The Mob’s Atrocious Driving!!!

Please take a look at the video:

Bad Driving

What’s your opinion on this disgraceful driving? This manner of driving can only be one of five things:

1 Was the officer driving whilst using his mobile (texting or making a phone call)?

2 Was the driver over tired after a long shift?

3 Had a joyrider pinched the police car, as you wouldn’t expect a police officer to drive like this?

4 Was he getting a blow j** from the passenger?

5 Was the driver intoxicated?

What we can confirm is that PC Neil Bebbington wasn’t driving this car, he’s just been done for drink-driving and we know it wasn’t PC Dave Parminter as he also got banned for drink-driving.

Here is the registration of the vehicle BX14 EHU, you would like to think that this driver is prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.

Maybe John Hanson from Professional Standards would pass the video onto the CPS.

Your comments are welcome.


North Wales ex-cop found hanged, faced charges of sex abuse of girl aged 12

Robert Jones Welch a retired member of The Mob, once served at Llandudno and was a former police traffic officer based at Caernarvon. Jones Welch was found hanged near his home, after facing being charged over allegations of sexual abuse on a young girl. The young girl was only 12 when the abuse was said to have started, in this case the girl will never get justice as Jones Welch killed himself which is so sad for the victim and the family.

Jones Welch’s wife was also a copper Carys Jones Welch. What is quite alarming in this case, is the police tell members of the public to be vigilant in cases like this and obviously with terrorist attacks, in this case you have a man and wife who were both police officers and yet the wife has no idea of what’s going on. You must ask yourself because he took his own life, he escapes a proceeds of crime? He still has a full police pension, don’t you think readers of the blog, his police pension should have been given to his victim? I’m sure his wife wouldn’t have been that cheeky to take his pension.

It goes without saying, we need law and order and good honest police men and women to police our streets and protect the public and there are some good police officers that serve our communities 365 days a year and do a fantastic job, you only have to look at what happened recently in Manchester and London and how quick they responded but in North Wales the records speak for themselves, corruption.

North Wales police officers stealing money, they stole mine I produced a set of accounts to Superintendent John Hanson at HQ when my solicitor was present, John Hanson wouldn’t look at the accounts or the paperwork, so I made a complaint to Professional Standards regarding this matter. Superintendent Andy Jenks Gilbert took the complaint and a full investigation was carried out and it was proved John Hanson did not investigate properly, how convenient, Jenks Gilbert retired quite quickly and who took over his job? Superintendent John Hanson.

Karen Dixon from the CPS wouldn’t have been informed of my money that went missing, The Mob would keep that away from her. This is separate money from the £350,000 they have just stolen from me for the trumped-up charge of mortgage fraud, Superintendent John Chapman, you know about this money that went missing and when I called your office you refused to speak to me.

I’m not going away Mr Chapman I want my money if I have to call to your house on a peaceful protest I will, as John Hanson has done his best to brush my complaint under the carpet that went to Professional Standards because Andy Jenks Gilbert knows the real truth about my money.

Gordon Anglesey retired Superintendent abused boys, Ian James Clarke raped a woman, Martyn Parmley was sacked for going on the police computer not for policing purposes, Andy Gill sacked for going on the police national computer not for policing purposes, PC David Gardner arrested a male & while this person was locked up he went and had sex with the man’s partner, another Llandudno police officer PC Gary Donnelly was jailed for 18 months for sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl.

PC James Cleverly Evans was jailed for 28 months for down loading indecent images of children, PC Wyn Morris a former member of The Mob was jailed for 4 1/2 years for sexually abusing a young girl.

PC Dave Parminter bullied and assaulted children in Conwy, PC Steve Carroll another lunatic with the helicopter, his story will be told in due course. Inspector Paul Joyce the Iceland bag man, Inspector Ian Verburg “I don’t know who Thoughts of Oscar is, I just want my pension because I’m moving to Fuerteventura soon to get away from all this shit, I must have looked a right plonker Michael because I sent memos to all police stations in North Wales telling all the officers not to look on your blog Michael Creamer versus The Mob” but everybody in the country is looking at it, they are coming down in the middle of the night just to check their names are not appearing on it, they are embarrassed for their children and grandchildren to see how corrupt they have been. Ian, your first wife who is a serving police officer, who lives in Anglesey she loves the site!!

DC Don Kenyon along with Jason Davenport and Nicholas Hawe, have wasted thousands of pounds on the police helicopter flying over properties I owned taking photos for a victimless crime, the helicopter cost £1000 per hour and The Mob say the helicopter is only called to emergencies.

