Witch-hunt Part 19

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to hurt or humiliate.

MP Betty Williams not happy with the way The Mob are trying her patience.

A further letter from my MP Betty Williams to The Mob, Richard Brunstrom has now passed the information on to Richard Brough from Operations, Central Division and some of our property has now been returned.

Should us members of the public, have to go to our MP to get our property back from the police, property that wasn’t even covered under the warrant when they seized it? I have never had the money back that was stole out of my suit jacket, they can’t find that and no police officer is owning up to it.

Below is a letter from MP Betty Williams, dated 25th June 2009 & the letter she received from Superintendent Richard Brough.




Letter dated 21st September 2009 by my MP Betty Williams.


Another letter from my MP, 19th October 2009.


This is now over a year since The Mob came out to my home. Richard Brunstrom must be saying to his staff, I don’t listen to solicitor’s letters, I don’t listen to MP’s, I’m the Chief Constable and I can do what I want, I will tire these people out by delaying my response to their letters.




The North Wales Police have been liaising with the CPS & Simon Curzon since 2007, by this time the 19th October 2009, they still hadn’t come up with a charge and they told me they had evidence over a year ago when they arrested me for mortgage fraud, money laundering, stolen money and some poor girl in North Wales had been raped and yet still no charges, despite all the evidence they have ‘got’.

Readers of the blog, please just think for a minute, if Richard Brunstrom, Superintendent Simon Humphreys, Superintendent John Chapman, Don Kenyon, Jason Davenport & Nicolas Hawe were to pay for this operation out of their own money, it wouldn’t have got past first base, because there was no evidence, no complainee, no one suffered any loss, no stolen money and the police informant that hadn’t been raped. Did Richard Brunstrom and his foot soldiers care?

Did they hell!! It’s the public’s money and we are never going to be questioned and the public are fools, the public are too scared to ask where the money’s being spent.

Once again I’d like to thank Betty Williams MP for the work that she did for myself, she knew we were banging our heads against the wall with The Mob.

Prime minister, David Cameron, why are North Wales Police allowed to spend the public’s purse, without being questioned and to get away this behaviour for so long? This operation by Richard Brunstrom has cost the public millions of pounds and when I show you some of the invoices, it’s disgusting and also the way I have been targeted by The Mob, I’m not going away Prime Minister until I get answers.

Members who read the blog from around the world, this is Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of North Wales Police, taking an old 4 wheel drive out, towing a horse box so he can persecute the unsuspecting motorists, but we are going to turn the camera on him and we will be telling the public about the Police woman he made sergeant and was having an affair behind his wife’s back, her name will be revealed shortly!


The witch-hunt continues…


Witch-hunt Part 10

Helicopter for Creamer

While we were living in rented accommodation at 6 Cwrt Llewelyn, the Mob harassed and tried to bully the neighbours asking some of them if they could put cameras in their houses to keep an eye on my house, only those neighbours told me, fair play to them.

I wonder what they wanted to keep an eye on my house for because I don’t know what they were hoping to see or find.

After the restraint order was lifted, Anita was able to spend her £400,000, she paid £100,000 into Cambria Developments account which paid for the land from Conwy Council, that plot of land is where our house is built, 4 Parc Waen.

As the house was being built we decided to move from Cwrt Llewelyn as renting is dead money, so Anita bought 47 Penmaen Rd from a Mr Williams, although he’d passed away, Anita bought it from the family. It was advertised with Fletcher Poole for £130,000 but it was in need of total refurbishment, the Williams family agreed with Anita on £115,000, Anita paid cash for the house, that cash being legitimate and was purchased using the money returned from the police.


This house was only a stop gap while our new house was being built, I put new windows into 47 Penmaen Rd, a new kitchen, conservatory, new carpets and the house was decorated throughout, we stayed there approx. 18 months and then put it back on the market with Fletcher & Poole for £155,000, it was then sold to a Mr Williams, this Mr Williams was no relation to the previous Williams family we purchased from.




The Mob did not introduce this house into the conspiracy? We don’t know why.

So why did Don Kenyon send the helicopter out again to take aerial views and then go on foot to the Morfa Business Park, entering their premises to go behind the fence and take a photo of the front of the house? This was all at great expense to the tax payer.



Come on North Wales Police, what was the motive behind these photographs, this house was not included in the conspiracy, the money that paid for the house was legitimate, as I said more wasted public money, flying helicopters around my house.

This very same house, many years ago before I bought it, The Mob had spoken to Mr Williams the owner and asked him could they put cameras on the back of his property to look into the boatyard where I had 2 building containers, they wanted to watch me coming and going, fair play to Mr Williams, he told them no and told me they had been there harassing him.

