Will Constable 2489 Anja MacLeod Be Sacked This Time??

Two dog beating cops should have been sacked after they were caught on camera abusing their pets; it was heard in court that PC Craig McLeod and his partner Anja Mason (now Mrs Anja MacLeod) who at the time lived in The Meadows, Prestatyn, were banned from looking after any animals for 5 years, many hours of distressing footage came to light of them abusing their pets, the footage was on TV and YouTube but has since been removed.

The dog beaters were ordered to carry out community service and pay hefty court costs, there was outrage by the public as to why Anja McLeod kept her job with North Wales Police despite her having a criminal record. Anne Owen founder of North Clwyd Animal Rescue near Hollywell said, “I didn’t think their punishment was severe enough they deserve to lose their jobs and I would back any campaign to support that”.

When police officers commit criminal offences, they never get a POCA, you would think the government would bring a new law in where they shouldn’t get paid whilst they’re suspended and if found guilty their pensions should be taken off them.

Constable 2489 Anja McLeod is now facing another allegation that whilst on duty on the 26th of May 2022, she requested a period off from her duties via her line manager which was agreed on the understanding that she would record the absence on the appropriate force system.

PC MacLeod left her place of duty to attend an appointment at a veterinary clinic whilst off duty; she used a police vehicle without authority to carry out the journey and subsequently failed to record the period of absence. It is alleged that PC McLeod has breached the standards of professional behaviour relating to honesty and integrity, duties, responsibilities, and discreditable conduct. The allegations above have been assessed by the appropriate authority as amounting to Gross Misconduct.

A police misconduct hearing for PC Anja McLeod will be held today 28th of June 2023 at Police Headquarters Colwyn Bay.



Police Officers Don’t Tell Lies!!

The following has been posted on behalf of the family of Kelly Edgar:

Michael Cloherty,

The family of Kelly Edgar who you KILLED, need closure and until they do, this will NOT go away.
I need you to come clean with supposedly LOSING PNB 240161 which you told HHJ Holloway you did when he ordered it for his court.
Remember this below Mike ?
You will be 60 on 19th July, Kelly would have been 41 and a mum by now maybe !!!!!
Remember FALSIFYING your PNB257612 ?
Remember HHJ Holloway telling you in Liverpool Crown Court “Mr Cloherty, I do not believe a word you say’ ?
Remember changing your testimony in Preston Crown Court when the CPS charged you with Perjury, Misfeasance & Perverting Course of Justice ?
Remember telling Judge Holloway you ‘completed PNB 257612 in Wallasey before you left’ & then CHANGING that testimony before Mr Justice Goss in Preston Crown Court and getting your wife Marie to cover for you saying she saw you in kitchen filling it out ?
The IOPC are now onto you for Killing Kelly with the below Blue unmarked Police car new evidence and these documents will not be lost this time !!
Can anyone reading this really believe he was driving at 30mph as he has said so in his recent revealed Police interview transcript ?
The Doctors in the Hospital treating Kelly with her fractured skull did not believe this was 30mph.
Do the Merseyside Public trust Mr Rotherham Mayor having you in his team ?

False Statement by Michael Cloherty




I’m A Celebrity Matt Hancock F**ked, Nowhere To Hide!

Please watch this video of smart arse Matt Hancock when a friend of mine questions him on the train  and he has nowhere to hide.

Mr Hancock served as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care from July 2018 to June 2021, he was so good at answering the prepared questions for the BBC and then trying to win the public over on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

Readers of the blog, please don’t forget what he did during lockdown, he’s a liar and a cheat!!


Honest and Loving Husband…All He Ever Wanted From North Wales Police Was Justice

Please read this harrowing story below about Mr David Service, his family and how they were so badly let down by the corrupt North Wales Police. This is a disgrace to the force, hang your heads in shame!!



Ex Superintendent Simon Humphreys




Just before Christmas, a former police officer has been carpeted for recording a raunchy video of herself in the police station for her partner. PC Claire Ogden 40, filmed herself whilst pleasuring herself while on duty and wearing her police uniform.
A misconduct panel heard the footage came to light after her mobile was seized by her bosses who suspected she’d been accessing confidential data from the police computer and sharing it with her colleague as a joke. A misconduct hearing was told three personal videos were discovered on the device but the ex-officer only accepted that one was sexual.

