5 Conwy Men Are Helping Police With Their Enquiries Into Historic Sex Crimes!!!!!

You will read below an email that I have sent to Inspector Kelly Isaacs of North Wales Police; this email to the Inspector highlights my concerns about the fact that there are 5 men at large in our community who have been questioned recently by The Mob for historic sex offences against a minor.

As I’ve said in the email, some of these men are in and out of homes in our community as part of their work, should this be allowed?

Please read the response from Inspector Isaacs:

You will have seen in the news this week about the sad case of Sarah Everard from South London, who was kidnapped and murdered after walking home from a friend’s house; a serving Metropolitan police officer has been charged with the crimes.


There’s also been many reports locally of women being flashed at and being followed when out at night alone by a man dressed in black. Some readers might be thinking that we need women to be able to protect themselves or they shouldn’t be going out alone; what we need is for North Wales Police to get men like this off the streets and inform our community of the possible threats posed by these 5 men.

Readers of the blog I am happy to accept your comments but will not be publishing any comments that name the men who have been questioned by the police, they are innocent until proven guilty.

This is not the Thoughts of Oscar blog run by Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP, which was protected by North Wales Police and by the Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys; that blog prejudiced trials and this blog doesn’t operate like that so the 5 men’s names won’t be published.


Overweight Sergeant Assaulted Boy 16, and Left Him Naked in a Cell

Sergeant Matthew Myers, 49, was given a community order to do 200 hours of unpaid work for assaulting a 16-year-old boy who was in police custody in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Matthew Myers the overweight cop, made the young boy strip naked the Independent Office for Police Conduct said during the incident on 4th of January 2020; the boy who was in care and did not speak English as a first language was left naked until a detention officer came into the cell to assist him.

DC 2313 Don Kenyon, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, remember what you told me, “We are police officers, we have good jobs and don’t tell lies”; that was after I told him his force is corrupt, meaning North Wales Police.

Please read the link below:



Cop Tells Woman “People Like You Are Killing People”

Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission. The use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19, if COVID-19 is spreading in your community you can stay safe by taking some simple precautions such as physical distancing, you may wear a mask, keep rooms well ventilated, avoid crowds, wash your hands and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue.

If you wear a mask make sure it covers both your nose, mouth and chin; when you take your mask off store it in a clean plastic bag please don’t throw it on the floor outside a shop.

The police officer in Aldi tells the young lady “people like you are killing people”, he has more chance of catching COVID-19 than the young lady he’s issuing a ticket to. A research team was able to access and analyse deceased patient’s medical history including whether they had underlying conditions they found that 73% of people who died of COVID-19 were male with a median age of 65 years with underlying chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.


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Please watch video below of 4 cops that are overweight, one looks over 50 and none of them wearing masks.

Law makers shouldn’t be law breakers!!!

BAD COP!!!! Welsh Policewoman, 24, Pi**ed Crashes Car into a House

Police Constable Tasia Stephens is facing the sack after allegedly breaching lockdown rules to attend a family party then driving home pi**ed while over the legal limit and crashing her car.

The 24-year-old South Wales Police officer was off duty when she crashed her car into a house on a Saturday night in April last year during the first lockdown. The UK was under strict rules to stay at home in April, with those in Wales banned from meeting indoors or outdoors with people from other households.

Tasia Stephens thought the rules didn’t apply to her, she was following in the footsteps of Dominic Cummings.

And the 2 Llandudno cops 1892 Mark Rhodes & 2965 Martin Taylor who blocked a cycle path in Deganwy with a police vehicle whilst out checking a car park for people breaking COVID-19 restrictions.

Law makers shouldn’t be law breakers!!!

Please read the link below:



2 Cops Block the Cycle Path in Deganwy

On Sunday 17th January I rode along the cycle path from Conwy over to West Shore, going around the Orme then returning back towards Conwy. I was coming through the car park in West Shore where I saw a heavily built police officer known to me as PC1892 Mark Rhodes who was issuing a ticket to somebody sitting in a car, I’m sure it was COVID-19 related. Rhodes was wearing a mask and PC 2965 Martin Taylor was sitting in the police van at the top of the car park.