I’m amazed, what did they hope to find?

Theresa May, I hope you read this blog and I hope you reduce the budget to North Wales Police, to me it looks like they are overpaid and have loads of money to waste, that money would be better spent reducing the national deficit or in support of our NHS.

Winston Roddick, look at how much money North Wales Police have wasted over the years, shouldn’t tax payers money be spent on more important things

The witch-hunt continues….


Witch-hunt part 7

Definition of Witch Hunt:

An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

Helicopter for Creamer

Carrying on from the previous post, 4 Church Street, which we paid for in cash, which was placed in a trust for my 3 children, this was done in 1997, over 18 years ago.

The trustees were Graham Parry and Nick Passey from J.W.Hughes & Co Solicitors from Conwy, all legal documents were drawn up by them in 1997 when I decided to give this property to the 3 children as an income for them when they got older.

Once I had signed this contract with the solicitors, I waivered my financial rights and had no interest in this property, my children at the time would have been 7, 5 and 3. Some years later I converted the property which was a stores into a cottage, I paid for all the works to be done myself.

Quite a few years after, Nick Passey and Graham Parry sold that property for just short of £90,000, when it was sold the monies were kept in their client account for the 3 children.

I owned another property which was 10 Penmaen Crescent, that property I had bought for just over £42,000, I had a mortgage on it in my name, sometime later, I decided to sell the property, my mortgage was with the Principality. I had spoken to Graham Parry from J. W. Hughes & Co and after lengthy discussions, Graham Parry and Nick Passey bought the house with the children’s money from their trust so that house then went in to trust for the 3 children, so my mortgage was then redeemed and the rest of the money that the solicitors were holding was agreed to be shared when my youngest child Sophia was 21, again 2 perfectly legitimate transactions.

The house that I sold, 10 Penmaen Crescent, was purchased by J.W Hughes & Co from the trust for my 3 children, but Don Kenyon and his gang seemed to think there was an illegal transaction, well there was NOT!!



What is amazing is Gary Lloyd sells us Penmon, Whinacres, the police then use him as a prosecution witness, surely if there was a conspiracy, he should have been charged?

I brought 5 Mona Rd from the council, but the police didn’t charge them with conspiracy, I bought 4 Church Street off Mr Ramicone, but the police did not charge him with conspiracy either.

J.W Hughes & Co do all the transactions, handle hundreds of thousands of pounds and have held 2 properties in a trust and don’t get charged in the conspiracy, it’s amazing!! But like I said before, there was NO conspiracy.

Simon Joel Curzon from the CPS and Don Kenyon from North Wales Police picked who they wanted to be in the conspiracy, Anita, myself and close family and friends.

This so called conspiracy was hand-picked and concocted between the CPS and the Police, all the trust documents from J.W Hughes & Co were in my affidavit and shown to the jury, at present I do not have these documents as they are with my solicitors, Tuckers in Manchester, because my children are going to sue the CPS and this claim is at present due to go before the High Court in London, for that reason I cannot disclose any more information at this time.

Please see one letter from J.W Hughes & Co in 1999 to the tax office on Colwyn Bay, see also Sale of Trust property 1, Church Street when sold.



Prime Minister David Cameron, I urge you to look at this, how can it be right that North Wales Police are allowed to steal my children’s inheritance, although there is an appeal ongoing, they should never have been allowed to add the trust in to their made up conspiracy.

The witch-hunt continues…


Witch-hunt Part 1

This blog ‘Michael Creamer Vs The Mob’ has become very popular and is being viewed all over the world. This next statement that I’m about to publish would not apply to all of my readers, but to the small minority from the town where I live Conwy, in North Wales.

I was sentenced to 4 years and 2 months prison and Anita 2 years. Some of those backstabbers from Conwy who used Nigel’7 bellies’ Roberts site, Thoughts of Oscar being the cowards you are, left comments on that poison pen blog “I wouldn’t have let my wife go to jail”, well I’ll deal with that for you now.

I don’t want to try and make you look stupid but I’ve been with Anita for over 30 years so to you clowns, do you think I just said to Judge John Rogers, send her to prison and throw away the key? Well, I’ll educate you and tell you what happened.

Because the house that we live in, 4 Parc Waen, Bangor Rd, Conwy, LL32 8EL, was built to a luxury standard, with its own gym and swimming pool and paid for in cash, legitimately, the money came from the sale of our previous homes and is completely above board, if you check with HM Land Registry; you will find 4 Parc Waen is in the name of Anita Creamer.