When she was confronted her excuse was that she was probably on her lunch break and the footage had been shared with her partner during one of the covid lockdowns. She told the panel: “I went downstairs, in the office to use the bathroom, it was an ill judgement spur of the moment decision, I was caught in the moment. I don’t think I’ve experienced  embarrassment and shame like it, I just wish I had not done it, I will regret this for the rest of my life”.

I only hope after her ordeal she washed her hands before she opened her lunch box to eat her sandwiches of course.

Barrister Mark Ley Morgan opened the case on behalf of Cleveland police said the former PC OGDEN shot the videos after clocking on for a shift at Redcar police station. They said there are three videos, one is accepted of her performing a sex act upon herself. There are two others she is saying are not sexual. She accepts on her part that, globally, this allegation amounts to gross misconduct and one of the images is definitely sexualised. She says “I’m not accepting, I was on duty, I
might have been on my lunch break, in my submission, that is wrong”.

When officers come on duty, they are on duty for the entirety of their shift, they are not working at ASDA where you get an hour off for lunch. They are there for the entirety of their shift and they are paid for the entire shift. She is in uniform, she is in a police station, any member of the public is going to take a dim view of a police officer who engages in that sort of sexual behaviour and recording it while on duty at the police station.

Checks on PC Ogden’s personal mobile revealed 72 images of computer screens, evidence bags and crime scenes. She told her bosses she recorded these on her personal device because the battery on her work phone was flat. She also admitted she had shared a number of shots of police computer screens with a colleague as a joke. Data protection officers later assessed 34 of the images were in the most serious red category, meaning the individuals involved including a registered sex offender were easily identifiable and could be seriously harmed if the images fell into the wrong hands.

The ex-cop was interviewed about ten specimen pictures, and in half the cases she said she has shared the images because she thought it was funny. One was two images of a registered sex offender, one a normal face shot and the other of them wearing a wig which she thought was a tiny bit funny.

She also shared an imagine of a moon pig card containing a vengeful rhyme sent from a jilted partner to the ex’s new partner which she found hilarious, the Panel heard. Other images related to incidents in which someone had called her a “dick” at work and to her amusement, had been mistaken for a male officer during a callout. Sensitive data also appeared in images she shared about her busy work schedule, and details of suspects in robbery, kidnap and sex cases.

The former PC said she shared the images by WhatsApp which was encrypted, but that did not stop the recipient sharing them with anyone else. She insisted the images never went outside the police family, adding “I’m not telling you who the person was, because it’s a police officer and that police officer I want to protect”. Mr. Ley Morgan said the only reason she protected another officer that the colleague was duty bound to report her for what she had done.

I, myself Michael Creamer, would like to know what was done with her police uniform after she was fired from the force. Has the uniform been destroyed or has it been washed and passed onto someone else? I could only imagine what she’s used her hand cuffs for and what would have happened to her truncheon before she resigned, that would’ve been used down a few dark alleys and let’s hope she hasn’t assaulted anybody else with it.

The prime minister has assured our country he will recruit another 20,000 police officers but obviously they are still not doing thorough checks.

Please read the link below:



On my honor, I will never betray my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of my community, and the agency I serve.

Duggan obviously didn’t take any notice of the oath he swore!

A North Wales Police Sergeant 2840, Gareth Duggan, 38 avoided jail.

The sexual predator admitted sexual assaulting two female colleagues at a work Christmas party. He grabbed one officer’s arse, Duggan has fingers like bananas, he also put his hand under the dress of another as they were celebrating a festive season at a nightclub in Chester.

Despite a reputation as a rumoured sexual predator, the two victims were accused of making up the allegations to get promotion, when they reported the incident.

Duggan’s solicitor told the court he was suffering from PTSD as a result of his time as an officer and a prison sentence would impact his family including his wife Claire. What a load of BULL**IT any excuse now to avoid jail.

Duggan & his wife Claire

The courts often side with the police. The double chinned fat faced officer received a 32 week suspended sentence and 200 hours of unpaid work after admitting two counts of sexual assaults at Warrington Magistrate Court last week, just before Christmas.

He also had to pay the two victims £1000  compensation each. He’s been a North Wales cop for over 15 years.

You have to question what else has he done, who has he locked up and who has he been a witness against in court.

A Welsh cop been tried in an English court what a joke, why wasn’t the case heard in Llandudno magistrates or Mold?

