Another F**k Up From North Wales Police

So North Wales Police have f**ked up again, compensation will have to be paid to Astrid Linse for her motorhome that they sold at auction, which was then stripped for parts.

I hope the tax payer doesn’t have to foot the bill for another cock up: Undoubtedly, we will have to.

Will we be seeing more Go Safe vehicles on the roads to rake the money back?

Arfon Jones, the Police & Crime Commissioner who is obsessed with putting himself in the limelight and telling us how good North Wales Police are, you never see him commenting on any of the many f**k ups committed by his force, this being another example.

Will he be going back for an emergency meeting with the the Council and in particular Julie Fallon Smith (another one who likes the limelight) to ask for more money from the public purse to cover the compensation costs?  Readers of the blog, please expect another council tax rise to cover these costs.

Arfon Jones, please ask the Chief Constable Carl Foulkes and those responsible for recruitment of police staff here in North Wales to comprehensively vet new recruits to your force as paedophilia seems to be rife throughout the force, as in the cases of Gordon Anglesea, Garry Donnelly, Ian James Clarke, the list is endless and the most recent one is Stuart Bradshaw.

Readers of the blog, stay tuned for a shocking revelation about a Senior police officer.


Police Officer Sacked After Filming Himself Performing a Sex Act in Police Station Toilets!!

I will be voting for Boris Johnson tonight.

Yes, you’re getting my vote Boris; you did say you will be recruiting 20,000 more police officers, if you are true to your word send them to our cities where they are desperately needed (ie; terrorists, shootings and stabbings).

Please Boris don’t send any more to Wales, unless they have been vetted to a high standard because as of late a lot of Welsh police officers have caused pain, misery and disgrace to our communities.

Boris, here are just a few for you to read about; officers drinking and driving, an officer filming himself in a police station toilet, a female police officer who had sex with an abuse victim, another officer jailed for raping a baby, on a previous post a solicitor was caught having sex with an officer at Cockett Police Station. North Wales Police Superintendent Robert Kirman goes on trial next week for fraud, another officer, PC Mike Smith is also in court next week, the list is endless and these officers are all in Welsh police forces.

Please Prime Minister, help our communities to be safe from these sex monsters.

Please read the link below why PC Christopher Leach was dismissed:

Disgusting behaviour!! Now read the link below, PC Robert Jeffrey Hill banned for drink driving for 14 months; another officer that uses the defence suffering from anxiety and depression, they seem to think this is get out of jail card.

Now read the link below of the North Wales policewoman PC Andrea Griffiths, who had been a liaison officer for a vulnerable middle-aged man.

Also, read about the sick PC Dean Roberts recording himself abusing an infant and shared the clip with other paedophiles before he was caught by his workmates and arrested.

Finally, DC 2313 Don Kenyon and 2179 Jason Davenport, Don your favourite saying what you told me “police officers have good jobs and they don’t get into trouble”, shame on you Kenyon and shame on you NWP.

Below is a list of North Wales Police officers that have been sacked from the force, the majority of them for sex offences:

SUP Gordon Anglesea

DC 2272 Shaun Parry

PC Garry Donnelly

PC Wyn Morris

PC James Cleverley Evans

PC 1352 Dave Parminter

PC Dave Gardener

PC Ian James Clarke

PC James Gill

PC 1651 Martyn Parmley

Prime Minister, you have got my vote and my family’s, please look at how many corrupt officers we have in the force and I’ve only mentioned a few.


A Police Inspector Murdered His Detective Wife

Darren McKie 43, stared straight ahead and showed no reaction when he was jailed for life for the brutal killing of his wife Leanne who was 39. The callous, debt-ridden senior police officer left his desk at Stretford police station halfway through his shift on September 28 last year; he went home to his house in Wilmslow and strangled his wife after she found out about a £54,000 loan he had applied for behind her back, calling him a liar in an angry text message.

Darren McKie jailed

Darren McKie broke two bones in Leanne’s neck while he crushed her throat after Leanne discovered he had hacked into her work computer to get a payslip and forged her signature for a loan he applied for behind her back as the family’s finances spiralled out of control.

