Police Woman P****s On The Shop Floor in Changing Room But Keeps Her Job

PC Amelia Shearer has been found guilty of gross misconduct but won’t be sacked, the dirty b***h kept her job despite urinating in the changing room at the York branch of Urban Outfitters whilst drunk when off duty and then lying about the incident in September last year.

The Dirty pig was issued with a final written warning and the retailer paid just under £500 to have the cubicle professionally cleaned and the CPS chose not to take her to court for criminal damage knowing that the officer lied under caution.

DC 2313 Don Kenyon told me when I was in St Asaph custody that “police officers have good jobs and don’t tell lies”, Don even kept a straight face when he said it, despite having one of his colleagues being sacked for rape; 2272 Parry behaved inappropriately towards a female colleague whilst on duty, other officers have been dismissed for drink driving and drug offences… the list is endless Don!

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