PC Zoe Phillips Gives Her Colleague A Blow Job In The Police Car Whilst On Duty!!

Another 2 Welsh Police Officers sacked from the force, traffic specialist Andrew Perry and school liaison officer Zoe Phillips both worked for Gwent Police, both resigned when their affair came to light.

These allegations were found proven by the panel who also found it amounted to gross misconduct; Zoe Phillips also sent Perry sexy selfies.

Zoe ought to be ashamed of herself, she’s not a good role model for the children she liaises with.


Another retired Welsh cop avoids jail after he groped a young woman, putting his hand down the victims top and kissing her.



Two Women Police Officers Keep Their Jobs Despite Sharing Foul Mouthed Tik Tok Selfie Videos

Two female police officers who posted Tik Tok videos of themselves dancing and using foul language whilst in uniform have been told they can keep their jobs although their actions were branded as gross misconduct.

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Dame Cressida Rose Dick, a senior British police officer in 2017 was appointed Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police Force in London.

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North Wales Cop 1609 Pete the Perv Sacked

Below is a picture of DC Don Kenyon and Jason Davenport who investigated myself for mortgage fraud which was a victimless crime with no complainee.

Don Kenyon told me in interview that “police officers have good jobs; we wouldn’t tell lies” this was Kenyon’s favourite saying.


Between the 1st and 8th of September 1609 Pete Willdigg the womaniser was sacked from North Wales Police.

Many years ago, Pete was having an affair with another policewoman, this female officer was having wild parties with a local drug dealer, booze and cocaine were involved; Pete and the female officer both had their cars vandalised.

PSD (Professional Standards Department) were well aware of the wild goings-on but it’s taken until now to sack him.


North Wales Police supported Pete the Perv when he ran the Great North Run, let’s hope that all the money raised on JustGiving went to the right place!

Pete has two daughters who work for North Wales Police, I’m sure he will be gutted now when his family read this. This story will be in local papers tomorrow….what goes around comes around.


PC 1609 Pete Willdigg Faces Misconduct Hearing

Police Misconduct Hearing:  1st September 2020

A misconduct hearing will be held at St Asaph Police Station, St Asaph Business Park, Denbighshire, LL17 0HQ commencing at 1000hrs on 1st September 2020.

Constable 1609 Willdigg is facing the following allegation:

  • During April 2006 PC Willdigg was investigating an allegation of assault involving a vulnerable female victim. As a result of that incident PC Willdigg provided the female with his personal phone number and exchanged text messages, thereafter he engaged in sexual activity with the female.
  • It is alleged that PC Willdigg has breached the Standards of Professional Behavior relating to – Discreditable Conduct, Honesty and Integrity. All matters are considered to be of Gross Misconduct.

In accordance with The Police (Conduct) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 Regulation 31(6) (a) the Chair of the misconduct hearing has determined to exclude members of the public from the hearing in order to facilitate the  proper conduct of proceedings and to preserve the anonymity of vulnerable individuals.



PC Dicks Sucked the Sergeant’s Dick in a Welsh Police Station

A female police officer Jemma Dicks aged 28, is to keep her job despite having on duty sex games with a married sergeant Adam Reed 40, these two were found to have committed gross misconduct after it was revealed PC Dicks had performed oral sex on her superior on at least three occasions at Cardiff Central Police Station.

PC Dicks was experiencing very difficult family circumstances at the time following the death of her father who was also a police officer, this is what she said at the hearing. I think she ought to be ashamed of herself using her father’s death as an excuse we have all lost loved ones but didn’t behave in this manner. She had no respect at all for her job or more importantly her father.

What is it with our Welsh police forces, have they no control?  They will do it anywhere, in the police station, in police vehicles, in other people’s houses all whilst on duty.

I wonder what DC 2313 Don Kenyon and 2179 Jason Davenport have to say about this please read the link below




Definition of a Strawman: The theory holds that an individual has two persons, one of flesh and the other a separate legal personality (ie, the ‘strawman’). The idea is that an individual’s debts, liabilities, taxes and legal responsibilities belong to the strawman rather than the physical individual.

Strawman: The Great Scam

MEET YOUR STRAWMAN – KeviousWATCH:USA: A Privately Owned Corporation:https://www.facebook.com/negusnetwork/videos/2388209567942552/"Birth Certificates – Institutionalized Enslavement":https://www.facebook.com/negusnetwork/videos/1746962462092046/FULL VIDEO SOURCESStrawman – The Nature of the Cage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sArXw6ajNg&t=578sMeet Your Strawman ( Yusef El ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6AirjJUXCA&t=652s https://spcuniversity.privatesidesolutions.comYour Strawman:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYbKeKm4ndQMeet Your Strawman (animated):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME7K6P7hlko

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Will She Get Immunity Or Will She Be Executed?

Born 25th December 1961, Ghislaine Maxwell is now being held in a hell-hole jail in Brooklyn after being transferred from New Hampshire so she can face justice.

The 58-year-old who once mixed with celebrities, presidents and royalty at high-class parties is now sleeping in the Metropolitan Detention Centre, described by a judge as being like from a 3rd world country and where prison guards from the jail have been jailed for raping female prisoners.

