Will Constable 2489 Anja MacLeod Be Sacked This Time??

Two dog beating cops should have been sacked after they were caught on camera abusing their pets; it was heard in court that PC Craig McLeod and his partner Anja Mason (now Mrs Anja MacLeod) who at the time lived in The Meadows, Prestatyn, were banned from looking after any animals for 5 years, many hours of distressing footage came to light of them abusing their pets, the footage was on TV and YouTube but has since been removed.

The dog beaters were ordered to carry out community service and pay hefty court costs, there was outrage by the public as to why Anja McLeod kept her job with North Wales Police despite her having a criminal record. Anne Owen founder of North Clwyd Animal Rescue near Hollywell said, “I didn’t think their punishment was severe enough they deserve to lose their jobs and I would back any campaign to support that”.

When police officers commit criminal offences, they never get a POCA, you would think the government would bring a new law in where they shouldn’t get paid whilst they’re suspended and if found guilty their pensions should be taken off them.

Constable 2489 Anja McLeod is now facing another allegation that whilst on duty on the 26th of May 2022, she requested a period off from her duties via her line manager which was agreed on the understanding that she would record the absence on the appropriate force system.

PC MacLeod left her place of duty to attend an appointment at a veterinary clinic whilst off duty; she used a police vehicle without authority to carry out the journey and subsequently failed to record the period of absence. It is alleged that PC McLeod has breached the standards of professional behaviour relating to honesty and integrity, duties, responsibilities, and discreditable conduct. The allegations above have been assessed by the appropriate authority as amounting to Gross Misconduct.

A police misconduct hearing for PC Anja McLeod will be held today 28th of June 2023 at Police Headquarters Colwyn Bay.



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