The Mob and the CPS lawyer Simon Curzon after lengthy discussions, conspiring with each other, knew if they were only to charge me, Michael Creamer, they couldn’t impose a proceeds of crime order, they decided they needed to bring Anita into the equation and charge her for mortgage fraud as well, that is the only possible way they The Mob and CPS could achieve a proceeds of crime against the 2 of us.

That’s how sly, dirty and low life the thieves, North Wales Police force are.

They needed the jury to return guilty pleas against myself and Anita, so they could come after us and steal our money. Some of the other defendants who pleaded guilty due to the encouragement of Judge John Rogers, only paid a £1 payment to the court and that was their order, £1, because many of them didn’t have a pot to pee in and the prosecution were not interested in these people.

So I hope I’ve answered the questions for you, not that I need to, if any one of you would like to speak with me personally my number is: 07977928434 and of course my address is as above.

During the search of my rented accommodation in Court Llewellyn (later on I will give you a list of the items that were seized on that search and what wasn’t recorded), North Wales Police, seized many items, what wasn’t on that recorded list of items was money stolen from my bedroom, everything else was returned, eventually.

I consequently made a complaint with regards to the money that was stolen and to a scratch made to my car when North Wales Police reversed it from my garage, they went on to put a sniffer dog inside my car which at that time was only a few months old, the dog was wet as a consequence of searching my garden and left wet, muddy paw prints all over my car seats. This was also reported to the police and a complaint was made.

Evidentially, I will present statements and photos on this blog later.

Going back to our trial in Mold Crown Court in 2010, I made my barrister, Peter Davis QC aware of Nigel ’7 bellies’ site, Thoughts of Oscar, the poison pen blog that was co-authored by MP for Clwyd West David Jones and now of course ex-shamed Secretary State for Wales and additionally by Dylan Moore his long term business partner at David Jones Solicitors, Trinity square, Llandudno.

During our trial in 2010, we did not know who the authors behind that poison pen blog were, but those evil men I have named, published on that blog, nasty and untrue derogative comments that most certainly would have prejudiced our trial, Peter Davis QC brought this to the attention of the Judge, with the jury excused, the Judge ordered DC Don Kenyon to speak with the authors of that poison pen blog and make sure that all horrible and untrue comments that were published about myself and Anita were removed forthwith.

DC Don Kenyon didn’t leave Mold Crown Court and did not personally speak to the authors behind that poison pen blog, he instead contacted Chef Superintendent Simon Humphreys and told him the Judge’s ordered instructions, Humphreys then phoned Inspector Ian Verburg, Ian Verburg then went around to Nigel ‘7 bellies’ shop and relayed the orders of the Judge, he was to remove all derogative posts and cease publishing comments about myself and Anita until the conclusion of our trial, Verburg then contacted DC Don Kenyon and confirmed ‘Oscar’ had been spoken to.

DC Don Kenyon came back in to court, keeping in mind that the jury were completely unaware of all this and still excused and DC Don Kenyon swore under oath that the Judge’s instructions had been carried out to the letter, but still the comments continued and many members of the public made complaints to Inspector Verburg, stating their families had been abused, libeled and bullied on that poison pen blog.

Verburg told blatant lies to each and every complainant, he said neither himself nor North Wales Police knew the identities of the authors behind the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Well you just heard it from the horse’s mouth, Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, Inspector Ian Verburg and at the very least DC Don Kenyon in November 2010, knew exactly who ‘Oscar’ was, they also lied to Conwy Council and various magistrates stating they didn’t know who ‘Oscar’ was, they have been caught out and cannot possibly despite all their lies get away with this one.

You the readers have read my complaint to Sian Beck, regarding the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar and during this last year it has been reinvestigated by the IPCC, although to be honest I don’t have much faith in them either.

Going back to our trial in 2010 after various members of The Mob had given evidence many of them decided to sit in the court room and listen to the trial I brought it to the attention of my barrister, can you instruct the Judge that these Officers have given evidence and surely they must have public duties to attend to, instead of sitting around a court room all day, drinking coffee. This was the only thing the Judge agreed with and as a consequence sent them on their way back to work, at the end of the day it’s the tax payers money they are wasting.

Members of the public, prepare yourselves for the extortionate bill of costs for this trial coming next….


The Start Of The Witch-Hunt (Re: Mortgage Fraud)

Definition of Witch Hunt: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

The Mob in October 2008, came to my home, where I was living in Court Llewellyn at the time, they turned up with a warrant and arrested myself and Anita for mortgage fraud, although at the time of arrest, neither of us had a mortgage and what mortgages we had many years before the arrest, the mortgages were all paid in full, never in default and when the mortgages were redeemed they were paid with interest.