McKie, who was in charge of resource management at the Trafford division of Greater Manchester Police, put Leanne’s body into her Mini car and parked it around the corner before going to collect their three children, after putting his children to bed McKie drove the mini to Poynton Lake, where he dragged Leanne’s body 140 meters into the water.

In the middle of his trial at Chester Crown Court, he finally admitted manslaughter but claimed it was a terrible accident. Last week a jury found McKie guilty of murder by a majority of 11 to 1.

The couple had been spending way beyond their means and were more than £100,000 in debt not including the £300,000 mortgage on their home. It’s hard to believe a police inspector does this over a little bit of money. As you have all read on this blog North Wales Police stole £350,000 off me, that’s without other monies that went missing which Superintendent John Chapman is aware of, it’s hard to believe the lengths a police officer will go to, to gain money


I can tell you now ex-police inspector Darren McKie will not be getting a Proceeds of Crime Act, you can kill somebody and will not get a POCA.

Now let’s have a look at what some of the North Wales Police have done over the years:

  • Chief Constable Richard Brunstom (Mad Mullah) fined for having an out of date car tax disk.
  • Superintendent Gordon Anglesey, jailed for abusing boys in care homes.
  • Superintendent Rob Kirman, guilty of criminal damage, assault and a public order offence.
  • PC Ian James Clarke, jailed for rape.
  • PC Wynne Morris, jailed for abusing a young girl.
  • PC Dave Parminter, banned for drink driving.
  • PC Robert Jones Welch, hung himself after being arrested for grooming a young girl.
  • PC Martyn Parmley, sacked for going on the police computer for non-policing purposes.
  • PC Andy Gill, sacked for going on the police computer for non-policing purposes.
  • PC Gary Donnelly, jailed for sexual abuse of a teenager.
  • PC David Gardener, was accused of selling a custody picture of Howard Hughes, the man who murdered 7 year old Sophie Hook in Llandudno in 1995, along with confidential psychiatric reports to the media; Gardener denied the accusations against him. He was also accused of having an affair with a lady while he was on duty, this relationship started when he had arrested the partner.
  • There are too many officers to list in North Wales.


A North Wales Ex Police Worker Sentenced For Indecent Images

Ian Williams a senior crime scene investigator from Anglesey, admitted to causing the child to engage in sexual activity, he also admitted to making and possessing indecent images of children: wait for it, how unbelievable the judge sentenced him to 52 weeks, suspended for 2 years at Shrewsbury Crown Court.

What is the matter with our Welsh forces? The crimes that some of their officers are committing is sickening and vile, it’s frightening what these police officers are doing to our children. I’m going to have to write to the Prime Minister Theresa May, our kids and grandkids are not safe on our streets, they need protecting from these monsters.

Conwy County has the most paedophiles in North Wales, it is not right that these people who commit such hideous crimes can live in our communities without people knowing. Parents should know where these people are so they can tell their children not to go down that certain road or to stay away from the park.

What I find astounding is sometime in 2011, North Wales police put mugshots of men’s faces up on billboards in the White Rose Centre in Rhyl of convicted drug dealers trying to name and shame them, our communities would be more interested in mugshots of these convicted paedophiles so we can protect our children from these beasts. Because the courts in Wales are not protecting them, handing out unbelievably lenient sentences to the paedophiles and very rarely giving them prison sentences at all, those that do get a custodial sentence usually get a short sentence. It’s okay to damage and ruin a kid’s life, but when it comes to North Wales Police it’s all about money.

Remember the post about Mark Hall, he got six years prison for consensual sex, oh the bitch in question said she didn’t consent but remembers taking Mark back to her mum’s house; you all know the story, I’m not going to go on but look at the length of sentence handed to him, and then look at what the judge gave Ian Williams for a heinous crime, a 52-week suspended sentence.

Remember paedophiles can’t be rehabilitated, a gambler or a drug user can. Paedophiles can’t be cured they will come out and keep doing the same and the police will protect them no matter what, well they will when they are at it themselves.