Maybe to save the force embarrassment.

In a statement one of the female officers, was a detective who deals with rape victims. She said: “when he put his arms around me, I was shocked, but when he touched me in that way I was disgusted”.

He put his arm around one of the women then touched her backside, she said she could feel his fingers through her clothes, and through her underwear. She kicked his ankle with her foot to get him to stop. On the second victim he had his hand around her waist and put his face to her neck and made kissing noises, he put his hand between her legs and under her dress and touched her vagina over clothing. The court was told he made the 2 female officers extremely upset. There were already rumours in the North Wales force that Gareth Duggan was a predator and had previously assaulted someone before.


Police misconduct hearing 5th January 2023

Misconduct hearing will be held at police headquarters Colwyn Bay commencing at 12noon on 5th January 2023. PC 2040 Duggan will be facing the following allegation:

On the 15th November 2022 Gareth Duggan attended Warrington court where he pleaded guilty to 2 offences of intentionally touching a woman aged 16 or over and that the touching was sexual when she did not consent. He did not reasonably believe that she was consenting which is contrary to sec.3 of the sexual offence act 2003.

It is alleged that Duggan has breached the standard of professional behaviour relating to discreditable conduct. All matters are considered to be of a gross misconduct.

I guarantee you the bad cop probably won’t turn up as he would get the sack, he probably would resign this week and wouldn’t want to embarrass himself.

Any members of the public who have arranged to go to the hearing, don’t bother going because he will not be there.

My blood is boiling with these coppers who keep getting into trouble and don’t have to pay a proceeds of crime order.

Their pensions need taking off them and in some cases, it should be given to the victims. Duggan has got all the hallmarks of what a predator looks like: overweight, bold head, fat faced, wears glasses, wears a mac, and hides behind the veil of his job. Remember North Wales Police were told about his previous behaviour.

Met police officer charged two counts of rape

Please read the link below regarding PC Rupert Edwards



A paedophile former police officer Lee Ashcroft hid his ugly face in shame as he walked free from court after sentencing. Judge Gary Woodhall said: “you are of previous positive good character”.

Ashcroft admitted making indecent images shortly before he was due to stand trial, the dirty pig began crying in the dock as he was handed a 10-month imprisonment suspended for two years. Didn’t the Judge remind Ashcroft that he betrayed the trust imposed on him as a police officer and he would have taken an oath to uphold the law and to protect and serve?

All judges in England and Wales must’ve spent many years studying the law and yet time and time again they let our communities down by not enforcing correctly and fairly the law. Drug dealers go straight to jail and receive proceeds of crime order. People who commit fraud also receive a custodial sentence and receive proceeds of crime order. It really baffles me. Children don’t ask to be abused but are damaged for life, and yet paedophiles rarely go to jail and never receive proceeds of crime order. Our British law drastically needs changing.

Please read the link below:



Helen Kane was found guilty of misconduct in a public office following a trial last month and has now been banned from driving for two years. She was three times over the legal drink drive limit and has a previous conviction which was for driving with excess alcohol.

But, as we know, police officers can always rely on the courts to avoid jail as this drunken policewoman was given a six-month suspended sentence, even though the courts know that police officers are in a position of trust.

Their behaviour is disgraceful. The prime minister has assured our country he will recruit a further 20k officers.

As I’ve stated in a previous post, these need vetting. Personally, I think with all these corrupt officers, he’d be better off funding our NHS which is at breaking point.

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In Chester Crown Court, this week, PC Claire Ford illegally disclosed details from police computers to a businessman. The bad bitch passed information to James Ashbrook who wanted revenge after a break in.

PC Claire Ford made sure she told the court she had been honoured for her bravery by former Prime Minister David Cameron in 2013 when she ran into a burning building to save occupants, I thought that’s what she joined the police for, to protect and serve! But she also got her own way in court. Yes, wait for it…eight months in prison suspended for 18 months!

Please see video below of PC 5336 CLAIRE FORD abusing her powers as an off-duty police officer removing hunt saboteurs off the land.

I bet the disgraced PC Ford’s dad would be ashamed of her now and he would be turning into his grave.

See picture of Claire on her horse on a fox hunt below.

Please read the link below:


A message from Santa to all the naughty offenders on this blog, you all know who you are!!!!!