The Mob were struggling with a charge, a man & wife cannot be charged with a conspiracy, and they couldn’t charge us both for mortgage fraud because there was no complainee and nobody suffered any loss, so there was no charge there.

Information leaked out from the CPS in Colwyn Bay, saying there were no charges to be brought against me or Anita, so what The Mob did was to go to the mortgage broker( Jones & Poole brokers) that we had used, checked all our files and looked closely at people associated with me, people that had worked for me, people that had bought houses from me, so The Mob with the CPS lawyer, Simon Curzon from Cardiff looked together and came up with a conspiracy to defraud mortgages, eventually 17 people were arrested in 2008 and we were all placed on police 47/3 bail until the 1st of December 2009, when we were all charged with conspiracy to defraud mortgages by misrepresentations, biggest load of rubbish and lies I have ever seen, where The Mob and the CPS lawyers had plenty of time to make up the charges.

I said it back then and I say it now, me & Anita are not guilty of these offences, I did not conspire with any of the other people involved and some I didn’t even know and had never seen them before, I will keep protesting my innocence, if I was guilty I would hold my hands up, I will keep fighting this until I get justice.

This case began in October 2008 and took until October 2010 before it went to trial, all 17 defendants pleaded not guilty, with a full court house of 17 Barristers as well as 17 Solicitors (I will give you a breakdown of their costs later on), 12 members of the jury, the Judge, 2 prosecution Barristers and quite a few members of The Mob from St Asaph, surely what I’m going to tell you next can’t be right, His Honour Judge John Rogers QC, did not want this to go to trial because of the costs and the length of time the trial would take, the jury could have been sitting for well over 6 months, People should not be pressurized by a judge to change their pleas to save going to prison.

So before the jury were sworn in they would never have known about this, the Judge in open court, says to the 17 defendants, if you were to plead guilty now, I will make sure you don’t go to prison, but that doesn’t apply to Michael & Anita Creamer, so many of the defendants changed their pleas to guilty and the Judge threw 3 of the defendants cases out.

Those people who pleaded guilty did not conspire with me or Anita and never have, they took the deal from the Judge to save going to prison by this time now the prosecution were over the first hurdle when this deal was done, they told the jury a lot of the other defendants have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy, meaning that we were guilty as well, as I have stated already, we were not guilty. So eventually left in the dock were myself, Anita, Michael Spencer & Ian Pattinson, who pleaded not guilty because we were not guilty, after a 7 week trial, Ian Pattinson was acquitted, Michael Spencer was found not guilty of one of the conspiracies, myself & Anita were found guilty.

A lot of friends and family keep asking when’s the mortgage fraud going to be on this blog, there are so many photographs and paperwork to show you, I don’t want to bore you too much, so I’m going to break it down over the next few weeks, publishing a little bit each day.

The witch-hunt continues..


CPS Top Lawyer Jailed….!!

DC 2313 Don Kenyon, Insp 2179 Jason Davenport and DC 1359 Nicholas Hawe said ‘that the big bosses have said leave no stone unturned’ after the CPS in Colwyn Bay said that there was no charge to answer so they went to see Simon Curzon a CPS lawyer in Cardiff, to see if they could charge Michael Creamer for Mortgage Fraud even if there is no complainee and nobody suffered any loss.

Yet Simon Curzon’s boss Sarfaz Ibrahim, top CPS Lawyer is jailed …..click here to see why!

Bent CPS

Sarfraz Ibrahim


Bent Lawyers & Cops

DC 2313 Don Kenyon was told by the CPS in Colwyn Bay that there was no charge to bring against Michael Creamer for mortgage fraud.

So The Mob went to the complex case unit in Cardiff to speak with Simon Joel Curzon and the chief prosecutor Sarfraz Ibrahim to see if there was a case of mortgage fraud, eventually Simon Curzon came up with a conspiracy despite there being no complainee and nobody suffered any loss.

DC 2313 Don Kenyon was commended by the judge at the end of the trial and he along with Inspector 2179 Jason Davenport & DC 1359 Nicholas Hawe were promoted, the prosecuting Barrister Wyn Lloyd Jones earned £125,000 + VAT, so whilst there was no loss suffered the 4 individuals named above did very well out of the decision to prosecute!!

Have a look at the link below to read what happened to the Chief Prosecutor in Cardiff, Sarfraz Ibrahim.



You will read about the decision to prosecute me for mortgage fraud later on this blog.