Please read the link below:-


North Wales ex-cop found hanged, faced charges of sex abuse of girl aged 12

Robert Jones Welch a retired member of The Mob, once served at Llandudno and was a former police traffic officer based at Caernarvon. Jones Welch was found hanged near his home, after facing being charged over allegations of sexual abuse on a young girl. The young girl was only 12 when the abuse was said to have started, in this case the girl will never get justice as Jones Welch killed himself which is so sad for the victim and the family.

Jones Welch’s wife was also a copper Carys Jones Welch. What is quite alarming in this case, is the police tell members of the public to be vigilant in cases like this and obviously with terrorist attacks, in this case you have a man and wife who were both police officers and yet the wife has no idea of what’s going on. You must ask yourself because he took his own life, he escapes a proceeds of crime? He still has a full police pension, don’t you think readers of the blog, his police pension should have been given to his victim? I’m sure his wife wouldn’t have been that cheeky to take his pension.

It goes without saying, we need law and order and good honest police men and women to police our streets and protect the public and there are some good police officers that serve our communities 365 days a year and do a fantastic job, you only have to look at what happened recently in Manchester and London and how quick they responded but in North Wales the records speak for themselves, corruption.

North Wales police officers stealing money, they stole mine I produced a set of accounts to Superintendent John Hanson at HQ when my solicitor was present, John Hanson wouldn’t look at the accounts or the paperwork, so I made a complaint to Professional Standards regarding this matter. Superintendent Andy Jenks Gilbert took the complaint and a full investigation was carried out and it was proved John Hanson did not investigate properly, how convenient, Jenks Gilbert retired quite quickly and who took over his job? Superintendent John Hanson.

Karen Dixon from the CPS wouldn’t have been informed of my money that went missing, The Mob would keep that away from her. This is separate money from the £350,000 they have just stolen from me for the trumped-up charge of mortgage fraud, Superintendent John Chapman, you know about this money that went missing and when I called your office you refused to speak to me.

I’m not going away Mr Chapman I want my money if I have to call to your house on a peaceful protest I will, as John Hanson has done his best to brush my complaint under the carpet that went to Professional Standards because Andy Jenks Gilbert knows the real truth about my money.

Gordon Anglesey retired Superintendent abused boys, Ian James Clarke raped a woman, Martyn Parmley was sacked for going on the police computer not for policing purposes, Andy Gill sacked for going on the police national computer not for policing purposes, PC David Gardner arrested a male & while this person was locked up he went and had sex with the man’s partner, another Llandudno police officer PC Gary Donnelly was jailed for 18 months for sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl.

PC James Cleverly Evans was jailed for 28 months for down loading indecent images of children, PC Wyn Morris a former member of The Mob was jailed for 4 1/2 years for sexually abusing a young girl.

PC Dave Parminter bullied and assaulted children in Conwy, PC Steve Carroll another lunatic with the helicopter, his story will be told in due course. Inspector Paul Joyce the Iceland bag man, Inspector Ian Verburg “I don’t know who Thoughts of Oscar is, I just want my pension because I’m moving to Fuerteventura soon to get away from all this shit, I must have looked a right plonker Michael because I sent memos to all police stations in North Wales telling all the officers not to look on your blog Michael Creamer versus The Mob” but everybody in the country is looking at it, they are coming down in the middle of the night just to check their names are not appearing on it, they are embarrassed for their children and grandchildren to see how corrupt they have been. Ian, your first wife who is a serving police officer, who lives in Anglesey she loves the site!!

DC Don Kenyon along with Jason Davenport and Nicholas Hawe, have wasted thousands of pounds on the police helicopter flying over properties I owned taking photos for a victimless crime, the helicopter cost £1000 per hour and The Mob say the helicopter is only called to emergencies.

The ex-chief constable the mad mullah Richard Brunstom, ordered Don Kenyon to send the helicopter up as part of Operation Pylon. The mad mullah, whilst a serving officer kissed a woman in Bangor, who is just a normal member of the public, next thing you know she’s a copper and then became a police sergeant very fast…carrying on behind his wife’s back, hmmm!!!

Don’t worry her name will be revealed later on, along with a few other bobbies who thought they were having secret affairs behind their wife’s back, I know who they are and I’m going to name them.

You think you can abuse your powers and stitch people up like you have done to me and my family.

