Assault By The Mob – Sgt Oliver

The next assault occurred in 1984, again I was on my way home and stopped by The Mob, again it was Sgt Williams and Sgt Oliver who were targeting me.

This time Sgt Williams did not assault me as a complaint was already in against him, so he let his colleague Sgt Oliver assault me, this was witnessed by an independent witness, Ian Richardson.

So I made a complaint and once again it came to nothing, despite the assault being witnessed by a member of the public.

Michael Creamer  Michael Creamer


Under Age Drinking

On May 14th 1981, I was at a Disco in the Conwy British Legion, back then it was the place to be on Friday & Saturday nights.

I was drinking with my friends when in came 2 of The Mob, Sgt Williams and Sgt Oliver, they took my beer out of my hand, saying I was not 18, there were also other people in the Legion who were under-age but they targeted me.

They went to all the Conwy landlords and told them I was under-age and not to serve me.

You will see the names Williams and Oliver crop up a few more times on this blog

I then had to appear at the juvenile court, charged with consuming intoxicating liquor under age and given a £5.00 fine.

Michael Creamer, Conwy

What do you think, should I have received a caution, was I unfairly targeted by The Mob?