Gary Lloyd, I Never Told The Jury The Real Truth About My Background, I’m A Liar

Gary Lloyd originally from Llandudno Junction, as you know he was a prosecution witness at my trial at Mold Crown Court in 2010, he was DC 2312 Don Kenyon and 2179 Jason Davenport’s star witness. Can I make it quite clear he did not give evidence against me, I asked my barrister Peter Davies QC to cross-examine him about his bad character, Peter Davies said that’s not for me to do, that’s for Chris Stables Anita’s barrister to do, that’s why Chris Stables is on the Wall of Shame.

Don Kenyon and Davenport worked on a mission along with some senior officers from North Wales Police to get me convicted by hook or by crook, any charge would do; this was a personal vendetta by North Wales Police. Lloyd gave evidence against Anita and The Mob desperately needed Anita convicted so they could go after her for a proceeds of crime order and they used Lloyd to do this.

The Mob checked my tax affairs with my accountant to confirm with my accountant that Anita was as partner in a business I had and Anita’s tax affairs were all up to date with that business, Anita also worked for Dave McLean’s builders, they checked her payslips and how much she had received they too were spot on, Anita also worked for Brian Craven they did the same here, checking how much she was paid, again that was fine. Finally, The Mob contacted Gary Lloyd where Anita had worked at one of his shops in Colwyn Bay with Paul Horan, date approximately 1998. Lloyd told The Mob Anita had never worked for him, please read his statements which he made on 12/11/2008.



Myself and Anita were surprised that he said this; what it boils down to is when I transferred a property into Anita’s name which was legitimate, at the time Anita said she was working for Lloyd which she was, the mortgage she had was for approximately £54,500 which later on me and Anita cleared the mortgage with legitimate funds, which left Anita mortgage free; but because Lloyd said Anita hadn’t worked for him the police were saying we lied in a mortgage application to get the mortgage.

No lies were told, what had happened was Lloyd didn’t want to be responsible for the tax due on Anita’s earnings as he is a tax evader and the police were happy with Lloyd saying this as he became their star witness and the police wanted their part of the deal, to settle their personal vendetta to get the Creamer’s convicted. Again, I don’t want to sound like a stuck record this was a victimless crime with no complainants, the police were just jealous and evil.

Now I’m going to show you the type of character Gary Lloyd really is and how the police knew all about his dodgy dealings, Gary Lloyd could’ve committed murder and they wouldn’t have charged him, they just wanted him to give evidence against Anita in 2010.

You would have read in Gary’s Lloyds statements when he sold me the property it wasn’t completely finished; how can you build a house without water?  Oh, good old Gary illegally tapped into next door’s water supply, you’re not prosecuting him for that Don Kenyon? And you would have also read Mr Lloyd can’t remember what estate agents it was up for sale with, it was with the Nationwide; do you remember Gary, you didn’t go through the estate agents as you didn’t want to pay the fees and you also said Anita didn’t work for you because you didn’t pay the tax on her income.

DC Don Kenyon let’s look at your witness that you called and never showed the jury his previous convictions, I am going to show you his previous just in case you have lost the paperwork Don, why wasn’t Mr Lloyds convictions in the jury bundle? Was it that you didn’t want the jury to know his bad character?

15/3/1983 Flint magistrates

Theft – fine £75

Handling – fine £100

Compensation £39

Costs £5

06/06/1983 Llandudno magistrates

Theft act 1968

Fine £40

Obtaining property by deception fine £40

12/01/2007 Caernarfon Crown Court

False accounting

False accounting

False accounting

Theft act 1968

Community order – 12 months

Unpaid work, requirement 200 hours

Costs £2,000

This is Gary Lloyd, the little rat from Llandudno Junction who everybody thinks is a lovely lad and never been in trouble.

