Are Sgt.1551 Paul Anderson and PC 1854 Garry James Paid For Playing Cricket?

Please read my FOI request on Anderson and James.

Now read North Wales Police’s response to my request.

You can see they have blocked out the names of the two police officers; you will remember Paul Anderson, I wrote about him in a previous post this was the officer that used to come to work when stationed at Llandudno, clock on and take his kids swimming and Garry James before he was a police officer….. Eyes down, he was the local bingo caller in the bingo hall, Garry James is also a Freemason.

Once he became a police officer and got his badge, he was on the pro-active team with his big red enforcer kicking people’s doors in; he once assaulted me with Martyn Parmley, I did make a complaint regarding this that was on a previous post. The reason for this FOI request was because of information received from a good source to me that these 2 officers are regularly taking part in sporting activities whilst on duty, it’s you the tax payer that foots this bill.

Did you read the Police sports policy and procedure? Very vague, but it does say that North Wales Police has a long history and is recognised as providing many benefits which include the health and well-being of its officers & staff and encourages officers to participate in sporting activities.

Obviously not all officers participate which shows on some of them, not many of them could do the bleep test or run after a criminal, Superintendent Simon Humphreys was a little overweight as well as PC Martyn Parmley and PC 883 Gary Martin, these are just a few I’ve named.

A police officer running from a rat.


Chief Constables Are Ordered To Get A Grip Of Their Forces

Please read the article below, I’ve been telling you for years that North Wales Police has one of the worst forces in the UK for bullies, thieves and rapists etc.

In this article, they say there are 330 sex pest police officers accused of targeting crime victims in just 2 years in England and Wales, the officers that are in Wales, there is no mention of Gordon Anglesea, Gary Donnelly, James Calveley-Evans, Andy Gill, Dave Parminter, Dave Gardner, Bob Jones-Welch, Martyn Parmley, Paul Anderson, the ex-chief Constable, the mad mullah Richard Brunstrom, Don Kenyon, Simon Humphreys, Jason Davenport, Mark Televan Jones, Stephen Carroll, the list is endless.

Some of the names above have been named in serious sex offences, some have been sacked, some have lied in statements and some don’t know how to tell the truth, their statements will be shown on this blog next year.

Who can we trust when this is the way our police force are acting?

Please read the link below


PC 2576 John Evans, goes shopping in a police vehicle whilst on duty!!

When are North Wales Police going to stop misbehaving? Remember, we had 1551 Paul Anderson who spread malicious gossip about myself telling people I was a drug dealer when there was no such thing, always trying to muddy the waters for other people when the very man himself was up to no good, I’ve told you this on a previous post about when he was a sergeant at Llandudno Police Station, where he used to clock in for work and then go and take his kids swimming, who’s the bad one Paul?

PC 2538 Rob Jones, you will remember this officer, he parked the police vehicle on double yellow lines whilst he went for his kebab, he was disciplined for it.

And now we have PC 2576 John Evans, who goes missing whilst on duty for an hour and 45 minutes, to add insult to injury, he takes the police car and goes on a pre-planned shopping trip, when questioned about it, he tells lies to his colleagues & his superior.


PC Evans went off the radar, no-one could find him when he is supposed to be protecting the public.

PC Evans is to face a misconduct hearing on Thursday & Friday 27th & 28th October at Police Headquarters in Colwyn Bay, LL29 8AW, the hearing is open to the public, we only hope & pray the mob keep to their word, because on the last public hearing with PC Martyn Parmley they said the same, it was open to the public, but they held it in private so no one could attend we all know the outcome of that, Martyn Parmley was sacked and has now taken up landscape gardening  and Martyn has got himself in trouble in that job.




Readers of the blog, you all remember what DC 2313 Don Kenyon said in interview with myself Michael, police officers have a good job, they don’t tell lies, Don should have said Michael, it’s hard to find a copper in St Asaph who’s truthful and doesn’t tell lies.

Ex- Superintendent Gordon Anglesey was found guilty of sexual offences, on the next post coming soon, I will tell you the disgusting & traumatic things that he did to those boys, the papers won’t print it, I will.

