“It Will All Come Out In The Wash’’

Coming soon, a shocking true story regarding Carol Ann Hughes the ‘Black Widow’ and two of her daughters who witnessed the sham marriage; Carol herself has four daughters to three different fathers but this is not the children’s fault.

You will read in this story how evil these girls have been we will tell you:

  • who has previous convictions for shoplifting?
  • which one stole over £5000 from a garage?
  • which one stole from her employers at Conwy Golf Club?
  • Which one stole money from a local fish and chip shop (Archways)?
  • which one drove round in a vehicle without a driving licence?
  • which one has committed benefit fraud?
  • which one is not declaring her full income when working for cash in hand?
  • will let you know which one has been selling the gunpowder aka cocaine

The mother Carol has robbed my wife, sister-in-law and brothers in law of nearly a quarter of a million pounds; what she has taken from my wife’s family will all be itemised.

The sham marriage has been reported to the police the event number and officer’s name will be given in the full story.

I told my wife, and her family don’t expect much help from North Wales Police; the police have looked at it twice now and I will show you their findings, there have been a couple of officers who have been disciplined over this case.

You will see documentation I have, and you will see text messages from Stacey Hughes aka Fish Lips asking the family not to come and see their Dad as he was very poorly and wasn’t up to any visits whilst the secret wedding went ahead.

You will also hear what Gary Hughes thought of them all and what names he called them; he only had a nice word to say about one of them.

Readers of the blog please reserve judgement until you’ve read the full story and viewed the evidence yourself.

You will also read and see a video of a Conwy grandmother being arrested for threats to commit arson all on the say so of Joanne Pope’s statement and four others without a shred of evidence.

Unfortunately, some of the lads who have had affairs with some of these girls you will be named… from a schoolteacher to a policeman, a drug dealer and a builder I know some of you lads will be upset with me for naming you, but I warned you what these girls were like.

You will also see a video of a sexual nature regarding one of their family she seems to enjoy being in front of the camera (my lawyer is looking at this to see if it can be shown).

I can imagine Fish Lips and Carol having hysterics today when they read this blog, they’ll be straight on the phone to the police playing the victim like they always do, well the truth hurts.

I will give you some free advice, Inspector Ian Verburg told all police officers in North Wales not to look at this blog but none of them listen, they all read it and they pretend they don’t, so should you complain ask them to show you a letter from Superintendent John Hanson a letter dated to myself 10th February 2015 when I made complaints about somebody putting false information on the internet, Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 Section 1 Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and many more, they said there is nothing we can do Michael and these were lies… what I’m printing Fish Lips is the truth!

999 emergency only

101 non emergency

and kindly take advice from a solicitor if you think about bringing a civil claim.

Please see the video below of a lovely, polite young lady called Faye who went to London for a bank holiday weekend and came back talking like this… she was born and bred in Wales!


G3M doing her Baywatch run on the beach


Gemma Collins makes me laugh, got no shame!

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