Complaint To Professional Standards

This is the complaint from the last post, where Michael Creamer (Jnr) was wrongfully arrested.

If a public order offence has taken place, the police would have taken statements from the people who were there and the person who was allegedly assaulted, which is common sense and yet The Mob came to our house like a bull in china shop with PC 2744 Ellis and PC 1003 Halliday arresting anybody, they obviously had no evidence and was anybody actually assaulted??

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Michael’s complaint to PSD is very vague and they won’t answer questions. Again I’ve always said this, how can the police investigate the police, they will never book their own colleagues.

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Their findings are pathetic, they still won’t admit that they arrested somebody that wasn’t in the area and had nothing to do with the case, but yet they pay compensation for false imprisonment.