Ex Cop 1651 Martyn Parmley Sacked By The Mob Now Cries For Help Off Them!!

I’ve told you on this blog before regarding Martyn Parmley, how obsessed he is with me and can’t keep his mouth shut. The last post that was on the blog regarding Martyn was where he went to price a job, as you know he’s now a small-time jobber, handyman gardener and know all, he was secretly recorded by a person slagging me off and bigging himself up once again. He knows nothing, members of the public, just be warned, if you contact this handyman to do a job he has been known to charge VAT when he’s not VAT registered, he has a small yard at the rear of Enterprise Car Hire in Llandudno Junction and he lives in Glan Conwy.

We all know he was sacked by the police force for gross misconduct, Martyn Parmley seems to get turned on by Michael Creamer more than his own wife. Martyn rang his old colleagues up and reported me, he stated that on the 28th of November 2016 at 16:30 hours, that I drove up his street/cul de sac where Martyn lives and glared at him in his property, causing Martyn harassment, alarm & distress.

First of all, Martyn the little garden gnome, I know you live in Glan Conwy, but I do not know whereabouts, I have been going to Glan Conwy for over 30 years, I have many friends who live in Glan Conwy and family, so once again my little garden gnome, if I have driven past your house without knowing where you live and you have been looking out of the window and you have seen me pass it was just a coincidence. Stop trying to cause trouble, maybe it’s because you know I’m considering taking legal action against you over the derogatory remarks and nasty comments you said about me when you were secretly taped.

I can’t believe the little garden gnome, who was sacked by The Mob and makes an untrue statement saying I’d gone into his cul de sac, you lying little rat, from what I have heard Martyn you could be moving out of the area and heading to South Wales, you won’t be missed in Glan Conwy, nobody likes a corrupt cop or a story teller.

The person that recorded you when you went to give a price for a job, where you bad mouthed me, I did get a chance to watch the video aswell, as I have not seen you for many years, the ginger hair you did have, has now gone & you’re bald and that green coat you had on looked very tight, you may need to go back to weight watchers in Llandudno Junction and while you’re there you might as well take your missus with you.

Stop causing trouble with The Mob and get over me.

Read below the Police Information Notice that was given to me when I attended Llandudno Police Station on 6th December 2016,


Martyn Parmley making stories up.

Martyn Parmley

The jewellers in Mostyn Street Llandudno, has recently been raided by 4 masked men armed with weapons and The Mob have no idea who it is; they are now spending thousands of pounds having armed police driving up and down Mostyn Street, they also have a SWAT team walking around Llandudno. No point bolting the stable door when the horse has already bolted, but The Mob have time to go and visit a little man, no bigger than a garden gnome, sacked cop, Martyn Parmley, who says I have glared at his property, you may well laugh but this is the tax payer’s money they are wasting.

Finally, it’s now time to start the posts on the 4 Gary’s, coming in the next few days, you will read about the police informant Gary Lloyd and his shocking behaviour.

Gary John & Gary Sky, 18 days until Christmas and both of your stories will be told on Christmas day.


10 thoughts on “Ex Cop 1651 Martyn Parmley Sacked By The Mob Now Cries For Help Off Them!!

  1. PARMLEY stop hiding behind your curtains. Face up to the fact, that you were once a bully when you were a bent cop. now your a odd job man your a COWARD.

  2. mr creamer be very careful looks like north wales police are trying to stitch you up again although they sacked parmley they will use him to try and get at you. i can tell you martin is trying his best to get back in with the police he wants his pension reinstated. martin is a little mummies boy she does all his rallying round for him, it would be nice if he moved back to manchester were he came from.

  3. Martin parmley bent ex cop tells Andy I will get lads to break your legs then the shithouse hides behind his curtains. says:

    Martin parmley do you know they make curtains in south wales. Parasite parmley you can still read Mr creamers blog in the valleys.

  4. Martin parmley bent ex cop tells Andy I will get lads to break your legs then the shithouse hides behind his curtains. says:

    N.W.P. don’t give parmley his pension back. The COWARD is desperate.

  5. Mr creamer north wales police wanted a word with you for glaring at the freak parmley. NWP wasting taxpayers money again.

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