Al the above as mentioned are North Wales police officers, the corruption is unbelievable we can only hope and pray that the new young police officers they are recruiting are honest and will be good police offices to serve our communities in North Wales.

It really is frightening to think how many of the above mentioned, bent officers are sex pests and have given evidence in our courts in Wales and help get people convicted, this has got to stop, one day it could be you or one of your daughters or sons who could be fitted up by The Mob.

Then we have “who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies” Superintendent Simon Humphreys, he was told ‘quick Simon clear your desk if this complaint sticks you will lose your pension’, his desk was cleared and he was gone through the night. This was the copper that protected the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar and prejudiced my trial at Mold Crown Court, The Mob knew they had done that and they had all told lies to protect themselves. The blog Thoughts of Oscar was run by 7 Bellies Nigel Roberts, the ex-secretary state for Wales David Jones MP and Dylan Moore, it was protected by Simon Humphreys and co.

Please remember readers of the blog, these evil, vile people libeled people and people have committed suicide. Conwy Council were pulling their hair out and the police kept on lying to the public and the council saying they don’t know who it is they were all in bed together, nobody knew who the authors were and yet some little boy who was born in Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool on the  9th of September 1964, name Michael Creamer, he took the police on and wouldn’t take no for an answer and got that poison pen blog closed down by himself, there were people that helped him and gave him information, I have thanked you, but once again thanks for your help. The Mob by now, knew they had been caught out and were trying to cover their tracks and the officers who were involved were panicking thinking they were going to lose their pensions and some officers were moved round.

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but I had caught them all out, they are liars, thieves, rapists and I don’t know how they can sleep straight in bed at night. Have you noticed not one of them lot and there are some very powerful people here have served a writ on me for slander, none of them can because I’m telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you know if I had slandered one of them they still wouldn’t do it because it’s civil and they would have to pay out of their own pockets, the Chief Constable Brunstom, the mad mullah, he’s the one who couldn’t even pay for his car tax!

But once again I’m telling the truth, what The Mob are very good at is spending the taxpayer’s money, they love criminal cases because it doesn’t come out of their pockets, remember all those helicopters Don Kenyon and Steve Carroll sent up, all for a victimless crime.

When you get your wages on Friday, check your deductions and think of them helicopter rides you paid for and everything else you’ve paid for the police to spend on.

David Jones ex Secretary State for Wales was sacked by David Cameron then sacked by Theresa May, he fiddled over £80,000 in expenses and was the author of the Thoughts of Oscar blog and to this day has still not been prosecuted and has not received a proceeds of crime and neither have any of the officers that committed crimes.

Shortly I will be writing to Her Majesty the Queen and to the Prime Minister, asking why North Wales police are employing so many paedophiles etc and saying not one of them has had a proceeds of crime order.

Finally read below, former top cop, Steve Curtis, Assistant Chief Constable of North Wales threatened somebody at the gun club, saying ‘I will kill you’ but has selective memory, as he can’t recall saying this at the tribunal but he remembers using the C word, also another former senior officer Gary Ashton was suspended from the same gun club.

What do you think readers of the blog, do you think this lot sound like bullies or am I just imagining it?

Thank you for your comments and emails etc I know a lot of people keep stopping me in the street asking when Gary John and Gary Sky are going to be on here, all I can say is it’s coming and I will give you a date very soon.


Magistrate sends me to jail; a judge orders my release and my barrister is on bail for child indecency offences.

I put a post on this blog over 12 months ago, when it first began, you will remember a small piece of writing telling you how I got 5 months’ youth custody for breach of the peace, whatever I write on this blog is true and factual & is always backed up with evidence.

Now going back to the offence on Saturday 25th May 1985, some 32 years ago when I was a young man of 20, for those of you who are local, you will remember the Castle Marina (Wheelhouse) on Castle Street, Conwy. I told you before, what the Mob were very good at was coming up to people, when standing outside of the pub waiting for taxis, was to push and shove you & try to provoke a reaction for you to break the law and then be arrested; the easiest charge in the book for a police officer to arrest anybody is Section 5 of the Public Order Act, which relates to a breach of the peace, it means if you shout, use foul language even if nobody is present the law states somebody could have been there, easiest charge in the world for the Mob.