I carried on past them heading towards home when the same vehicle, with the same two officers passed me as I was pedalling up the hill adjacent to Llandudno hospital. When I came on to Deganwy Rd, just coming in to Deganwy there is a car park on the right-hand side leading down to the beach. The same police vehicle (reg CX66 BHD) time approximately 11:15am was parked up obstructing the cycle path and the view of any traffic to anyone leaving the car park. The two cheeky officers had got out, gone down to the car park to see if there was anyone down there breaching COVID-19 rules and yet they have committed an offence themselves.

There were other people along the cycle path who also said what a stupid place to park, the police were also making it difficult for anyone pushing a wheelchair or pram to get past, I waited for a bit as I wanted to give these two officers advice about their poor parking, but no one came so I went on my way.

On Thursday 21st of January I called 101 at 9:15am and reported the poor parking, as usual the call handler went straight to the police’ defence saying he may have been on a job, I explained you were not there I was, I got an event number which was Z009525 and a Sergeant did call me back his name was Mike Malone, he asked would I send him the pictures, I asked for his mobile number he said “I haven’t got one as I’m working from home”; they don’t seem to like giving out their telephone numbers anymore, all police officers are issued with mobile phones so I emailed the photos to him instead.

I called 101 on Saturday the 23rd January to ask why no one had been in touch, the lady I spoke to said we have not received the photos I told her they have been sent from my end and I have the time and date, she was quite abrupt on the phone refusing to give me her name or the duty Sergeants name, she eventually gave me her number of 93899 so I asked to speak to her supervisor. Gareth eventually called me back and said he would give her a word of advice as she should have given me her Sergeants name and number and her first name.

Eventually Sergeant 2538 Jones called me on Sunday the 24th, he had read the full facts of my complaints and said both officers are off for a week now so I can’t speak to them just yet, but I will speak to them when they come back, then I’ll call you; he did ask me what I would like as the outcome, I said we will see what they have to say when you have spoken to them.

2538 Jones called me back after he had spoken to the officers and PSD (Professional Standards Department), he said he had given them words of advice about their parking and to be more mindful in future, what is annoying is other people get tickets for parking like this.

I also told the Sergeant that it had been brought to my attention that 1892 Rhodes whilst doing shift work when on nights he was sleeping in the police van at Llandudno police station; again, this is the public’s money being wasted, he should be serving the public and doing his night shift and not sleeping on the job.

Finally, because the police tried to say they didn’t receive my emails, I sent DC 2313 Don Kenyon the photos from my phone for him to forward to PSD.

Mark Rhodes should know better not to block the cycle path as he is familiar with the area as he only lives in Llanrhos.


Identity Theft and N.W. Police Won’t do F**k all!!!

A criminal gang have stolen a male’s name, address, date of birth and used these details to obtain car insurance on various vehicles, they have also given false bank details using somebody else’s sort code and account number.

North Wales Police have been contacted and the call handler from 101 advised the caller that “we don’t deal with fraud we are too busy, call Action Fraud”; I can tell you that Action Fraud have been contacted over half a dozen times and a reference number has been given each time.

Please see the letters sent to the person who’s identity was stolen, their identity has been protected by covering up their name and address and replacing it with North Wales Police’s instead:

Action Fraud was set up five years ago, none of its staff are police officers or solicitors, this body was set up to take the pressure off the police, what an absolute joke and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Action Fraud told the caller the details will be sent to the relevant department, all these details were passed on over six months ago and yet they have heard nothing.

This is a criminal gang that will be committing various crimes, they have stolen somebody’s ID, somebody’s bank details, they are parking the vehicles anywhere they like, receiving parking tickets and have been caught in various places around the UK committing speeding offences.

We can tell you that one of the registration plates is registered to a HGV, probably used for fly tipping, these vehicles could be couriering drugs around the UK, no doubt with many other criminal offences being committed and North Wales Police, won’t act.

As regular readers of this blog will know DC 2313 Don Kenyon and 2179 Jason Davenport are two greedy men who love money and will only act where they believe they can recover a proceeds of crime act ie; if you have committed mortgage fraud with no complainee and was a victimless crime.

Readers of the blog, be careful not to have an accident involving these people as none of the cars are legally insured, should somebody be tragically killed by one of these vehicles the drivers will get out and run, you’ve been warned.