  • Mr Lloyd’s wife was fined in Caernarfon Crown Court over £90,000 for fiddling the DSS, he let her take the blame because he’s a rat and a coward.
  • Lloyd hired out go-karts in Queensferry, he also had various shops (selling beds and furniture) in Llandudno, Colwyn Bay & Rhyl, Lloyd went bankrupt.
  • Lloyd acted as a modelling agency in Llandudno trading as Hot Shots, getting women to strip off while him and Paul Horan took photographs for their own sexual gratification. The poor women paid Lloyd cash as he promised to send the photos to a London model agency.
  • Gary Lloyd rented a house in Rhos on Sea and was claiming housing benefit whilst working.
  • Lloyd sold contraband tobacco, when caught by HM Customs he wasn’t prosecuted, how convenient for a rat.
  • In various shops Lloyd had in Colwyn Bay and Rhyl he would illegally tap into other people’s water supply and do the same with electricity.
  • While Lloyd was married he would often go back to a lady’s house by the name of Anne, who owned a lingerie shop in Rhos on Sea; Lloyd would dress up in her underwear putting on her basque, knickers and stiletto shoes.
  • Lloyd has never been faithful to any of his partners, he’s deceitful and a liar.
  • Lloyd has been a heavy cocaine user for over 30 years.
  • Lloyd a couple of years ago was bragging that he took a 68-year-old woman back to her bed and breakfast in Llanberis, where the 2 of them had wild sex while off their heads on cocaine, Lloyd was bragging he was snorting it off of her tits. You may well laugh readers of the blog, you wouldn’t if this was your grandmother.
  • Lloyd suffers from health problems, not so long ago whilst attending a wedding he collapsed and was rushed to hospital with a cocaine overdose.
  • Lloyd used to do the markets around the North Wales coast, trading standards found out he was selling counterfeit DVDs, he blamed his son and said they were his.
  • The house I purchased off Lloyd was for £54,500 if they prosecuted me and Anita for a conspiracy, it goes without saying he should have been prosecuted. Oh, I forgot North Wales Police couldn’t prosecute him, he’s a grass and their star witness.

You read Lloyd’s statements, he now decides to say something different when he gave evidence under oath, he now says Anita may have worked in the shop as I was never there, Paul Horan the registered alcoholic was the manager, he looked after the shop not me, Anita’s barrister Chris Stables asked the judge john Rogers QC could he grant an order for Horan to be summonsed to court, if Horan would have attended court and confirmed what Lloyd now says under oath, Anita’s case would have been discontinued. Stables told the judge Horan had moved to Merseyside around the Southport area, how convenient the police couldn’t find him LOL,  a registered alcoholic who was on benefits, he would have been easy to find, if the police would have wanted him as a witness in a murder case they would have soon found him.

What I find very strange is in the jury bundle they had my applications for a mortgage that I had applied for, photographs of houses I’ve owned and my tax affairs, I didn’t have a problem with any of that but what was missing from the bundle was the previous convictions for Gary Lloyd the credible witness and all his dodgy dealings he’s done in the past.

Have a look below at Lloyd’s paperwork where he’s been involved with Stephen Dickens, Lloyd owed Dickens quite a lot of money. I would first like to point out the paperwork you will read was nothing to do with me or Anita, they had already arrested Lloyd on 07/12/2005 for attempting to obtain a money transfer by deception, please look at his custody record.

No charges were brought here against Lloyd, we know why, they were building a case against me and they needed Lloyd to be the witness, again Lloyd could do anything and he wouldn’t have got prosecuted, let’s say Lloyd was right he’d done nothing wrong why didn’t he bring a claim against the chief constable for false imprisonment, he couldn’t because he was up to his neck in it.

What the jury must be thinking now reading this, seeing what Gary Lloyd is really about, I ask you again members on the jury. Please come forward, go and see a Solicitor; you the jury may be mad at reading what Gary Lloyd has been up to and feel the system has let you down, think how me and my wife feel, I’ve served 2 prison sentences totalling seven years and had to pay The Mob £350,000.

As far as Gary Lloyd their star witness is concerned, he is nothing but a benefit cheat, cocaine user and abuser, a tax evader, electricity fiddler, a Dwr Cymru fiddler, runs his vehicles on red diesel, a man who deliberately goes bankrupt when he has debt but as long as he gave evidence against Creamer he was entitled to do whatever he wanted by North Wales police.

Finally, Gary Lloyd you rat, run to the police and show them the blog and what I’ve written about you; there’s nothing they can do, it’s all the truth. Serve a writ on me Lloyd you rat for libel, oh I forgot you can’t do that either because I’m telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You are now surplus to requirements by North Wales Police, they have used you enough. You are one very lonely old man Gary, try and have a nice Christmas on your own Scrooge, just remember all the paperwork on the blog, North Wales Police sent it to my solicitor.

The next post will be on the 25/12/2017 regarding Gary John, this will be on at 6am in the morning.

Thinking of you, Michael Creamer.