Moving back to 1985, when the offence took place, I came out of the Marina, you all know about Sergeant Williams you have heard his name mentioned on this blog, he’s picked me out of the crowd, using his bully boy tactics, pushing & shoving me, I’ve squared up to him, given him abuse and used foul language as he’s tried to arrest me I have run away, I had a pint glass in my hand, I then jumped in a taxi & sped off.

The police followed the taxi on to the Morfa, I’ve got out and done a runner, when the police caught up with me I was charged with, theft of a beer glass and bilking, which means making off without paying for the taxi, for the sum of £2, the next day I returned the beer glass & paid for the taxi.

Then on the 29th of July 1985, I appeared before Llandudno magistrates court, where I pleaded guilty to theft of the beer glass, making off from the taxi without paying the £2 and for breach of the peace. I’ve told you before that back then there was no CPS, the superintendent in Llandudno used to speak to the clerk of the courts so when the magistrates would retire, the clerk would go and speak to them and advise them of the law, as we know magistrates are retired school teachers & shopkeepers etc.

How the hell did those magistrates come to send me to prison for 5 months for breach of the peace? It’s called police corruption full stop.

As soon as I was sentenced to custody and was given advise off my solicitor Donald Roberts and advise from council, my barristers name was Trevor Halbert, we lodged an appeal but appeals do take time; by the time the appeal was heard at Mold Crown Court, I had nearly finished my sentence and had to spend my 21st birthday in custody.

My barrister, Trevor Halbert told the judge, Llandudno magistrates got this case totally wrong and Michael seems to have been sentenced for his previous convictions, the judge at Mold Crown Court got the usher to phone Llandudno Magistrate to find out why such a severe sentence had been passed down to me? Their reply was “there had been quite a few affray’s in the area”, how pathetic and what a stupid answer, these other affrays had nothing to do with me or my case. The judge said to me “magistrates do get it wrong at times and your sentence was OTT, over the top” and I was released on the 13th September 1985, again all to do with corruption at North Wales Police.

Please read advise from my barrister:






Isn’t it absolutely shocking that we can’t trust the police, the magistrates or my own barrister, please read below and see what my barrister had been up to, it just sickens you:



During the trial at Mold Crown Court recently in the Gordon Anglesea case it was mentioned that judges, lawyers, MP’s and police had been regular visitors at Bryn Estyn and Bryn Allyn, the truth always comes out at the end and there are some people that don’t like the truth.

I’ve got nothing to hide about my convictions.

Finally, Sargent 840 Bob Welch who was on traffic stationed at Bangor and was always very keen to book people, there was a rumour in the force that he would book his own mother, he took a couple of complaints from myself. On Friday 11th of November 2016 he was arrested at his own home, where he was handcuffed and his computer was seized, he was later released on bail, then on Sunday 13th November 2 days later, he very sadly took his own life, I’m sure the community will hear what he was alleged to have done.


Anglesea the Paedophile gets 12 Years Part 3

On Friday 4th November, Anglesea returned to Mold Crown Court for sentencing, the case was put off until 2 o’clock in the afternoon, there were a lot of press outside, he finally arrived just after 1 o’clock with his sons and daughter, the press were there to greet him as he got out of the car, the press asked him “Are you going to apologise to your victims?” the arrogant paedophile wouldn’t answer and walked straight into court.

What I found very strange was his second wife Sandra, you all would have seen her on the TV, standing outside the Strand in London after his libel case, where he was awarded £375,000; Sandra was a lot slimmer then, both smiling like Cheshire cats, probably wondering to themselves “How are we going to spend all this money?”. Back now to his recent criminal trial where he was found guilty of abusing boys, Sandra a much larger woman now, attended the trial for the whole 6 weeks, walking into court every day, linking his arm, did you notice readers of the blog, that once he was found guilty and due back for sentencing, no Sandra on his arm, rumour has it, she has left him, once Anglesea had come into the court building and through to the café area, he walked in and to his amazement there were a lot of men, former residents of Bryn Estyn, Bryn Alyn & the attendance centre, Anglesea’s face was a picture.

