Chief Constables Are Ordered To Get A Grip Of Their Forces

Please read the article below, I’ve been telling you for years that North Wales Police has one of the worst forces in the UK for bullies, thieves and rapists etc.

In this article, they say there are 330 sex pest police officers accused of targeting crime victims in just 2 years in England and Wales, the officers that are in Wales, there is no mention of Gordon Anglesea, Gary Donnelly, James Calveley-Evans, Andy Gill, Dave Parminter, Dave Gardner, Bob Jones-Welch, Martyn Parmley, Paul Anderson, the ex-chief Constable, the mad mullah Richard Brunstrom, Don Kenyon, Simon Humphreys, Jason Davenport, Mark Televan Jones, Stephen Carroll, the list is endless.

Some of the names above have been named in serious sex offences, some have been sacked, some have lied in statements and some don’t know how to tell the truth, their statements will be shown on this blog next year.

Who can we trust when this is the way our police force are acting?

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