Welsh Cop Threw a Male to the Ground and Called Him a Useless C**t

An experienced Welsh police officer threw a detainee to the ground, sprayed him in the eyes from close range and called the young lad a useless c**t  a misconduct hearing was told.

The chief constable Mark Collins of Dyfed – Powys police said the public would be appalled at how PC Jonathan Reynolds treated a detainee during the incident in May last year.

The shit-house police officer was convicted of two counts of assault in connection with the incident and has since left his job; the officer has been barred from working in law enforcement for five years, what a joke.

DC 2313 Don Kenyon, you must have convinced yourself that all police officers are honest, I certainly don’t believe you.

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Another Welsh Policewoman Can’t Handle Her Drink

A volunteer police officer with ambitions to become a detective has been banned from the force after she pulled a woman’s hair and punched a bouncer in the face in a row over a spilled drink.

Abbie Parry aged 21, faced a misconduct hearing into allegations of discreditable conduct; DC 2313 Don Kenyon from St Asaph, what the f**k is going on with this Welsh force?

Abbie has now been referred to the police barred list after a misconduct hearing.

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A Welsh Female Officer Causes Chaos at a Wedding!!

A police constable who got heavily intoxicated at a colleagues wedding party and punched a member of staff before telling him “I am the police” as he requested help.

PC 3178 Natasha Jones 38, of North Wales Police attended a function at Garth Myl Hall country house near Welshpool with her husband last October.

               Next halloween costume…..Scales of Justice

The manager states that Jones and her friends were falling over drunk and the group were one of the rowdiest they had ever seen. Natasha’s brother and another woman grabbed her and ended up rolling around on the floor, she was very aggressive, swinging punches at her brother and trying to strangle him.

Natasha Jones admitted three charges of common assault in court; her solicitor said she had anxiety and depression, isn’t it funny how all coppers say the same when they get into trouble.

Have a guess who the judge was?

It was good old district Judge Gwyn Jones, who told Natasha Jones this is a significant fall from grace so I’m going to give you 160 hours of community work and you will pay £300 compensation to Mr Reeve and £340 costs. District Judge Gwyn never likes sending police or paedophiles to jail but if you owe money for a POCA he will send you to jail.

Natasha Jones now faces a misconduct hearing.


Police Officer Caught on CCTV Kicking and Punching Schoolboy

West Midlands Police have suspended an officer after it is alleged unnecessary force was used as he was trying to detain a schoolboy and now a second violence claim has been made against him.


The police officer was filmed in a violent alteration with a 15-year-old schoolboy in an alleyway in Newtown, the officer can be seen on video punching and kicking the teenager during a stop and search. It has now come to light that the officer seen in the video kicking the schoolboy is also accused of assaulting a man the previous day who was stopped under suspicion of being on a stolen bike, both incidents are now being investigated by the IOPC, the police watchdog.

The officer involved has been removed from frontline duties; this sick and vile pig is not safe to police our streets.

Members of the public, if your son came home and told you he had been kicked and punched like a ragdoll by a police officer you probably wouldn’t believe him but luckily for this lad it was all caught on CCTV.

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No Badge, No Courage

Protect and serve

Ex-Cop PC 1352 Dave Parminter who was stationed at Conwy was a known bully, I witnessed this for myself he brought a charge against me for a public order offence the silly man never turned up for court the case was thrown out. The bully Parminter brought shame on the force after all his antics and then gets prosecuted for drink driving and guess what, he’s now changed his name to Dafydd Parminder; his parents must be utterly ashamed of this as they christened him David Parminter.

Dafydd no longer wants anyone to recognise him now he hasn’t got a badge and he can’t bully people anymore, no badge no courage.

PC Parminter


Police Inspector Hits His Wife Over the Head with a Bottle of Prosecco, leaving her with a Bleed on the Brain and Doesn’t Go to Jail

DC 2313 Don Kenyon, what do you think about this animal police officer’s behaviour?

I’m sorry Don Kenyon, I don’t understand how his previous career should influence the judge’s decision, he seriously assaulted his wife after their 15-year relationship and there should have been no get out of jail card, he should have gone straight to prison. All forces in the UK said they were going to clamp down on domestic violence, this is no deterrent to abusers and women who are married to police officers must be very afraid. Judges do get it wrong sometimes, but does that make it okay to smash a bottle over a female’s head because the Inspector had 23 years service.

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Mind you Don Kenyon, you’re not much better! After an 8-week trial in Mold Crown Court when a complaint was made against you and you were interviewed by Sian Beck, you had a case of selective memory and you didn’t remember going in the witness box, oh sorry you weren’t hit over the head with a Prosecco bottle.


PC Zoe Phillips Gives Her Colleague A Blow Job In The Police Car Whilst On Duty!!

Another 2 Welsh Police Officers sacked from the force, traffic specialist Andrew Perry and school liaison officer Zoe Phillips both worked for Gwent Police, both resigned when their affair came to light.

These allegations were found proven by the panel who also found it amounted to gross misconduct; Zoe Phillips also sent Perry sexy selfies.

Zoe ought to be ashamed of herself, she’s not a good role model for the children she liaises with.


Another retired Welsh cop avoids jail after he groped a young woman, putting his hand down the victims top and kissing her.



Two Women Police Officers Keep Their Jobs Despite Sharing Foul Mouthed Tik Tok Selfie Videos

Two female police officers who posted Tik Tok videos of themselves dancing and using foul language whilst in uniform have been told they can keep their jobs although their actions were branded as gross misconduct.

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Dame Cressida Rose Dick, a senior British police officer in 2017 was appointed Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police Force in London.

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