As he walked through, one of the men stood up and shouted to Anglesea “Do you remember me?”, there was no reply from Anglesea, he just put his head down, the man then shouted “You are scum”, Anglesea walked straight out of the café/waiting area and went and sat in a room where he remained until called into the court room for sentencing.

Security came over to the table where I was sitting and said “I know emotions are running high, you all need to calm down because if there is any more shouting, you will be asked to leave”. At around 1.45pm, all the spectators made their way up to the public gallery and I can tell you there wasn’t a seat available, the gallery was packed, security were there along with the police, the bottom of the court area was packed with journalists and lawyers.

When the court started at 2 o’clock, Elinor Laws QC had been an outstanding Barrister throughout the trial, she read the guilty charges out and the victim impact statements from the boys that had been abused. It was then Tania Griffiths’ turn to speak, the barking dog, who started reading a 150 page appeal statement, his honour Judge Geraint Walters stopped Tania Griffiths in her tracks and kindly reminded her “I have already read in-depth the 150 page appeal statement”, she still tried to carry on reading it and you could see the judge had had enough of her, the whole court went silent and you could hear a pin drop, what Anglesea’s Barrister was asking the judge was something she had never done before, she was applying for a certificate knowing the appeal would be heard next year and for Anglesea to be released on bail until the hearing, when the judge declined her request, you could hear cheers of joy from the gallery and everybody started clapping, everybody knew from then on the judge was taking no messing from her.

The prosecution Barrister stood up and said there were more charges to put to Anglesea, his barrister said to the judge, he will never get a fair trial now, with what has been written on social media etc, she suggested could the charges be read out to Anglesea and he was to plead not guilty to them all and the judge to record the charges down as not guilty. His honour, Judge Geraint Walters was having none of it and said they would be left on file.

Tania Griffiths then asked the judge “before you sentence him, can he have some credit, as he has been on bail for 3 years and he is a frail old man and he is going to go to jail”, she must have forgot that Anglesea had just had a 6-week trial, wasted the public’s purse and put his victims through hell again, thankfully again the judge was having none of it.

Elinor Laws QC stood up and said she was putting a claim in against Anglesea for over £130,000 for court costs, the judge gave her 4 weeks to submit it; no doubt Tania Griffiths will dispute that claim.

Tania Griffiths had the height of cheek to tell the judge when Anglesea goes to prison, his family could suffer financially and he could lose his police pension, oh I pity him!

He then turned to Anglesea, told him to remain seated whilst he gave a speech of what Anglesea had done, he must have spoken for over 10 minutes, reminding him of how he had abused his position to those young, vulnerable boys, he said while they were in those homes it was survival for them boys doing what they did, he then turned to sentence him giving him 12 years for what he’d done to those children.

There were chants of joy and relief from the gallery as well as some men crying, as it had been a long time coming for justice to be served, I shouted from the gallery to the judge “Well done your Honour, great sentence”.

Anglesea is currently serving his sentence at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool, I speak to people at Altcourse on the phone daily, he is currently down the block for his own protection and on suicide watch.

Finally, we can only thank David Cameron for this, as he ordered the inquiry into the abuse at Bryn Estyn; North Wales Police knew what was going on 30 years ago, they said the file was passed to the CPS and that the CPS did nothing with it. We are led to believe the Chief Constable Mark Polin has asked the National Crime Agency to carry on investigating and I can tell you there will be a few people who will be dreading a knock on the door shortly, you know who you are. Anglesea during his evidence, said he went for Christmas dinner with the principle from Bryn Estyn and senior management from North Wales Probation, I wonder were North Wales Probation aware of what was going on at Bryn Estyn?

Your comments would be appreciated.


Ex-Cop, Freemason and Paedophile Gordon Anglesea Part 2

Warning this story is graphic and may offend and upset you.

Ex superintendent Gordon Anglesea and a Freemason turns up to the boy’s homes in his penguin suit to abuse boys. Anglesea’s colleague who was a traffic sergeant, told Mold Crown Court when he was giving his evidence, he told the jury that he was not happy about Anglesea turning up at Wrexham attendance centre in his Freemason attire, Anglesea replied ‘I have just been to a meeting at the Lodge’, he was a man who loves to show his authority and power.


