A Female PC from Wales Asked a Colleague “Do you want to have an affair with a fatter ugly older woman who swears like a c**t and farts like a trooper”?

The picture below is of Sgt 1762 Kimberley Owen from North Wales Police, she was one of the officers who gave evidence in Llangefni County Court, when I brought a claim against the Chief Constable and half a dozen officers, this story will be told in due course and you will be shown all receipts and costings that come out of the public’s purse.

The money spent was unbelievable, all because North Wales Police couldn’t get their own way; you will also hear how Kimberley Owen didn’t tell the truth in court and lied under oath.

Kimberley when I tell this story, remember the bricklayer who used to work for me and you were knocking him off, at that time you were living in Craig y Don, I couldn’t stop laughing when he told me of your secrets in the bedroom. This story is not to be missed, please Kim, now you know I’m going to tell my side of the story, don’t go on the sick and pretend you’re stressed with the job, deal with it.

Please read the link below of Britain’s rudest female police officer who was sacked for farting on duty and asking a colleague if he wanted an affair with a fatter, ugly, older woman and calling a driver a c**t when she arrested him, she also asked a female colleague if she had any cream for thrush.


Please read link below about PC Richard Williams who used correction fluid to forge doctors’ medical notes, swindling Scotland Yard out of up to £80,000 in sick pay, how convenient that he never went to jail; he was in court Monday 13th of January 2020. Don Kenyon, Jason Davenport you colluded with the CPS to get myself and other people convicted for mortgage fraud and got a lady sent to prison for a victimless crime and owing nobody any money, you really are vile.