The ex-chief constable the mad mullah Richard Brunstom, ordered Don Kenyon to send the helicopter up as part of Operation Pylon. The mad mullah, whilst a serving officer kissed a woman in Bangor, who is just a normal member of the public, next thing you know she’s a copper and then became a police sergeant very fast…carrying on behind his wife’s back, hmmm!!!

Don’t worry her name will be revealed later on, along with a few other bobbies who thought they were having secret affairs behind their wife’s back, I know who they are and I’m going to name them.

You think you can abuse your powers and stitch people up like you have done to me and my family.

Al the above as mentioned are North Wales police officers, the corruption is unbelievable we can only hope and pray that the new young police officers they are recruiting are honest and will be good police offices to serve our communities in North Wales.

It really is frightening to think how many of the above mentioned, bent officers are sex pests and have given evidence in our courts in Wales and help get people convicted, this has got to stop, one day it could be you or one of your daughters or sons who could be fitted up by The Mob.

Then we have “who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies” Superintendent Simon Humphreys, he was told ‘quick Simon clear your desk if this complaint sticks you will lose your pension’, his desk was cleared and he was gone through the night. This was the copper that protected the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar and prejudiced my trial at Mold Crown Court, The Mob knew they had done that and they had all told lies to protect themselves. The blog Thoughts of Oscar was run by 7 Bellies Nigel Roberts, the ex-secretary state for Wales David Jones MP and Dylan Moore, it was protected by Simon Humphreys and co.

Please remember readers of the blog, these evil, vile people libeled people and people have committed suicide. Conwy Council were pulling their hair out and the police kept on lying to the public and the council saying they don’t know who it is they were all in bed together, nobody knew who the authors were and yet some little boy who was born in Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool on the  9th of September 1964, name Michael Creamer, he took the police on and wouldn’t take no for an answer and got that poison pen blog closed down by himself, there were people that helped him and gave him information, I have thanked you, but once again thanks for your help. The Mob by now, knew they had been caught out and were trying to cover their tracks and the officers who were involved were panicking thinking they were going to lose their pensions and some officers were moved round.

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but I had caught them all out, they are liars, thieves, rapists and I don’t know how they can sleep straight in bed at night. Have you noticed not one of them lot and there are some very powerful people here have served a writ on me for slander, none of them can because I’m telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you know if I had slandered one of them they still wouldn’t do it because it’s civil and they would have to pay out of their own pockets, the Chief Constable Brunstom, the mad mullah, he’s the one who couldn’t even pay for his car tax!

But once again I’m telling the truth, what The Mob are very good at is spending the taxpayer’s money, they love criminal cases because it doesn’t come out of their pockets, remember all those helicopters Don Kenyon and Steve Carroll sent up, all for a victimless crime.

When you get your wages on Friday, check your deductions and think of them helicopter rides you paid for and everything else you’ve paid for the police to spend on.

David Jones ex Secretary State for Wales was sacked by David Cameron then sacked by Theresa May, he fiddled over £80,000 in expenses and was the author of the Thoughts of Oscar blog and to this day has still not been prosecuted and has not received a proceeds of crime and neither have any of the officers that committed crimes.

Shortly I will be writing to Her Majesty the Queen and to the Prime Minister, asking why North Wales police are employing so many paedophiles etc and saying not one of them has had a proceeds of crime order.

Finally read below, former top cop, Steve Curtis, Assistant Chief Constable of North Wales threatened somebody at the gun club, saying ‘I will kill you’ but has selective memory, as he can’t recall saying this at the tribunal but he remembers using the C word, also another former senior officer Gary Ashton was suspended from the same gun club.

What do you think readers of the blog, do you think this lot sound like bullies or am I just imagining it?

Thank you for your comments and emails etc I know a lot of people keep stopping me in the street asking when Gary John and Gary Sky are going to be on here, all I can say is it’s coming and I will give you a date very soon.


PC 1352 Dave Parminter involved in a road rage

I have told you on this blog before that this man’s name will keep popping up, as he’s been up to all kinds over the years; you’ve read on a previous post all about his ex-wife Hanne Tolg Parminter, who resigned from the fire service at Conwy amid an investigation into her alleged involvement in writing for far-right websites.

Parminter and his ex-wife have been protected by their state employers, they are as bad as each other.