Four Gary’s; One Is A Police Officer And The Other Three Are Informants. Their Stories Are Now About To Be Told…

My apologies for the delay in these posts, the posts were originally due to be posted on Christmas Day last year, a couple of days before Christmas I was sent to prison regarding the Proceeds of Crime Order; I was released in the summer this year, that’s the reason for the delay. So, it’s now the time for the public to read the real truth of what they got up to and never told the courts.

They have been living on a knife edge for over 12 months, they have been in a situation in which nobody knows what is going to happen next and it is all their own doing. Do you remember one of the police campaign logos, ‘Rat on a Rat’? Here’s 3 of the biggest rats that ever walked the Junction; Michael Gary Plumb known as Gary Sky, nobody knows him as Michael, the 2nd rat is Gary John Jones and the 3rd rat is Gary Lloyd.

These 3 rats gave evidence at 2 of my trials, the first trial at Mold Crown Court in 2010 was for mortgage fraud, where Gary Lloyd was a witness and gave evidence and I say he never told the truth, very shortly you will be able to read Garry Lloyd’s statements and various documents and you’ll be able to judge for yourselves.

The other 2 rats Gary Sky and Gary John, gave evidence in 2011 at my trial for witness intimidation, their statements and documents will be shown in due course. Llandudno Junction is a close-knit community, a lot of people are related to each other and some of these people have brothers and sisters and obviously parents, if any of you are related to these 3 rats I am not having a go at you personally.

Some of the stories may be upsetting to read and you may not agree with what I’m going to say but these 3 rats when they told lies and gave evidence against me and helped me get convicted, didn’t care about me or my family. At the time, the 3 rats probably didn’t go back to their families and tell them they had given evidence against me so I hope they don’t go running to you to say look what he’s put on the blog about me it will all be the truth.

The first Gary’s post will be Gary Lloyd and it will be shown in the next week, then Gary John super grass will be shown on Christmas Day, it will be put on at 6 o’clock in the morning of 25th of December and later on in the afternoon we will have a Christmas cracker, it’s another two people that I’ve not mentioned their names before, you will read about it Christmas Day.

Gary ‘Sky’ Plumb

Llandudno Junction rat & grass, Gary John Jones

Gary John Jones


Gary Lloyd


Gary Cooper

Any members of the public who make a statement to the police and should their case go to court, if it does you would have to swear an oath you are telling the truth, I can confirm these 3 rats wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face and I will prove this. There are a couple of other people that have made statements against me and my family who never attended court, you know who you are, I have their statements and they too will be shown. I hope you all can stand by your statements and be proud men.

Finally, many happy returns to Gary Sky, who will be 47 on Sunday 10th December, DOB 10/12/1970. You have a drink Gary on me at the weekend and good luck in keeping the Maelgwyn although it’s not in your name, yet you’re the head of PubSafe hmmm!!!

I think the net is closing in, I’m playing your song for the last time, hope you enjoy your story over Christmas, bye for now.


Wishing The 2 Gary’s A Merry Christmas

I’d like to wish Gary ‘Sky’ Plumb & Gary John a Merry Christmas.

Everything that I have written and put on this blog has been the truth, unlike a lot of people I am able to back up what I’ve said by documentation and I stand by what I have said as it is the truth.

I know a lot of you are waiting for the truth to be told about the 2 Gary’s, but as I am unable to access the documents, you’re all going to have to wait a little longer.

I know you were looking forward to reading all about Gary Sky on Christmas Day, you might still be able to so keep reading the blog, it’s not going anywhere!!!

For now, I’ll leave you with the following points to guess which Gary did the deed:

  • Which Gary urinated all over his missus?
  • Which Gary cried in the witness box and told the jury “I’m scared of that man over there” and pointed to me in the dock.
  • Which Gary when he attended Crown Court to give evidence brought his Dad with him?
  • I have a photo of one of the Gary’s on a roof working when claiming benefits, which one?
  • Which Gary is growing cannabis plants?
  • 2 of these Gary’s have an appalling record of motoring offences, which one?
  • Which Gary has been bankrupt?
  • Which Gary is a regular user of cocaine and amphetamines?

And there is one more untold story about one of the Gary’s still to be revealed, this will sicken you.


I’d like to thank you all for all the messages of support that have been sent in. I will continue to keep telling the truth about the years of harassment that my family and me have had from The Mob, like I have said before there is no slander here, it’s only ever the truth that’s been published and that sometimes the truth hurts.



Gary Lloyd, If Only The Jury Knew The Real Truth About This Liar!!

The time has now come to tell you the stories on the 3 Gary’s that gave evidence against us; there was Gary John Jones, Gary Plumb aka Sky and Gary Lloyd.