Ghislaine’s legal team, one of them being Christian Everdell a former New York prosecutor who put away El Chapo.

Maxwell could appear in court tomorrow (Thursday), where she’s accused of luring underage girls so that Epstein could sexually abuse them at his lavish mansions in New Mexico, Manhattan and Palm Beach.

In total she faces six counts, 4 relating to child sex trafficking and 2 of perjury; Ghislaine’s father was Robert Maxwell who fell to his death from his £15,000,000 yacht on November 5th, 1991.

Prince Andrew is agonising over whether he should condemn Ghislaine Maxwell after her arrest over child sex trafficking, an insider said this is not a good time to make enemies for Prince Andrew.

Keir Starmer has said he hopes Prince Andrew will speak to US authorities over his links to Ghislaine Maxwell & paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and urged Prince Andrew to cooperate with investigators who are seeking to question him as a potential witness, isn’t it funny how if US authorities wanted to speak to any ordinary member of the public they would be over here like a shot?!

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Child grooming is going on all over the world, my blood boils how these grown men and women who commit these horrendous crimes damage children’s lives forever, go before judges in North Wales and very rarely get a custodial sentence; read the link below of a Doctor Mohsan Anwar of Llandegfan near Menai Bridge, Anglesey; coincidently a retired police officer Robert Jones Welch was found dead after being quizzed by officers from his own force, Jones-Welch took his own life as he was to face sexual abuses charges against 12 year old girl, his body was discovered in his home in Anglesey.

Paedophilia is rife in North Wales, you’ve got more chance for going to prison for mortgage fraud where there is no complainee and it’s a victimless crime.

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COVID-19….The Question Nobody Has Asked!

On Monday 15th June 2020 at 12.45pm I phoned 119. The helpful gentleman told me his name was Taylor. I do not need to disclose any more personal details. I gave my full name, Michael John Creamer, and gave him my e-mail address, michaelcreamer@hotmail.co.uk  He asked me if I wanted to book a COVID-19 test?

I asked Taylor if he would listen to me for a minute? The call was recorded. I told him I did not believe the COVID-19 virus has come from a bat and I believed it was man-made in a laboratory in China. Taylor laughed at this as we all know some people do but I asked him to hear me out.

I told Taylor my wife and I and my sons and daughter, my grandchildren and my children’s partners had all been tested for COVID-19. All the test results were negative. I had a disagreement with my wife about the tests as I did not want our children to have the tests, but my wife insisted, we had them as my son and his partner had two new-born twins coming home and they had been very ill in hospital.

I told Taylor the reason I did not want my family to have the test is that it is common knowledge that Governments across the World have been trying to obtain everyone’s DNA for years. The DNA database is very restricted in the UK and is governed by detailed rules and regulations but there are many who have wanted everyone’s DNA on a national database for years. I explained to Taylor that my fear was that COVID-19 testing was the key to opening a back door to a national DNA database.

I asked Taylor if he could confirm now that mine and my extended family’s test results were negative that all the samples and results had been destroyed? At this point Taylor went very quiet and certainly was not laughing anymore. He said he had never been asked this question which in the modern era of EU wide GDPR surprised me – or did it? He said he needed to ask his supervisor which he did but when he returned to the call 5 minutes later he said he did not know the answer.

Now this could mean that all members of the public who have been tested could have their DNA stored somewhere for access by corrupt police forces all over the Country. Taylor actually agreed with me! It is now common for these testing kits to be found on sale on the internet at low prices. Even well-respected pharmacies such as Superdrug are selling them but it is not the tests or the selling of them that that is wrong but what happens to the results when the swabs are sent off for testing.

The Government target is 100,000 tests per day, but they have hit 125,000 tests in the last month. Even at 100,000 tests per day, 700,000 per week, that could mean the whole population of the UK could be tested and have their details stored in less than 2 years. And what if some foreign power could hack into this database?

Dominic Cummings, who advised the Government about COVID-19, did not seem to take the lockdown rules seriously and certainly seems to have broken the rules to test his eyesight during a day trip to Barnard Castle. Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer, Catherine Calderwood, resigned on the 5th May when she visited her second home in breach of the lockdown rules and Professor Neil Ferguson, who also advised the UK Government on the lockdown rules, resigned when he breached them to meet his married lover.

It does look like one rule for the them and another for us. Maybe we should take care when we have a test, who does the tests, and whether we agree for the DNA captured to be stored for whatever reason. We may get rid of COVID-19 in the years to come but will it leave a DNA database in in its wake, open to corrupt police to abuse?

Somebody is going to make an awful lot of money!

Maybe Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid from Good Morning Britain could put this question to the Prime Minister, ‘Is our DNA destroyed?’

Take care everyone and stay safe. A big thank you to all key-workers and the NHS.

PC 2154 Gill and PC 1651 Martyn Parmley were both sacked from North Wales Police for going on the Police National Computer (PNC) for non-policing purposes. Today 23/06/2020 PC Christopher Taylor who worked with the Tactical Firearms Unit in Manchester, was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to contacting prostitutes, using the PNC.

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