I’m A Celebrity Matt Hancock F**ked, Nowhere To Hide!

Please watch this video of smart arse Matt Hancock when a friend of mine questions him on the train  and he has nowhere to hide.

Mr Hancock served as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care from July 2018 to June 2021, he was so good at answering the prepared questions for the BBC and then trying to win the public over on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

Readers of the blog, please don’t forget what he did during lockdown, he’s a liar and a cheat!!


Policewoman Didn’t Know Her Husband Was an Albanian Drug Lord

A dirty cop lived a lavish lifestyle with flash cars and high-end clothing while allegedly turning a blind eye to her husband’s drug dealing, Rasvinder Agalliu was booted out of the force after her claims that she was unaware of her husband Julian’s criminal activities were rejected.

But the comical Crown Prosecution Service found there was not enough evidence to prosecute her, so all charges were dropped which means for the bad cop there will be no proceeds of crime order for her. The dirty cop claimed at her misconduct hearing that Julian earned between £1000 and £4000 pounds a week working as a private chef for footballers, she even said he was paid cash so therefore did not have to pay income tax!

Where did the police find her from and more to the point who vetted her?



Getting more police on our streets is an absolute priority and our recruitment campaign for 20,000 new officers is now underway, the Prime Minister has made it clear from day one and said, “I will give the police the resources they need, and I am delivering on that commitment they have full support and together we will cut crime get criminals off the streets and keep people safe”.

What is really frightening is if these new police officers are not vetted properly, they could be putting 20,000 criminals policing our streets!

Please watch an excellent video below where MP Lee Anderson talks about Albanian migrants, some are now staying in the Hilton Hotel in Dolgarrog, North Wales, one Albanian drug lord married a policewoman as stated above.


Police Car Crash in Conwy

This morning not long after 9am, a police vehicle crashed on the A55 in the Conwy tunnel, isn’t it funny how there’s no mention of the accident in the Paedophile Post or on the police website.

Let’s hope that the driver was breathalysed and he wasn’t speeding or on his phone whilst driving, I’m sure the police will let us know what happened soon enough.


Drakeford Received Over 8 Years for Rape

Mark Drakeford was born on 19th of September 1954 in Carmarthenshire, he is a Welsh politician who has been First Minister of Wales and leader of the Welsh Labour Party since 2018. He took the oath before a senior judge after the Queen confirmed his appointment in place of Carwyn Jones, before this nobody had heard of him!

First Minister Drakeford has a son called Jonathan Drakeford, please read about his son.

Jonathan Drakeford aged 31, subjected his victim to degradation and humiliation during the sex attack at a property in Cardiff. The first minister’s son was found guilty of rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Cardiff Crown Court heard he forced a 22-year-old woman onto a bed and repeatedly spanked her with a leather paddle, leaving her with considerable bruising. Drakeford then humiliated her further by gagging her with her own underwear before raping her.

Before his trial Jonathan Drakeford also pleaded guilty to attempting to arrange or facilitate the commission of a child sex offence after discussing having sex with a Facebook user who purported to be a 15-year-old girl, Drakeford from Fairwater, Cardiff was jailed for eight years and eight months.

Please read the link below:


The Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford is closing down Wales with one of the strongest lockdowns in Europe, shuttering all but essential shops this is meant to fight COVID-19.

Mark Drakeford struggled to look after his own son by the look of things and yet he thinks he can dictate to Wales, a country with a population of 3,113,000 people, telling us what we can and can’t buy!

What may be classed as essential to one person may not be to another; want to buy socks from Tesco’s sorry not allowed, aftershave from Boots forget it, people who enjoy reading and wish to purchase a new book during lockdown forget it, I’m not even sure if Durex and sex toys are essential or not, unless you’re a MP that is!

If he’s that concerned over COVID-19 they should hurry up and get a vaccine.

The top civil servant is paid between £200,00 – £205,000 which is 5.7 times the median remuneration of the rest of the workforce which was £35,750 a fact.

Try and stay safe during lockdown.


PC 3178 North Wales Cop Sacked

The 38-year-old North Wales Police officer admitted 3 common assaults, she also admitted she was heavily intoxicated.

You have to ask yourself had she been snorting the gunpowder because of the way she was behaving rolling on the floor trying to head butt people?

Police are now absolutely desperate for new recruits, they are going to start employing new officers as young as 17, they may not be old enough to buy a pint or watch a certificate 18 horror movie in the cinema but they can join the police force even if they have criminal convictions.

Obviously too many officers are being sacked for misconduct!

Please read the link below:



PC Zoe Phillips Gives Her Colleague A Blow Job In The Police Car Whilst On Duty!!

Another 2 Welsh Police Officers sacked from the force, traffic specialist Andrew Perry and school liaison officer Zoe Phillips both worked for Gwent Police, both resigned when their affair came to light.

These allegations were found proven by the panel who also found it amounted to gross misconduct; Zoe Phillips also sent Perry sexy selfies.

Zoe ought to be ashamed of herself, she’s not a good role model for the children she liaises with.


Another retired Welsh cop avoids jail after he groped a young woman, putting his hand down the victims top and kissing her.