I am starting with Gary Lloyd’s story, he was a prosecution witness in mine & Anita’s trial at Mold Crown Court in 2010. This is what DC 2312 Don Kenyon and Inspector 2179 Jason Davenport kept from the jury regarding their ‘reliable’ witness.

In 1995 I bought a property from Gary Lloyd and his partner for £54,500, this property was located in Whinacres, Conwy, it was advertised with Nationwide estate agents for £70,000 and it was in need of completion. At the time, good old Gary Lloyd had a go cart track in Queensferry and had got himself into financial difficulties, ‘honest me’ Gary Lloyd deliberately went bankrupt and when I completed the transaction on the property, all the money which I gave, the £54,500 went straight to his debtors.

Please read the estate agents brochure and read the details where it says NO SERVICES, there were no drains, no water, no gas and no electric, I didn’t have a problem with that, I knew the condition of the house when I purchased it, but ask yourselves readers of the blog, how did Mr Lloyd build this house with no water? I will tell you what he did, he dug a hole into next doors garden and illegally connected into their water mains, good old honest Gary Lloyd.

The Mob said my conspiracy with the mortgage started in 1995, we now know they picked and chose who they wanted in the conspiracy, although the conspiracy was made up by The Mob, shouldn’t Gary & his partner have been included in the conspiracy as I bought the house from them? But then, Kenyon & Davenport didn’t want their informant Mr Lloyd in the conspiracy as he would later become their star witness.

After Gary Lloyd’s bankruptcy, he goes from Go Karts to beds and opens a small shop in Llandudno, to the rear of The Albert pub on Brookes Street, selling beds and furniture, he would travel to Wolverhampton, buy cheap furniture to resell at the shop, most of this business was cash in hand and no accounts were kept.

Above the shop and at the rear end of the property was a room where good old Mr Lloyd bought himself a large umbrella, he set a bed up with some lighting and this extra business was called ‘Hot Shots’, where he advertised as a photo agency.

I’m awfully sorry to have to break the news to any of you ladies that went there, where you stripped off and Mr Lloyd took photos of you for which you paid him cash, well you were all duped. He told you he was sending your photos to a modelling agency in London, but those pictures were all for Mr Lloyd’s sexual gratification.

Don Kenyon or Jason Davenport, wouldn’t have liked it if they had a daughter and she’d been to see Mr Lloyd; this shop & ‘Hot Shots’ upstairs, eventually closed, another scam.

Mr Lloyd then traveled to Colwyn Bay where he opened another bed shop, a double fronted shop at number 18 & 20 Greenfield Rd, as usual selling furniture cash in hand, no tax being paid, he didn’t pay the rates at this shop and had the lease changed into someone else’s name, he didn’t pay his water rates bill and up to his old tricks he illegally tapped into the water supply into the flat above, free water again. Eventually this shop was closed and good old Mr Lloyd was on the move again.

Gary, before he had this shop he was living with his wife in Old Colwyn, I won’t name her as what I know of her, she’s a decent lady, but did Mr Lloyd care? No, he’d bring anyone down to save himself, she claimed benefits, fiddling the DSS of over £70,000, she ended up in Caernarfon Crown Court for DSS fraud. She was made to pay the money back and was fined another £20,000 which meant she had to pay back £90,000 in total.

Gary Lloyd, the coward that he is didn’t even attend court with his own wife, Lloyd later said he had moved out of the house and was living in a caravan in the garden. Gary Lloyd’s caravan was raided by HM Customs and Excise, they found a large quantity of tobacco which they subsequently seized they also found cannabis, how convenient this informant was not prosecuted. Opposite Lloyd’s house lived a police inspector and Lloyd’s next door neighbour was the police inspector for Conwy, Inspector Chris Warner. While Gary Lloyd was living between the house and the caravan, married with children, he was in a relationship with another woman, her name was Anne and lived by the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay, she owned a lingerie shop in Rhos on Sea.

Lloyd throughout his life has been a heavy Cocaine user, often going back to Anne’s house, heavily intoxicated and under the influence of Cocaine; when at Anne’s property he regularly dressed up in Anne’s underwear, putting on her basque, knickers and stilettos & on one occasion, he had the cheek to say somebody had spiked his drink as he used to take a few friends back to Anne’s house, one can only imagine what went on there between him and his circle of friends.

