Threats To Kill The Police

At Mold Crown Court today Craig Michael Hughes, who threatened to kill the Police in a Raoul Moat and Dale Cregan style attack, Judge Nicolas Parry QC jailed Mr Hughes for 12 months.

As you know, you only do 6 months and if he receives his tag he’ll be out in 3 months, not bad for his mitigation, saying he was drunk and threatening to kill Police and no proceeds of crime. Surely this sentence is no deterrent!

Readers that view this blog, the next post that I will be publishing will be my trial at Mold Crown Court, get ready for an exciting read, aerial photos taken from the Police Helicopter, corruption from the highest level and how North Wales Police made the conspiracy with the CPS and Simon Curzon from Cardiff.

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1 thought on “Threats To Kill The Police

  1. What makes young men want to kill or make threats to the police. Is it because the police make it personal towards them??? Or do we live in a society were the public have lost all faith with the police.

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