PC Parminter

Emily Tolg Parminter (the daughter) was involved in an incident last year, when she was caught driving without insurance; her father Dave Parminter allowed her to drive his BMW when she was only a learner driver, not displaying L plates and no insurance, how convenient that she was let off with a warning.

Parminter himself was involved in a road rage incident where he ran over a man’s foot and broke it, he got off with that aswell, it’s disgraceful. I’ve told you before when he used to be a bobby in Conwy, he gave a few kids a slap, he got his name sprayed all over the council offices in Bodlondeb, he went to the Magistrates courts, told them he needs a warrant to search my property, that warrant was negative, all of this is on previous posts.

You also heard of him calling a code red and getting a number of police vehicles to attend Conwy Square and have me arrested for a public order offence, where I pleaded not guilty. The little garden gnome Parminter never turned up for court and I was found not guilty, he thought he could do what he liked; eventually The Mob saw through him and got rid of him.

Not so long ago he was speeding in his BMW, going through Mochdre like a lunatic, where PC 1425 Andy Collis was on duty and drove after him, pulled him over, PC Collis could smell alcohol on him, breathalysed him and as you all know it was a positive reading, Parminter tried to worm out of it with PC Collis, but Collis reported back to his bosses that Parminter’s driving was atrocious going through Mochdre and he couldn’t turn a blind eye to it, he was put before the courts and banned for drink driving, that’s him, his wife & his daughter all up to no good.

David Parminter

It’s frightening to think about how many people he stitched up when he was a copper, he did it to me and he would have done it to one of your sons or daughters and finally he is a friend of Nigel ‘7 bellies’ Roberts one of the authors of Thoughts of Oscar, I have to keep mentioning the blog and 7 Bellies because the police told the public lies, saying they didn’t know who was the author of the blog, when they knew exactly who it was and they used that poison pen blog to get people convicted.

There will be more to come on Parminter and his family.

The next post you will read in the next few days is concerning a police officer who was secretly recorded bad mouthing me and you will see he’s committed fraud himself.

Superintendent John Chapman, I am still waiting patiently, can you try and sort my money out.


PC 1425 Andy Collis, clerical error!!

A few weeks ago my son was driving through Llandudno Junction and he pulled over into the parking bay outside the florist, on the side street was PC 1425 Andy Collis waiting for prey, sitting in his unmarked vehicle.

He saw my son pull over and he had his mobile phone in his hand, now at this point you’d think he’d show some good old policing, discretion or common sense to advise my son about having a mobile phone in his hand.

Not Andy Collis, he said I’m booking you, although my son said to him ‘check my phone, I haven’t used it’.

Collis replied, I know you haven’t used the phone, but you wouldn’t have your phone in your hand on a driving test.

Question to the readers: What happens to people seen by The Mob, if they are smoking or eating a sandwich etc whilst driving??

Anyway, my son accepted the fixed penalty notice.

A few weeks later I received a letter to our house from NWP in the name of Mr E*** S******* M******* asking him to go on a course for using a mobile phone when driving, I phoned the Transactional Unit, spoke to a lady by the name of Gemma Roberts, I explained that my son got stopped a few weeks ago, I gave her his details, which she located on her computer.

AndyCollis2  Collis2


I asked her how have I received this letter for a man that lives in Wrexham, Gemma apologised and said Mr M********’s letter must have been put in your envelope, apology accepted.

It’s ok for us to accept an apology, why wouldn’t PC 1425 Andy Collis give my son a warning for holding his phone in his hand??


PC 1425 Andy Collis, Latest Within The Last 24 Hours

Myself, Anita and my nephew Christian had been to Llandudno and were travelling home just after 1:30am this morning (21/06/2015) in my son’s Mercedes convertible and if anybody knows this car then Andy Collis knows it, because he’s already done a PNC on the plate and knows its registered to my son.

So he decides to pull the car over, blue flashing lights on and comes to the vehicle, said it’s a routine stop at 1:30 am, asks Anita to provide a breath sample, which she did and it was obviously negative.

My nephew was sat in the back of the car and videoed it from his mobile phone , when PC 1425 Andy Collis finished, he handed Anita the tube back and said you keep that it’s got your DNA on it.

I would like to advise any motorist who gets breathalyzed to make sure you get your tube from The Mob, because you don’t know where your DNA could end up.

This blog has been showing in a chronological order the years of targeted harassment that I have suffered, these posts have been added today to show the readers that this harassment against my family & I is still ongoing.