Lloyd eventually left his wife and then met another woman, Lloyd opened another furniture shop/warehouse on Abergele Rd, next to Debrett Fires, but to get to the shop you had to go down an alleyway coming off Greenfield Rd, it was dark and damp, much like a dungeon, where he stored furniture; it was not a living accommodation but Lloyd not wanting to pay rent on a flat, moved into the dungeon with his new partner, so he didn’t have to pay council tax or any other bills, he turned part of the dungeon into living accommodation, creating a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & living room, with no ventilation, no windows, no fire escape, it was a potential fire hazard, up to his old tricks again, Lloyd illegally tapped into someone else’s water supply, this time he went one step further by connecting into the mains electric supply for the flats above, so getting free electric and water.

I was told by people that went to the property they were warned not to touch the hazardous electrical connection as Lloyd used to leave early in the morning, he would fill up his van and leave to go around markets selling furniture, the van was run on red diesel.

I will just remind you again readers of the blog, this was Jason Davenport and Don Kenyon’s star witness at Mold Crown Court, he sounds a real, honest and reliable witness, doesn’t he? It gets worse than this; Lloyd eventually packed up and went to live in a caravan in Llanberis, taking his partner with him, Lloyd continued doing the markets while living in his caravan, all cash in hand, no tax paid, while he was selling junk on the market he had a table selling counterfeit CD’s, when the Trading Standards officers visited his stall and questioned him over the counterfeit CD’s, the snake couldn’t even admit they were his, he told the officers they were not his that it was his young son’s stall, throwing his poor son to the wolves.

Gary Lloyd continued to have affairs behind his partners back, his partner was warned & told to dump him, he’s a waster, a liar, a cheat and cares only about himself. Last year, 2015, Lloyd had gone to a wedding with his friend, his initials are SH, he doesn’t need to be mentioned, Lloyd whilst out the night before the wedding, accidentally phoned someone off his head on drink and cocaine, not realising the person he’d accidentally rang listened and recorded his conversation, he was heard bragging that he took a 68 year old woman back to the bed and breakfast she owned somewhere by Llanberis, where he was telling SH who were both off their heads that he was snorting cocaine with this 68 year old and had wild sex with her, this recording was sadly given to his partner, it was heart-breaking for his partner to hear, she finally did the right thing and dumped him.

When Lloyd got up the next day to attend the wedding, he was unwell and collapsed, he’d taken too much cocaine, he was taken to hospital and later released, he then attended the wedding, turning up late, he didn’t drink that day and then drove straight home afterwards. I would just like to make something quite clear at this point, Lloyd did not give evidence against me in Crown Court, so my Barrister was unable to cross-examine him with regards to all this information.

I came into contact with Gary Lloyd during 1993/94, he had a shop called Beds and Bunks on 52 Abergele Rd, Colwyn Bay selling furniture etc., Lloyd gave evidence against one of my co-defendants where that person worked for Gary Lloyd at Beds & Bunks and was paid for working at the shop, obviously, Gary Lloyd never paid the tax. When Lloyd was questioned by DC Don Kenyon, Lloyd denied all knowledge that that person had worked for him, again the reason being that Lloyd hadn’t paid the tax, Lloyd also had a warehouse in Rhyl behind Barclays Bank, again selling furniture, when he went for a night out and met a couple of slappers, he would take them back and sleep with them on a bed in the showroom, when the police were doing their enquiries about the mortgage fraud in 2008/2009, Lloyd had contacted me and told me that Don Kenyon had been to see him, he denied making a statement and said he wasn’t going to court, but he turned up to court and his statement was read out & he told a pack of lies. If only the jury had known what sort of person he really was, Lloyd also has motoring convictions as long as your arm.

Will Davenport & Kenyon carry on and let Mr Lloyd carry on using cocaine and continue selling junk on the markets and not pay tax? If he carries on informing on people I suppose he’ll be left alone, we’ll wait to see the outcome.

This is where Gary Loyd is now located in Llanberis:

Finally, I would just like to tell you the readers of the blog 2 things:

One of the things I hate are people that take drugs when you’re out socialising, having a drink and moiderers come up to you with powder around their nose, their jaws swinging and constantly repeating themselves, it really irritates me and one of the things I love the most is telling people the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

Gary Sky & Gary John, your stories are next and now the real truth will be told.

I’d like to wish you a very happy Christmas Gary Lloyd, enjoy the song I’ve picked for you.



4 Gary’s, one’s a policeman, the other 3 are informants.

Would you believe that you have 4 males called Gary and they all live in the same town, Llandudno Junction, North Wales; one is a Policeman and the other 3 are police informants, they are not to be trusted.

