PC 1425 Andy Collis, clerical error!!

A few weeks ago my son was driving through Llandudno Junction and he pulled over into the parking bay outside the florist, on the side street was PC 1425 Andy Collis waiting for prey, sitting in his unmarked vehicle.

He saw my son pull over and he had his mobile phone in his hand, now at this point you’d think he’d show some good old policing, discretion or common sense to advise my son about having a mobile phone in his hand.

Not Andy Collis, he said I’m booking you, although my son said to him ‘check my phone, I haven’t used it’.

Collis replied, I know you haven’t used the phone, but you wouldn’t have your phone in your hand on a driving test.

Question to the readers: What happens to people seen by The Mob, if they are smoking or eating a sandwich etc whilst driving??

Anyway, my son accepted the fixed penalty notice.

A few weeks later I received a letter to our house from NWP in the name of Mr E*** S******* M******* asking him to go on a course for using a mobile phone when driving, I phoned the Transactional Unit, spoke to a lady by the name of Gemma Roberts, I explained that my son got stopped a few weeks ago, I gave her his details, which she located on her computer.

AndyCollis2  Collis2


I asked her how have I received this letter for a man that lives in Wrexham, Gemma apologised and said Mr M********’s letter must have been put in your envelope, apology accepted.

It’s ok for us to accept an apology, why wouldn’t PC 1425 Andy Collis give my son a warning for holding his phone in his hand??


PC 1425 Andy Collis, Latest Within The Last 24 Hours

Myself, Anita and my nephew Christian had been to Llandudno and were travelling home just after 1:30am this morning (21/06/2015) in my son’s Mercedes convertible and if anybody knows this car then Andy Collis knows it, because he’s already done a PNC on the plate and knows its registered to my son.

So he decides to pull the car over, blue flashing lights on and comes to the vehicle, said it’s a routine stop at 1:30 am, asks Anita to provide a breath sample, which she did and it was obviously negative.

My nephew was sat in the back of the car and videoed it from his mobile phone , when PC 1425 Andy Collis finished, he handed Anita the tube back and said you keep that it’s got your DNA on it.

I would like to advise any motorist who gets breathalyzed to make sure you get your tube from The Mob, because you don’t know where your DNA could end up.

This blog has been showing in a chronological order the years of targeted harassment that I have suffered, these posts have been added today to show the readers that this harassment against my family & I is still ongoing.


4 thoughts on “PC 1425 Andy Collis, clerical error!!

  1. PC Andy Collis, Collar number 1425, I must remember that information and hope that everyone else does too. I don’t suppose at the time of the stop Anita was committing any moving traffic offence? Time you got a few more cameras in your car, I have 5 in mine, non of which are obvious to the naked eye. Between them they capture absolutely everything!

  2. Michael I have spoken to many of your friends, long term friends and short term friends. they find this site interesting, truthful and accurate. all of your friends are frightened to leave a comment as they are in fear for their lives as they don’t trust north wales police aka the mob. let me remind people, the most famous comment on freedom of speech was voting. what the translation of what he said was. I am disgusted by what you say, but I will fight to the death, for your right to say it. he said that of course in a context in a ferocious attack on freedom of speech, but the reason he said it was free speech of itself is incredibly important no matter how stupid how distasteful no matter how irritating we are going towards a society where people are afraid to SPEAK.

  3. am not from wails but I went to landuno on 23 4 17 I came onto the deganway road at 1015 and I seen a sighn for 50 so carryed on seen a car faceing me with lights on as I got up to car seen it was police as I went past lights came on and come behind me so I pulled over and got out and walked to his car he opens door said you got out fast I said am trying to get to a hottel for the night and asked what’s up he said I was doing 47 in a 30 I said it got 50 down there he said that’s for train track wich I didint know was there I got in his car he said you seem adgertated I said sorry I suffer from adhd and aspurgius syndrome I’ll get mycard out my car he said no am not buying that you bin takeing cokecain I said listion pall I don’t do drugs only what am pescribed he kept going on saying you have had anphetimin I said no so he drug tested me then said come on tell me what you have had I said nothink I said am dew meds soon I’ll show you them he said no it’s telling me you have had coke I said it’s inposable I said my mate was at my garage yesterday he was smokeing weed he then said it’s changing now and saying you have bin on weed and he showed me a stick with a solid grey line he said that’s positive so he took me station to canarfon we got on a55 am in back no cuffs on and he is hiting 135 mph then a song came on radio love song so he turned over I said don’t ye Luke them songs he said no he was going thrugh a split with his x and he carnt cope and he isint afraid to admit it we then went down country lanes and he pulled over and got out for a wee behind his car he got back in and we carryed on to station we got there and he said we wait a bit as he was early we went in and he got me a hot chocolate and I stood infront of desk and give all my details in then I was fingerprinted and blood tested I didint take a sample as I couldint keep it as I wasint going home till next day he theen said I’ll take you back to car but we got to go to start asiph police station first so we on a 55 and again 135 no lights or sighren car went silent and I looked at him and he was scrunching up his eyes and shakeing his head I said are you ok he replyed yes I just had no sleep as the man behind him got a new drum kit and played it all day I thought shit he doing 135 and it’s misty off the fields then he said it’s the dear you got to wach out for ,by this time afray had kicked in we then got to st asiph and he left me in car whilst he went in and got his bits for his break he was nearing his College in landidno mcdonals were my car had bin taken to we got there after doing 135 again we arived at 1245 I went in to get a Coffey and he went to his College he then said tell thease about the white nukal ride he had just took me on, so he took me from car at 1035 went to canafon got booked in blood tested and fingerprinted and to st asiph and then to landidno so 2 hours and 10 for the whole trip 96 miles a month later I get letter charging me with type 9 canabinol namely 2.1 wich is a load of bull shit I don’t take the stuff , this man needs to be delt with he is corupt and am still fighting it and I won’t stop ,so coz I have autisam and not good with strangers he through the book at me and now police haven’t got me down for being in police station as I asked for times I’ve sent letter after letter to ipcc but nothink aidi also reported him on 24/4/17 to my local station on body cam they seem to be just brushing it under carpet I got a 12 months ban and I am fuming that this man is allowed to do this and get away with it he comited afray, section 5 ,dangerous driveing doing 135 in a 70 and 50 and driveing under the lack of sleep not good he needs dealing wuth before he kills someone or takes his shit out on someone Ells vunrable like me

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