incredible readers of the blog, if a man has raped a woman and there’s evidence you would have him before the court within a week, which would be right for the woman if she has been raped, but The Mob want to release me on bail on the 7th September 2008 and then tell me on the 13th January 2009 the case has been NFA (No Further Action), this case, the biggest crock of diarrhoea I have ever seen, but this is how evil the police are.



Think about it readers of the blog, September 2008, arrested for rape and put on bail then in October 2008, arrested for mortgage fraud and put on bail, we all know how desperate they were for me.

But remember that seed they planted, they were doing the same again, they allowed Nigel Roberts ‘aka 7 bellies’ the author of Thoughts of Oscar that poison pen blog and his partners in the blog sacked ex-secretary state for Wales David Jones and Dylan Moore, this site was given protection by the police, Superintendent Simon Humphreys and Ian Verburg & remember DC Don Kenyon was told by the judge to go and take the comments down, which they never did, hoping the jury in the mortgage fraud case would read the blog and what jury wouldn’t convict you with these comments, they were all untrue comments, but it worked for The Mob.




Members of the jury, if any of you people read that poison pen blog I urge you to contact my solicitor John Brown of Hogan Brown Solicitors, Liverpool and tell him you read the blog if you have and tell him the truth because this trial may have been prejudiced.

Karen Dixon, a senior prosecutor from the CPS in Colwyn Bay has been there for over 32 years that I know of, I know she told Superintendent John Hanson and DC Chris Walsh we can’t prosecute Thoughts of Oscar they’ve done nothing wrong, look below at these untrue comments they have been allowed to publish.

Karen, if you are allowing this behaviour to continue I think you should resign, isn’t it amazing Karen as soon as I brought a claim against the Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom you get a full disclosure of the case and because the police refuse to pay me any money they have then decided to throw Lucie Hobson to the wolves, saying it’s not our fault she phoned 999 and Sarah said she’d been raped, you thought that was your get out clause, I ask the new Prime Minister Theresa May to look at the behaviour of North Wales Police towards me and how they are wasting tax payers money.

RAPE4       RAPE5


Readers of the blog, there is too much paperwork to show you on this case, I‘ve tried to condense it, showing you a letter of a claim brought against the Chief Constable, some comments off Thoughts of Oscar and also look at some text messages I received from Sarah, finally none of the police mentioned in this case or the girl who accused me of the rape or Lucie, Bev and Mark Hobson, the 2 Gary’s and Dan Parry, David Jones MP, 7 Bellies and Dylan Moore can bring a claim against me for slander, oh I forgot I’m telling the truth, they are all liars and nothing more than a bunch of gossipers.

Remember that wonderful word tonight before you all go to bed ‘TRUTH’, I’ll say it again, the TRUTH!!

Your comments are appreciated but no bad language please.


Witch-hunt Part 20

The Mob are told by the Big Bosses, you must watch Creamer 24/7.

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to hurt or humiliate.

I will show you some documentation which is on The Mob’s intel system, so when their auditors have a look at their expenditure, they have to show where the money has been spent, as long as they have a name on their intel system along with whatever other rubbish has been collected, no questions seem to be asked. The Big Bosses have told the surveillance team, get out there and watch Creamer 24/7, don’t worry about the cost, the tax payer is footing the bill.

I used to drink in the Whitehouse in Morfa, Conwy, where The Mob were spying on me going out for a drink, I went to a builders’ yard in Abergele, to buy some building materials and they were spying on me there and again on 20/07/2009, I was having a drink in the Liverpool Arms, Conwy with a friend of mine, called John. PC1627 Chris Jones walks in, in full uniform, walks straight over to me, where I was standing by the one armed bandit and says “Hello Mr Creamer” and then said “Hello John” to my friend. He then said to me “What are you two up to?”, my reply was “I don’t know what it looks like to you, but this is a pint of bitter in my hand, I’m having a drink and socialising, so can you please leave”.

That’s the same Chris Jones 1627 that stopped Anita in her 4-wheel drive for no apparent reason and said he wanted to take a look in the back of the vehicle, saying “as I wouldn’t want Michael to break his bail conditions” that’s the same Chris Jones 1627 who stopped me in the early hours of the morning in my red van and asked for a breath specimen, I refused to open the window, he said he was going to smash it with his truncheon, I gave a breath specimen, and it was negative, I said I thought you said you can smell alcohol, he said it must have been Anita who had been drinking. You would have seen these statements on a previous post, the point I’m making is when I went to see the Big Bosses, they said it’s not harassment unless the same officer has stopped you on more than a couple of occasions.

This is the same 1627 Chris Jones that stopped me outside Conwy United Football Ground, he came over to me and Anita and says “I know you don’t want to talk to me Michael, but we have received information that threats have been made against your life”, I told him, “No threats have been made against me or my family, go and moider someone else”. Is this The Mob covering their tracks, blaming the public when really the threat could be coming from them? but they are covered by saying it’s on their intel system.

Below are some exhibits which are off the police national computer, where you can see they are obviously following me and spending an awfully large amount of tax-payers money.




Wouldn’t this money be better spent trying to protect our country against terrorists, obviously North Wales Police are not questioned on the way they waste money.

Please note on their exhibits, why are they putting my date of birth on? David Cameron, Prime Minister, my human rights have been violated, terrorists are not having this amount of surveillance by the police.

Coming soon, you will read about Creamer Vs Chief Constable, at Llangefni County Court, where you will read what officers said in court “This was a big operation, where Creamer was seen allegedly passing £100,000.

The witch-hunt continues….


Ex-Chief Constable won’t pay boat storage fees.

Obsessed ex-chief constable persecuted the motorists of North Wales, parks his boat on the double yellow lines, he was too tight to pay boat storage fees. He thinks that Police Headquarters is his own storage yard for storing his junk.

Over £120,000 a year salary, yet he won’t pay for his boat to be stored in a compound and he’ll just park that cheap boat anywhere.

Please click on the link below to read the full story

Isn’t it amazing that the Chief Constable of Spain, Ignacio Cosidó can speak Spanish?


Witch-hunt Part 19

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to hurt or humiliate.

MP Betty Williams not happy with the way The Mob are trying her patience.

A further letter from my MP Betty Williams to The Mob, Richard Brunstrom has now passed the information on to Richard Brough from Operations, Central Division and some of our property has now been returned.

Should us members of the public, have to go to our MP to get our property back from the police, property that wasn’t even covered under the warrant when they seized it? I have never had the money back that was stole out of my suit jacket, they can’t find that and no police officer is owning up to it.

Below is a letter from MP Betty Williams, dated 25th June 2009 & the letter she received from Superintendent Richard Brough.




Letter dated 21st September 2009 by my MP Betty Williams.


Another letter from my MP, 19th October 2009.


This is now over a year since The Mob came out to my home. Richard Brunstrom must be saying to his staff, I don’t listen to solicitor’s letters, I don’t listen to MP’s, I’m the Chief Constable and I can do what I want, I will tire these people out by delaying my response to their letters.




The North Wales Police have been liaising with the CPS & Simon Curzon since 2007, by this time the 19th October 2009, they still hadn’t come up with a charge and they told me they had evidence over a year ago when they arrested me for mortgage fraud, money laundering, stolen money and some poor girl in North Wales had been raped and yet still no charges, despite all the evidence they have ‘got’.

Readers of the blog, please just think for a minute, if Richard Brunstrom, Superintendent Simon Humphreys, Superintendent John Chapman, Don Kenyon, Jason Davenport & Nicolas Hawe were to pay for this operation out of their own money, it wouldn’t have got past first base, because there was no evidence, no complainee, no one suffered any loss, no stolen money and the police informant that hadn’t been raped. Did Richard Brunstrom and his foot soldiers care?

Did they hell!! It’s the public’s money and we are never going to be questioned and the public are fools, the public are too scared to ask where the money’s being spent.

Once again I’d like to thank Betty Williams MP for the work that she did for myself, she knew we were banging our heads against the wall with The Mob.

Prime minister, David Cameron, why are North Wales Police allowed to spend the public’s purse, without being questioned and to get away this behaviour for so long? This operation by Richard Brunstrom has cost the public millions of pounds and when I show you some of the invoices, it’s disgusting and also the way I have been targeted by The Mob, I’m not going away Prime Minister until I get answers.

Members who read the blog from around the world, this is Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of North Wales Police, taking an old 4 wheel drive out, towing a horse box so he can persecute the unsuspecting motorists, but we are going to turn the camera on him and we will be telling the public about the Police woman he made sergeant and was having an affair behind his wife’s back, her name will be revealed shortly!


The witch-hunt continues…


Witch-hunt Part 14

Definition: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

The list of items seized under the warrant!!

On the 10/10/2008 The Mob came mob handed with a warrant from Prestatyn Magistrates Court, to seize items relating to mortgage fraud, on suspicion of the following offences:

  • Suspicion of obtaining a money transfer by deception to his purchase of 10 Penmaen Crescent, Conwy in June 2001
  • Suspicion of money laundering to his purchase of 10 Penmaen Crescent, Conwy in 2001
  • Suspicion of money laundering in relation to David John Williams, purchase of 23 First Avenue, Rhos on Sea in September 2004
  • Suspicion of obtaining a money transfer by deception to his purchase of 5 Mona Road, Conwy in 2005

I was also arrested on the 22/11/2008 on suspicion of 2 counts of fraud by false representation. The list of The Mob’s suspicion of charges are too many to list, but in a nutshell it was mortgage fraud and money laundering, so they say and they have good intelligence to go to the magistrates to get the warrant, I wonder if they ever went back and showed the magistrate what they seized, probably not, because no magistrate would grant a warrant of abuse.

Below is a list of items seized from the house, let’s look at No.1 on the list exhibit AJW/6 a key on a blue plastic keyring, what’s that got to do with mortgage fraud?



Mobile phones that I have had over the years, each time me and Anita have upgraded our phones, we have kept the old ones, same with the children’s phones. Also the children’s lap-top, my driving licence and credit cards were seized.

No.47 a passport belonging to my son Michael (junior)

No.51 a birth certificate belonging to my son Michael (junior)

No.53 a Christmas menu from the Deganwy Quay

No.55 an empty plastic bag

No.64 a small plastic bag containing raw plugs and screws.




This was Operation Pylon, with police officers drafted in, wasting the tax-payer’s money. The Mob’s informants gave them duff information, telling them there was guns, drugs, and money in the house, they even bought a sniffer dog with them to search the whole of the house, the dog went in every bedroom, the garden, the garage and my vehicles and this operation was to do with mortgage fraud?

They never found 1 application relating to mortgage fraud at the property and no paperwork.

On their list of items from 1-64 there was one thing not on the list and that was money that was stolen out of my suit jacket in the bedroom.

I sent a written 8-page letter to Sgt Davenport on the 27/11/2008 asking where my money was that was stolen and I also sent them a picture of my motor vehicle, registration B5 LFC, showing wet paw prints from the dog, that had been all over the leather seats in the car, they also scratched the car when they brought it out of the garage, the letter and the photos were sent to Sgt Davenport by recorded delivery, you can see the letter and the receipt from the post office.




Has anybody in Great Britain or in the world been arrested for money laundering or mortgage fraud and had a key seized, an empty plastic bag, a small bag containing raw plugs and screws and a Christmas menu list?? I bet there hasn’t, this is not even funny anymore and I wonder what the jury would think now if they saw this list.

May I remind you that neither Anita or myself got charged for money laundering or mortgage fraud, they came up with a trumped up charge of conspiracy to defraud because nothing would stick.

You will read shortly about a safe that was taken from the house, what was in it and what they left in it by mistake!!

The witch-hunt continues…

Good luck to Ched Evans with his appeal, Wales really need him next year, if they are to get a result against England.