For those of you that live locally, you will all know them, but this blog is highly viewed all over the world, so people in America and China etc don’t know where Llandudno Junction is.

The 1st Gary is PC 2167 Gary Cooper, 2nd is Gary Lloyd who had a number of different businesses, Beds & Bunks to name but one, 3rd is Gary John Jones, a labourer when he does work and finally the 4th is Gary Plumb aka Gary Sky.

The above 3 informants gave evidence against me in Crown Court, I don’t have a problem with that, providing a witness is one of good character and is an honest man, these 3 are nothing but snakes, creeps and filthy liars, they like to try and mix with everybody and think they are one of the lads; you take it from me they are far from it, they are false, back stabbers.

I’m not giving you the full story just yet. One reader of the blog who approached me, put an idea in my head, don’t put the full story out yet, do it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, like they tried to ruin your Christmas when they gave evidence against you & told lies.

What do you think of this?

  • Which Gary got his wife to claim benefits, let her get prosecuted and receive a £90,000 fine?
  • Which Gary urinated all over his missus?
  • Which Gary snorted cocaine with a 68-year-old woman and then had sex with her?
  • Which Gary is having an affair with a woman who owns a lingerie shop in Rhos on Sea?
  • Which Gary cried in the witness box and told the jury “I’m scared of that man over there” and pointed to me in the dock.
  • Which Gary when he attended Crown Court to give evidence brought his Dad with him?
  • I have a photo of one of the Gary’s on a roof working when claiming benefits, which one?
  • Which Gary is growing cannabis plants?
  • One of the Gary’s got caught by HM Custom and Excise with a large amount of contraband and a quantity of weed but never got prosecuted, I wonder why?
  • 2 of these Gary’s have an appalling record of motoring offences.
  • Which Gary has been bankrupt?
  • Which Gary won’t pay his water rates and on many occasions has tapped into someone else’s water supply?
  • 2 of the Gary’s that I know are regular users of cocaine and amphetamine!
  • Which Gary is constantly avoiding the taxman, setting up bogus businesses?
  • 2 of the Gary’s live in the same street.
  • DC 2313 Don Kenyon says Gary you’re surplice to requirements now.
  • DC 2513 Rob Jones says Gary you’re surplice to requirements now.

Gary Plumb aka Sky is running the Maelgwyn Pub and in his spare time doing satellite TV’s and is also head of PubSafe (PubSafe is good if it’s run properly but not when Gary’s got customers snorting cocaine in his pub and he’s hiding behind the police), he constantly has police attending his pub, passing information on, you can’t blame PC Gary Cooper for this, as he is a copper and they are all trained to get information.

These 3 Gary’s that gave evidence against me, fooling the jury to believe they were of GOOD CHARACTER, but The Mob desperately wanted these to give evidence against me to get me convicted and The Mob turning a blind eye to their previous and what they had done, all to suit The Mob.

The Mob got their conviction and they have now dropped you 3 Gary’s like hot potatoes. It’s now my turn to name and shame you.

No good running to the police now boys, because all you will get told is, if Creamer is making slanderous remarks, it’s a civil dispute, but like I have said before, there is no slander here, it’s all the truth that’s being published.

My final point on this is a very serious matter that has been reported to The Mob regarding Gary Sky, I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, as I wouldn’t want to compromise The Mob’s investigation. Should The Mob charge Gary, this will come out in the public domain and if they don’t charge him, I will tell you what he’s done on Christmas Day

Gary Sky, I hope you do the right thing and resign from PubSafe before you get pushed as you’re not fit to run it, as you know what you have done, as they say, you can run but you can’t hide. You have the authority of barring people, putting them on the Micky Mouse PubSafe, telling people they are no longer barred then 2 days later saying they are still on PubSafe.

I have waited for a long time to publish this post; I have had to bide my time due to some legal issues, a full report on the 3 Gary’s will be given on Christmas Day.

I’m one step ahead of you Gary, I’ve had you secretly taped reporting people to the police, I have got the DVD that was played in court, I have yours and the other Gary’s statements, which will all be produced on this blog for all to see.

Gary Sky, I have got big shoulders, but the biggest mistake you made was to bad mouth my beautiful daughter when you don’t know her.

You really must be hated Plumb, as I get constant phone calls asking me when I’m going to put the story on about Gary Sky?

Well Gary, the time has come!! Next time you’re behind the bar, pour yourself a double whisky, I’ve picked this song for you: