Witch-hunt part 17

Definition: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

Look what the major crime unit left in the safe!

As I told you a couple of posts back, The Mob arrested me on suspicion of money laundering and at this time, The Mob took a safe from the bedroom at 6 Cwrt Llewelyn, Conwy. I mean to be fair, if anybody is arrested on suspicion of money laundering, you would confiscate a safe and be extremely keen to see what is inside of it.


Just to jog your memories, the day of the arrest was 10th of October 2008 after my solicitor and my MP Mrs Betty Williams, who had both written to the then chief constable Richard Brunstrom asking for mine and my family’s property to be returned, The Mob eventually started to return some of the property 7 months later, may I remind you again readers of the blog, this was the major crime unit in St Asaph, investigating this case with an extra 60 officers drafted in to help, what a complete waste of tax payers money.

Now let’s look at one of the major crime unit’s mistakes, please don’t laugh because it’s not funny. I’d been asking for the safe to be returned for 7 months, when I got a call from one of The Mob from the major crime unit asking me to call at St Asaph police station to pick up some of my belongings, I attended St Asaph and signed for them, including the safe, a member of The Mob gave me a piece of paper with a new code on it for the safe, as they had had Alexander Locksmiths of Colwyn Bay to open the safe on their behalf while members of The Mob were present, when the safe was opened and it was empty.

I subsequently collected some of my belongings and returned home, at this time I was still on 47/3 bail for this alleged offence, on returning home I checked the property that had been returned to me and I opened the safe using the new key-code The Mob had given to me and inside the safe was an invoice from Alexander Locksmiths Ltd made out to The Mob to the sum of £20.

In October when I was arrested, why didn’t they just ask me for the code? I have nothing to hide, of course when I opened the safe, there was nothing in it, the point I’m making here is on the 10th October 2008 I was arrested for money laundering and the safe was confiscated, The Mob didn’t try to open the safe in order to check its contents until the 8th May 2009 as per Alexander Locksmiths official invoice.

For 7 months, my safe was left in the major crime unit in St Asaph, unopened and unchecked, taking into account I had been arrested on suspicion of money laundering and yet they couldn’t be bothered opening it sooner, it was only opened and returned after many letters from my solicitor & MP, asking for it to be returned.

Finally, North Wales Police, your accounts should be short by £20 for that year as I have got your receipt here, if your accountants still need it after 8 years, I still have it here or did you pay Alexander Locksmiths from your own petty cash tin, so you didn’t have to pay tax on it? You would think for an alleged offence of money laundering the first place you would look would be in the safe, yet it took North Wales Police 7 months to do this, what a joke!

2016-01-05 20.01.21

I went to Alexander Locksmith and spoke to the proprietor Tim and he confirmed when The Mob had been to him and when he gave the invoice to PC Liston.

The witch-hunt continues…