Gordon Anglesea

You heard in the last post about Mr A, now we will talk about the second victim, we will call him Mr B. He gave his evidence from behind a screen, where only the judge and the jury could see him, you often heard Mr B’s voice raised and he used foul language shouting at Anglesea from the witness box, you would just see a hand come from behind the screen pointing to the dock, shouting that man has ruined my life, I’ve drank a lot of alcohol & abused drugs trying to block out of my mind what that man has done to me.

He said he was taken out of the home and taken to a private dwelling where he claimed he was indecently assaulted. Mr B was taken by the convicted paedophile John Allen to somewhere in Mold and there he claims he was abused by Gordon Anglesea, Mr B described the dwelling as a sandstone house and claims he was passed around like a handbag by John Allen for the others to abuse him, those men included Gordon Anglesea.

John Allen

He described in court that Anglesea was a nasty piece of work and that he had a birthmark on his face, wore glasses and had something to do with the police, he said there was a group of men at the property and he described to the jury how he was made to perform oral sex on Gordon Anglesea, whilst the other two masturbated over him, all the men ejaculated over the boy; he also told the jury that the men got a dog to lick the semen off of him, Mr B claimed the dog had bit his penis, making him bleed, he then described how he picked the dog up and threw it across the room.

He was forced to perform oral sex by Anglesea under the threat that he would never see his parents again and he would be sent far away, when Anglesea was interviewed by the National Crime Agency, he was asked ‘Are you that person that made those threats to Mr B?’ Gordon Anglesea replied I have nothing further to say!!

I can tell you readers of the blog, after listening to the evidence from Mr A & Mr B, where they both broke down in court, as well as hurling abuse at Anglesea in the dock it was very emotional listening to both men although they were 14-year-old boys when this happened.

I became quite friendly during the 6-week trial with a 92 year old lady who was in the public gallery and her husband who was 96, both were in good health and looked really well; after talking with the lady she asked my what was my interest in the trial & where was I from? I told her I was from Conwy & remained silent about my interest, she went on to tell me she was from Colwyn Bay & that she had been a magistrate for over 30 years when she was younger, she had sent boys to Bryn Estyn from the court and when she phoned Bryn Estyn & spoke to the deputy, she identified herself as the magistrate and asked could she go to the home to see how the boys are getting on, she was told they were not there today, they’re out doing sporting activities and she was always put off from visiting. Later on, she started hearing these stories of what had been going on there, she was in the court to see justice for the victims. Take it from me, she was deeply saddened and upset & felt guilty for having sent boys to that home.

I also met a retired headmaster from Wrexham who was listening to the trial and said he had taught Anglesea’s children, he went on to say that Anglesea was a horrible man. I met a licensee who owned a pub in Llangollen, he too said that Gordon Anglesea was a horror and got his pub closed for having late night drinks. All this was going on & he was abusing children.

I can tell you nobody in that public gallery had a good word to say about that paedophile Gordon Anglesea.

One of the boys who went to the attendance centre described how he with his friend used to go to a well-known hotel in Wrexham doing the markets, helping a man named Arthur who’d have a stall on the market, would go back to the hotel, Arthur would book a room and his friend would go into the room where he would get paid to have sex with Arthur. The first young boy would have nothing to do with these activities, he gave evidence in court, saying Gordon Anglesea would go into the room to see Arthur, this lad saw a CID officer in Wrexham town centre & reported these strange activities concerning Anglesea and the hotel room.

The lad who reported it thought no more of it. One day he had gone to the shop to buy some cigarettes for his mum and the fella that was in the shop who was about to serve him, said to the young lad ‘I’ve been warned about you & to keep an eye on you as you allegedly do a bit of shoplifting’. So the young lad picked up a wad of sweets, threw them at the shopkeeper & ran out, on his way out he picked up a pack of bubble gum to the value of less than £2.

Later that day, the young boy was arrested and taken to Wrexham police station, where he was kept in the cells overnight, much to his surprise, guess who came to his cell………..the paedophile Anglesea!!

