Magistrates Duped Again!!

I was in bed at home, we were living at 45 Penmaen Rd, Morfa, Conwy, when all I could hear was banging on the front door, as I looked out of the window I could see that The Mob were outside.

I asked them ‘What do you want?’, they said that they had a warrant to search the property and the outer buildings. I said ‘You’re not coming in’.

PC 1352 Dave Parminter shouted ‘Michael, if you don’t let us in, we are going to smash the door down’ I said ‘Stop shouting, I’ve got 3 young children in bed’. The Mob carried on banging, demanding I open the door, so I came down and let them in.

PC Parminter

PC Dave Parminter was very aggressive when I opened the door, I remember saying to him ‘what lies have you told Llandudno Magistrates, this time to get a warrant?’

The Mob searched the house and outer buildings but as usual nothing found, duff information used to get a warrant again.

PC Parminter and his informant gave false information to Llandudno Magistrates again and once again the magistrates were duped.

PC Parminter






This warrant was issued on June 4th 1996






Not one member of The Mob that came to my house that day could apologise to me or my wife for the inconvenience and disruption to our family that was created on that day.

The magistrates should be more careful when giving out warrants to The Mob, but The Mob know exactly what they are doing, trying to give me a bad name in the community by spreading rumours, if you throw enough mud, it sticks.

Once again more of the public’s money has been wasted and for the same result…nothing found.