Superintendent John Chapman, I’m still waiting patiently for the return of my money that went missing.

Sergeant 1551 Paul Anderson Deceives The Public

Meaning of Deceive: Deliberately cause someone to believe something that is not true, especially for personal gain.

I have made many complaints to North Wales Police and on a number of occasions I have been met by 1551 Paul Anderson who has recorded some of my complaints; one of them is on a previous post where Rob Jones parks on double yellow lines and goes for a kebab, another complaint recorded by 1551 Anderson was on the 9th February 2010.

I’m not going into great detail about this as the complaint summary is below regarding PC 1929 Duncan Logan and the same officer parked on double yellow lines while he went to pick up a kebab PC 2538 Rob Jones.




I have got plenty of complaints recorded but in North Wales there is no point in complaining because it’s the police investigating the police and if you’re not happy with the outcome you have the right to go to the IPCC (I PROTECT CORRUPT COPS).

What would the Prime Minister Theresa May think about this; 1551 Sergeant Paul Anderson when stationed in Conwy & Llandudno used to tell his colleagues, be very careful of Michael Creamer, he’s up to all kinds and he sells drugs.

I have told you before about the police planting the seeds, The Mob then deceive the public by telling them false information about me.

Let me make one thing very clear here, my family and close friends already know that what I am going to say is the truth, I have never smoked in my life, took drugs or sold drugs, I wonder how many police officers and readers of this blog can say the same, but again members of the public, you were fooled by his malicious gossip, whenever you speak to some people and they are always slagging other people off, it’s usually because it’s them that are up to no good themselves.

Now let’s turn to Paul Anderson and let me tell you the real truth of what he’s been up to on a regular basis when stationed at Llandudno; he would come to work from his home behind the rugby club in Llandudno, he would clock on at work so he would be signed in, he would have his children outside in the car and he would then go and take them swimming, he would leave a message at the station for one of his colleagues to phone him & warn him if the Inspector wanted him and on the other occasions he’d also go home for a bit of nookie.

This is the same man who spread rumours that I was a drug dealer and the same man when I made genuine complaints, they went nowhere.

The next time you pay your council tax, think about the money that goes towards the police and this man is supposed to be in work, yet goes off swimming etc.

If you want a part time job Sergeant Anderson, you should go to Tesco or Asda.

Theresa May, what is the point in complaining about this man, once the complaint is recorded it goes to his colleagues at Professional Standards, Superintendent John Hanson, a freemason, Ian Verburg, a freemason and the very man himself Paul Anderson is a freemason, our complaints are just being laughed at by this organisation and this was the same Paul Anderson if you read the last post, he was the Custody Sergeant over the rape allegation.

This man does not deserve to keep his pension.

Superintendent John Chapman, I am not going away I want all my money that went missing from my account please.


PC 2538 Rob Jones Parks On Double Yellow Lines, While He Waits For His Kebab!!

On many occasions I’ve driven through Conwy & down Berry Street, there is nearly always a police vehicle parked on double yellow lines opposite Conwy’s kebab shop so they can go and get food.

On the 24th March 2010, I noticed an unmarked police vehicle, a blue Vauxhall Astra, registration CX08 CNK was parked opposite the kebab shop on double yellow lines and inside was PC 2538 Rob Jones getting a takeaway.

As The Mob have always tried to put tickets on my vehicles and harass me, I thought I’d take a picture of the police car parked on double yellow lines and a picture of PC 2538 Rob Jones getting his takeaway.

I then went on to report this to Sgt 1551 Anderson and make a complaint. I said to the Sergeant can he ‘make sure PC 2538 Rob Jones gets a ticket for parking on double yellows’. I even said that he would probably say he was there on police business, but he wasn’t.

I mean to say, the cheek of it, he only has to walk from the police station on the square to the kebab shop, it would take longer parking the car and getting in and out of it.

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You can read Sgt Anderson’s report to Professional Standards and the final outcome.

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