The young lad told Anglesea to f*** off. This is what he told the jury, the young boy eventually went before the courts and was remanded to Risley remand centre for stealing £2 of bubble gum; in those days, there was no CPS, the superintendent used to talk to the clerk of the court. this was Anglesea’s way of paying the young boy back, because he had reported him to CID for going to the hotel where Arthur was having sex with the young lad and Anglesea was there.

Please remember there were over 12 boys who committed suicide that attended these homes in Wrexham because they were never believed by the establishment and the boys complaints went nowhere.

Let’s just have a look at some of the people that visited this home, Jimmy Saville & his brother, a number of MP’s, high ranking police officer, John Allen who was given life imprisonment and who was in a paedophile ring, also Peter Howarth the deputy at one of the homes, he was sent to prison and died in custody.

Peter Howarth

How convenient, Gordon Anglesea wanted his trial to be heard in England, it was sent to the Old Bailey in London then referred to Mold. For being the good copper that Gordon Anglesea said he was, you would have thought he would want his trial in his home town of Mold, but the Welsh jury saw right through this evil man.

Now moving back to the trial, when we were approx. half way through the trial, one day during the afternoon, the judge excused everybody from the court that was all the journalists, the national crime agency, the jury & people in the public gallery, most people were then sitting in the cafeteria & wondering what was going on. The court doors to No. 1 court room were locked, the doors to the gallery were locked and the door to where the barristers & the police come in were also locked and nobody knew why, it had been adjourned, I remember looking at my watch, it was 3.20 in the afternoon & was going to leave the court until the next day, just before 2 G4 security came through into the café, they walked straight over to me and said could I accompany them as the judge wished to see me in court no.1.

We walked over to the court, they unlocked the doors, the journalists & everyone else there were looking at me, wondering why I was going into the court. Once in here, the judge told me to take a seat in the witness box, there was just his honour Judge Geraint Walters, Elinor Laws QC the prosecution Barrister, Gordon Anglesea’s Barrister Tania Griffiths and Anglesea was in the dock. The judge asked me ‘have you been using your mobile phone or sent any texts from the gallery?’ I replied ‘No your honour’ & went in my pocket to get my mobile phone out and said ‘I swear on the bible I have not used my phone and asked would he like to check it? I also said I’m on a contract and all my calls & texts could be traced’.

The judge was very polite and said ‘No, no I don’t need to check your phone’, he also asked me did I know any of the witnesses, I replied no, he then said take a seat in the back of the court, he said I’m going to call your wife in now or it could be your girlfriend, I told him it’s neither your honour, the young lady your seeing me with is studying law in university, that girl was called in and asked the same questions and everything was fine.

Once we left the court, the trial restarted & I would like to say one thing, when I was in the witness box, I looked across to the dock and saw the paedophile sitting behind the glass, it was priceless to see his face, knowing he was sitting there on trial I mentioned this incident to my solicitor, he said that wouldn’t happen in any court in Britain, it would have been Anglesea’s Barrister Tania Griffiths complaining to the judge about my blog & probably trying to get a retrial, nothing was put on the blog during the trial and they know that.

Out of all the people in the public gallery I was sat there quiet with a girl who’s studying law and the judge decides to bring me into court, how strange!!

Elinor Laws QC for the prosecution was a very good Barrister & elegant when she cross examined the PE instructor from the attendance centre, in his evidence he remembers taking the boys to the gym, but he doesn’t remember any showers being in the building, but them young boys tried their best to remember all that time ago, where the showers were and drew diagrams of the layout.

Another copper who gave evidence for Anglesea, signed a 5-page statement to the National Crime Agency, when cross examined by Miss Laws, his statement was wrong, he said he didn’t write it, they wrote it & he just signed it. How pathetic, he had been a copper for over 25 years, him & the PE teacher, both trying to stick up for Anglesea.

Anglesea was awarded £375,000 for the libel case, this should be taken off him & given to his victims.

When the paedophile was found guilty, why was he allowed to leave through the back doors and given bail until the 4th of November?

This man is a danger to the public.

Judge John Rogers QC remanded me in custody for a victimless crime & no complainee; yet Anglesea can walk around free, we can only hope & pray he gets a lengthy prison term.