Another Cover Up By The Mob

This is a case which relates to my brother and has nothing to do with me. Tommy had been out with his wife and friends in Conwy and at the end of the night ended up at the kebab house where there was a disturbance.

Tommy ended up getting viciously attacked and assaulted for no reason at all, The Mob were called and when they arrived they ran over to Tommy who was covered in blood and sprayed CS Gas in his face when he was the victim.

Typical, The Mob go in feet first.

After it was all sorted out and The Mob had spoken to witnesses and took statements, it then became apparent to them that Tommy had nothing to do with it, but obviously they won’t back down and say sorry.

I’d just like to point out that Tommy has no previous convictions and never been to court.

Tommy went to see a solicitor to bring a claim against The Mob for compensation after what The Mob did to him. The Mob think they can win every court case, we don’t have a right to bring them to court.


This case ended up in Llangefni County Court, where over 12 Police officers were called to give evidence from their statements, there are pages and pages of statements, which I’m not going to show them all as there are too many.



I would just like to bring to your attention PC 1311 Ian McMahon’s statement, you have already heard on this blog about this officer, he was helping HM Customs & Excise, passing information about me, he knew full well that 4 months prior to making this statement, that HM Customs & Excise had finished a 2 year enquiry regarding me, no charges were brought and I was paid compensation and yet 4 months later he went to court and swore on oath that I had been prosecuted for tax evasion.


The lengths The Mob will go to, to taint a case, so they don’t have to pay compensation. Like I said this case was nothing to do with me, yet they brought me into it, it sickens me to think they can do these things and get away with it.

The Mob won’t even give my local MP Guto Bebb answers, they take their time in replying back and when they do they are very vague.

I need answers now from someone in government David Cameron because this is targeted harassment.


My Response From PCA Regarding Sgt 1311 Ian McMahon

You have already seen my response back from the PCA regarding Sgt 1311 Ian McMahon, I was not happy with the response, so I wrote back and complained further, below is the final response from the PCA, like I said, police investigating the police, they are never going to go against them.


       Slander5 Slander6


I’d Love To Be A Fly On Creamer’s Wall!!

Here is the tape recording of Haydn Williams the VAT officer and Mr Wicklow (aka Bill Twomey) RIP Billy.

Readers of the blog, isn’t it frightening and disturbing, how a VAT officer can talk about somebody like myself, when he doesn’t even know me?

Haydn Williams did manage to say one thing that was the truth, at the end of the tape, where you can clearly hear him say “he doesn’t know me and has never spoke to me” and then for PC McMahon to go around and tell people I have been done for Tax Evasion when there’s no truth in that either!

Just think members of the public, when you were hearing from a VAT officer and a police officer all these things I was supposed to have done, which were unfounded and untrue, but the doubt was in your minds, because you were saying “there’s no smoke without fire”.

When you listen to the tape, you may feel angry, but imagine how I felt when I heard it, it’s about time that someone in the government took notice of this blog and the harassment that has been targeted at me.

Enjoy the tape and I look forward to your comments but please remember no bad language.