The only time North Wales Police will act is if the Chief constable or any other senior officer’s families be killed or injured by one of these vehicles, they will soon take action, let’s just hope for the public’s safety this never happens.

Below are a few vehicle registrations to look out for, there are a lot more, far too many to list so I can’t show all the photos but what I can tell you is that they have all been reported to action fraud.

Account Number: 38262254 Sort Code: 23-05-80

Account Number: 24047031 Sort Code: 23-69-72

Account Number: 40717577 Sort Code: 60-83-70

Account Number: 12248689 Sort Code: 40-20-23

Account Number: 90080020 Sort Code: 20-50-46

Account Number: 53945182 Sort Code: 04-00-75

Account Number: 86788762 Sort Code: 77-91-22

Stay safe and drive safe as you won’t get paid out by their insurance as it doesn’t exist.



Police Officer Goes Shopping Whilst on Duty

On Wednesday the 30th of December 2020, I took my wife shopping to Mostyn Champneys retail park. Whilst I was sat in my vehicle waiting for my wife, a marked police vehicle, a BMW X5 drove in and parked in the car park by Wilko.

The officer got out of the vehicle, took his fluorescent coat off and put his own jacket on and then walked over towards Argos and joined the queue which was for click and collect. Whilst waiting in the queue, he puts his face mask on, waited his turn then collected his goods and then left going back to his vehicle, he changed coats then drove off; the time of this incident was 3:33 pm.

On Thursday the 31st of December 2020 at 11:05am, I called 101 and made a complaint regarding this officer shopping for his own personal use whilst on duty. The male I spoke to went quickly to his defence and said it could have been a police matter, I explained to him it wasn’t. I didn’t tell him I had taken photographs I asked the call handler to record my complaint and could he give me a reference, he gave me one #Y190038. I also explained to the call handler it’s not for you to investigate or to jump to conclusions, that’s up to his Sergeant.

On the 3rd of January 2021, Sergeant Hayroyal called my mobile, she said that she was from the firearms unit in Cheshire and she was dealing with my complaint. I gave her all the background details, told her I had photos and I asked Sergeant Hayroyal “did you give the officer permission to go shopping whilst on duty?”, she said “no I never” but said we do long hours, and he would have been on a long shift and she said she wouldn’t have minded him going shopping!

I explained to her he is a public servant; he gets paid for his long shifts and the public don’t pay for his fuel to go personal shopping. Towards the end of the conversation, I asked Sgt Hayroyal why hasn’t this complaint gone to PSD, why has it come to you in Cheshire? She then said I will pass it on to the officer’s sergeant, the call was ended. To be fair she was well spoken and polite.

I received a further call on Tuesday 5th January from Sergeant Jason Diamond of the Road Policing Unit who was the officer’s Sergeant from St Asaph.

He told me he’d had the details passed to him from Sgt Hayroyal I asked Jason who gave this police officer permission to do his personal shopping whist on duty? Jason replied I did. So, the officer phones you up and asked could he go shopping in a police vehicle? Again, he replied “Yes”.

I told him I don’t believe that, you’re covering for him. He went onto say, he could have done a long shift and worked long hours. I again explained to him like I explained to Sgt Hayroyal, you get paid for your long shift.

I then said what would you think of this, all NHS staff do long shifts and have worked very hard through the pandemic, could you imagine a nurse after completing a 12-hour shift saying to their supervisor “is it ok if I just use the ambulance to go buy some lingerie for myself from the shop, I won’t be long I’ll be back in 10 minutes?” I told the Sergeant, its not acceptable is it.

He was lost for words, but he went on to say 50% of the public would agree with you and think what the officer has done is wrong and the other 50% wouldn’t be bothered about him going shopping.

I asked the Sergeant, can he give me the officers name and number, he refused to give it to me and said you’ve got my name and that is enough. I feel complaints are supposed to be dealt with professionally and not by trying to fob me off over the phone.

I then went on to say to Jason Diamond I don’t even agree with PSD (Professional Standards Department), I mean the police investigating the police.

Your comments are welcome.

The officer who went shopping will be bouncing when he reads this, he’ll probably be sitting outside my house 24/7 hoping to catch me for drink driving, something I don’t do.

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