Policewoman Didn’t Know Her Husband Was an Albanian Drug Lord

A dirty cop lived a lavish lifestyle with flash cars and high-end clothing while allegedly turning a blind eye to her husband’s drug dealing, Rasvinder Agalliu was booted out of the force after her claims that she was unaware of her husband Julian’s criminal activities were rejected.

But the comical Crown Prosecution Service found there was not enough evidence to prosecute her, so all charges were dropped which means for the bad cop there will be no proceeds of crime order for her. The dirty cop claimed at her misconduct hearing that Julian earned between £1000 and £4000 pounds a week working as a private chef for footballers, she even said he was paid cash so therefore did not have to pay income tax!

Where did the police find her from and more to the point who vetted her?



Getting more police on our streets is an absolute priority and our recruitment campaign for 20,000 new officers is now underway, the Prime Minister has made it clear from day one and said, “I will give the police the resources they need, and I am delivering on that commitment they have full support and together we will cut crime get criminals off the streets and keep people safe”.

What is really frightening is if these new police officers are not vetted properly, they could be putting 20,000 criminals policing our streets!

Please watch an excellent video below where MP Lee Anderson talks about Albanian migrants, some are now staying in the Hilton Hotel in Dolgarrog, North Wales, one Albanian drug lord married a policewoman as stated above.


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