Are Sgt.1551 Paul Anderson and PC 1854 Garry James Paid For Playing Cricket?

Please read my FOI request on Anderson and James.

Now read North Wales Police’s response to my request.

You can see they have blocked out the names of the two police officers; you will remember Paul Anderson, I wrote about him in a previous post this was the officer that used to come to work when stationed at Llandudno, clock on and take his kids swimming and Garry James before he was a police officer….. Eyes down, he was the local bingo caller in the bingo hall, Garry James is also a Freemason.

Once he became a police officer and got his badge, he was on the pro-active team with his big red enforcer kicking people’s doors in; he once assaulted me with Martyn Parmley, I did make a complaint regarding this that was on a previous post. The reason for this FOI request was because of information received from a good source to me that these 2 officers are regularly taking part in sporting activities whilst on duty, it’s you the tax payer that foots this bill.

Did you read the Police sports policy and procedure? Very vague, but it does say that North Wales Police has a long history and is recognised as providing many benefits which include the health and well-being of its officers & staff and encourages officers to participate in sporting activities.

Obviously not all officers participate which shows on some of them, not many of them could do the bleep test or run after a criminal, Superintendent Simon Humphreys was a little overweight as well as PC Martyn Parmley and PC 883 Gary Martin, these are just a few I’ve named.

A police officer running from a rat.


10 thoughts on “Are Sgt.1551 Paul Anderson and PC 1854 Garry James Paid For Playing Cricket?

  1. Local and regional sporting activities when representing the force should be undertaken in OWN TIME when OFF DUTY.

    National and International sporting activities, when representing the force, staff are entitled to ask for five days paid leave (at tax payers expense).

    Nothing ambiguous about that.

  2. In own time …….there is nothing ambiguous about that but Paul Anderson has took the piss for far too long, my husband a retired cop was well aware of Paul anderson training for iron man and as Mr Creamer pointed out taking his kids swimming and playing cricket all paid for by the tax payer ………what’s your response in own time…?

    1. Shocking 😱😱😱😱 and downright dishonest.

      Why didn’t your ex-cop husband report this dishonesty and fraudulent misuse of tax payers money?

  3. In own time…… Be careful before you respond to the next comment, I’m now separated from the ex cop thank god!!! Couldn’t take any more lies or domestic violence 70% of my friends that are married to cops say they have suffered domestic violence but are too scared to come forward in your own time, are you an honest cop and have you been loyal to your wife??? I can tell from reading your comment your a pig and a male . Have a lovely weekend xx


      I’m pleased you managed to break free from your violent ex. It takes a strong person to decide enough is enough.

      Thank you for your thoughtful wishes, I plan to have a relaxing weekend and hope yours is stress free too.

      Your synopsis of me could not be further more from the truth. Best wishes. 💐🍹💐🍹💐🍹

  4. Are you aware Mr Creamer that Garry James’ wife has been married 3 times previously, Garry James is husband number 4 and the rumours coming out of the station are that Kate has got her eyes on husband number 5…she’s been shagging a wagon driver, she’s off work now and wants out of the force.

  5. Richie I have already sent many comments in regarding Kate and who she’s been having an affair with I know he’s a HGV driver he’s mates with creamer I’m told that’s why he won’t name and shame him, lucky for Garry James , Kate sounds a wonderful woman spit fire comes to mind, come on creamer put my comments on please what you hiding??

  6. Garry James you should go back to your previous job calling the bingo’ six and nine 69 Katy’s time , on its own lucky 5 …………ha ha ha!!!!

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