The Start Of The Witch-Hunt (Re: Mortgage Fraud)

Definition of Witch Hunt: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

The Mob in October 2008, came to my home, where I was living in Court Llewellyn at the time, they turned up with a warrant and arrested myself and Anita for mortgage fraud, although at the time of arrest, neither of us had a mortgage and what mortgages we had many years before the arrest, the mortgages were all paid in full, never in default and when the mortgages were redeemed they were paid with interest.

The Mob were struggling with a charge, a man & wife cannot be charged with a conspiracy, and they couldn’t charge us both for mortgage fraud because there was no complainee and nobody suffered any loss, so there was no charge there.

Information leaked out from the CPS in Colwyn Bay, saying there were no charges to be brought against me or Anita, so what The Mob did was to go to the mortgage broker( Jones & Poole brokers) that we had used, checked all our files and looked closely at people associated with me, people that had worked for me, people that had bought houses from me, so The Mob with the CPS lawyer, Simon Curzon from Cardiff looked together and came up with a conspiracy to defraud mortgages, eventually 17 people were arrested in 2008 and we were all placed on police 47/3 bail until the 1st of December 2009, when we were all charged with conspiracy to defraud mortgages by misrepresentations, biggest load of rubbish and lies I have ever seen, where The Mob and the CPS lawyers had plenty of time to make up the charges.

I said it back then and I say it now, me & Anita are not guilty of these offences, I did not conspire with any of the other people involved and some I didn’t even know and had never seen them before, I will keep protesting my innocence, if I was guilty I would hold my hands up, I will keep fighting this until I get justice.

This case began in October 2008 and took until October 2010 before it went to trial, all 17 defendants pleaded not guilty, with a full court house of 17 Barristers as well as 17 Solicitors (I will give you a breakdown of their costs later on), 12 members of the jury, the Judge, 2 prosecution Barristers and quite a few members of The Mob from St Asaph, surely what I’m going to tell you next can’t be right, His Honour Judge John Rogers QC, did not want this to go to trial because of the costs and the length of time the trial would take, the jury could have been sitting for well over 6 months, People should not be pressurized by a judge to change their pleas to save going to prison.

So before the jury were sworn in they would never have known about this, the Judge in open court, says to the 17 defendants, if you were to plead guilty now, I will make sure you don’t go to prison, but that doesn’t apply to Michael & Anita Creamer, so many of the defendants changed their pleas to guilty and the Judge threw 3 of the defendants cases out.

Those people who pleaded guilty did not conspire with me or Anita and never have, they took the deal from the Judge to save going to prison by this time now the prosecution were over the first hurdle when this deal was done, they told the jury a lot of the other defendants have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy, meaning that we were guilty as well, as I have stated already, we were not guilty. So eventually left in the dock were myself, Anita, Michael Spencer & Ian Pattinson, who pleaded not guilty because we were not guilty, after a 7 week trial, Ian Pattinson was acquitted, Michael Spencer was found not guilty of one of the conspiracies, myself & Anita were found guilty.

A lot of friends and family keep asking when’s the mortgage fraud going to be on this blog, there are so many photographs and paperwork to show you, I don’t want to bore you too much, so I’m going to break it down over the next few weeks, publishing a little bit each day.

The witch-hunt continues..


14 thoughts on “The Start Of The Witch-Hunt (Re: Mortgage Fraud)

  1. Its sounds like a kangaroo court took place at mold crown court on the day in question. From Simon curzon the corrupt cps lawyer who himself ended up in jail.the judge john Rogers, who retired after the case. David Jones the disgraced m.p who back then ran north Wales Police force. To fat nigel roberts who was the feeder of not only himself but also the thoughts of Oscar site.collusion at highest level from all above. All paid for by the taxpayer, I know you don’tlike tax fiddlers David Cameron so can you come down hard on north Wales Police as they like to waste millions of taxpayers money.

  2. The witch hunt from north Wales Police. I am ashamed and embarrassed to know what the police get up too. Surely know one can defend Conwy police.

  3. its called a “posse” they placed on you , if my memory serves me right it was placed on you back in late 2006. The “posse” then start to look at all the people around you, picking them off one by one …….

  4. I have evidence that “mortgage fraud” WAS and HAS BEEN commited by one SGT Carroll 489 yet the despite numerous attempts the police and the bank simply refuse to investigate.

  5. Well done nicola you are a breath of fresh air with all this information you have. Sgt carroll the crook eh. One rule for the mob, and one rule for the taxpayer. Keep up the fantastic work nicola.

  6. Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL. Tel: 07977928434
    Nicola, thank you very much for your time and showing me all your documentation that you have on your ex partner who is a member of the mob. Really enjoyed reading all the information, I will call and see you soon. Try not to say too much about him yet as I don’t want to spoil any investigation that may arise out of my complaint. Once again thank you.

  7. fair play to you nicola having the bottle to come forward, your ex pc carroll will be having nightmares knowing that your talking to mr creamer. i would love to know what you and mr creamer have discussed, hope it will be good news that comes out, steam must be coming out of carrolls ears, hope he doesnt make himself ill with it. i was talking to a friend in the pub at the weekend and he was telling me, carroll was obsessed with Thoughts of Oscar, how the tables have turned yippeee!!!!!!

    1. it seems pc/sgt carroll was obsessed with a lot of things. And the truth has a habit of coming out in the end, no matter how many layers of shit you try and cover it up with.
      as for me talking to Michael Creamer, being the recipient of a demonic obsessed being, Mr Creamer and I both have a lot in common. And for that, I can only sympathise. Because it is no fun.

  8. Unconfirmed reports obsessive pc carroll has asked his fat mate nigel bellend Roberts to get him a room at the priory. The priory wont entertain him as he is beyond help. I wonder if obsessed carroll will ever get his pension?? What do you think carroll. Don’t get paranoid pc carroll who would of thought your ex the lovely nicola would end up being mates with mr creamer sharing all your dirt ha ha carroll. If there are any wives or girlfriends out there who have been bullied mistreated received a left hook from there overbearing partners cops, then contact mr creamer. Thanks again nicola for your information on dirt bag carroll, you are a legend girl.

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