PC 2576 John Evans, goes shopping in a police vehicle whilst on duty!!

When are North Wales Police going to stop misbehaving? Remember, we had 1551 Paul Anderson who spread malicious gossip about myself telling people I was a drug dealer when there was no such thing, always trying to muddy the waters for other people when the very man himself was up to no good, I’ve told you this on a previous post about when he was a sergeant at Llandudno Police Station, where he used to clock in for work and then go and take his kids swimming, who’s the bad one Paul?

PC 2538 Rob Jones, you will remember this officer, he parked the police vehicle on double yellow lines whilst he went for his kebab, he was disciplined for it.

And now we have PC 2576 John Evans, who goes missing whilst on duty for an hour and 45 minutes, to add insult to injury, he takes the police car and goes on a pre-planned shopping trip, when questioned about it, he tells lies to his colleagues & his superior.


PC Evans went off the radar, no-one could find him when he is supposed to be protecting the public.

PC Evans is to face a misconduct hearing on Thursday & Friday 27th & 28th October at Police Headquarters in Colwyn Bay, LL29 8AW, the hearing is open to the public, we only hope & pray the mob keep to their word, because on the last public hearing with PC Martyn Parmley they said the same, it was open to the public, but they held it in private so no one could attend we all know the outcome of that, Martyn Parmley was sacked and has now taken up landscape gardening  and Martyn has got himself in trouble in that job.




Readers of the blog, you all remember what DC 2313 Don Kenyon said in interview with myself Michael, police officers have a good job, they don’t tell lies, Don should have said Michael, it’s hard to find a copper in St Asaph who’s truthful and doesn’t tell lies.

Ex- Superintendent Gordon Anglesey was found guilty of sexual offences, on the next post coming soon, I will tell you the disgusting & traumatic things that he did to those boys, the papers won’t print it, I will.

Superintendent John Chapman, I’m still waiting patiently for the return of my money that went missing.

2 thoughts on “PC 2576 John Evans, goes shopping in a police vehicle whilst on duty!!

  1. Lol, I love the new police vehicles 😄 Sgt Dave Williams , husband of ramseurr Williams, told my parents that I had been arrested of drug charges, and I have that on cctv outside my front door. Muddy the waters, favourite tool of the corrupt arm of the police force. And I’m waiting patiently for my money back too Mick, and I’m going to get it, if it takes me the rest of my life.

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