The real truth about the paedophile ex-Superintendent Gordon Anglesea Part 1

Warning this story is graphic and may offend or upset you.

Ex superintendent Gordon Anglesea was a bent copper for 34 years, working at Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Connah’s Quay, Hawarden & Wrexham, he worked as an inspector at Wrexham between 1975 & 1983, he eventually became Superintendent before retiring in 1991.

Most of the public were led to believe that he just retired after 34 years of service, well I’m going to tell you the truth. In 1991 he was called into the office and spoken to by his superiors & was told in these terms ‘Gordon, you are going to be investigated for fiddling your petrol expenses for your own personal car, you could either let the investigation go ahead and should the allegation against you be proven, you would lose your job and your pension, the second alternative is the allegation goes away and you take early retirement with your big fat pension and pay out’.

So he retired in 1991 and none of the public knew this.

Remember what I told you readers of the blog, when I started this blog over 12 months ago, on my profile where you see Banksy’s picture of the 2 policemen kissing, I told you then how The Mob protect paedophiles and I also told you, make a complaint and there’s always a cover up, the officers are either retired or moved on and very rarely disciplined and this is exactly what happened in this case.

After the paedophile Anglesea retired in 1991, information leaked out from the police station to the press that Anglesea had abused children in care homes, the cocky paedophile decided to bring a claim for libel damages from newspapers and publications including satirical magazine Private Eye and The Independent on Sunday and we all know that Anglesea was awarded £375,000 in damages. Think about it readers of the blog, retired from the force with a big pension, a pay out and then another pay out for damages, 25 years ago must have been like winning the lottery for him.

When Anglesea was an inspector in Wrexham, around the town he was also known as ‘The whack man’ he was a big bully and used to whack the kids across the head. During the ‘80’s Anglesea was asked to run an attendance centre at St Joseph’s school in Wrexham, where every fortnight on a Saturday he would run the centre for 2 hours, taking boys between the ages of 10 – 16 who had been in trouble for petty crime.

Anglesea was the manager at the centre, the regime for the boys was a short sharp shock when the boys arrived at the centre, they would line up on the yard and be inspected by Anglesea for cleanliness, their hands and nails would be checked for dirt. After their parade, they would fall out and whist half of the group would do PE for an hour and the other half would go & do wood work for an hour and then swap around.

One of the victims in the case, we will call him Mr A, he described in court when they would do PE, outside if it was nice weather, that they were made to run across the field to a tree which was quite a far distance and then back, they would do sit ups & press ups and fireman lifts, Mr A described how Anglesea would hold him back while the rest of the group ran ahead and then after some time he would tell Mr A to go so he would have to run to the tree and back, Mr A told the court he was the fastest runner in the group by the time Mr A had come back all the other boys had been in, showered and were ready to go to their next lesson.

Mr A said that when he took his shower, Gordon Anglesea would be standing in the showers in a dry area for him to stand in, he would watch Mr A shower eventually when Mr A went to get dry & changed, Anglesea approached him, started talking nicely to him, promising him all sorts, Mr A was told to bend over the gym bench, where he described in court how his belly was touching the bench & he was on his knees, Mr A told the court, he wasn’t sure if Anglesea used his penis or his finger to penetrate his anus.

Anglesea was cleared of the more serious sexual assault (buggery), but was convicted of an alternative charge of indecent assault. The judge reminded the jury, if you’re unsure of the more serious charge because Mr A wasn’t sure whether it was a finger or a penis, they could take a lesser charge of indecent assault.

Another male who gave evidence in court said he was a boy who had attended the centre, said that when he was in the showers with other lads, Anglesea would always stand in the dry area looking at all the boys in the showers and ogle them, but he told the court he was never sexually assaulted by Anglesea.

Another male who attended the centre, many years later contacted the NSPCC and his conversation was recorded at that time & was played in court. He told the lady who took his call, that when he was at the attendance centre taking a shower, Anglesea would always stare at him and made him do sit ups and press ups in the shower.

Another male who also attended the centre said he wasn’t sexually assaulted in any way by Anglesea but said the same, Anglesea would always stare at the boys in the showers. This man who is now married himself, told his wife and she too gave evidence, confirming the same.

The Police & Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones also gave evidence and he confirmed at that time he was a bobby in the Wrexham area and a driver for Gordon Anglesea, he confirmed that he took Anglesea to Bryn Estyn half a dozen times, dropped him off there and left and couldn’t say how Anglesea got back from there. This was a totally different place to the attendance centre, but they were both in Wrexham, Arfon Jones was under the impression that Anglesea was going to Bryn Estyn to give the boys cautions and we all know the law states that cautions must be given in a police station.

Going back to the attendance centre, Anglesea picked his own staff to work with him, they were other police officer colleagues, one of them lived next door to him in Wrexham, another one was a traffic officer and Sargent at Wrexham, the PE instructor was ex-forces who then joined the police, Anglesea picked him aswell, there was also another bobby from the Mold area who was mates with Anglesea, one of the jury recognised this coppers name and the judge excused the juror so there were only 11 jurors.

Tania Griffiths, defending Anglesea, I can tell you, when she cross examined these witnesses for the prosecution, she went uphill, down dale with them and pressed to the jury that these men have convictions for theft and burglary, as a spectator in the public gallery with many others, we were saying they may well have convictions but their punishment was the attendance centre & homes, not to be abused by the people supposedly there to look after them.

Tania Griffiths also said ‘these boys are here just for compensation’, she was a very rude Barrister who complained & whinged about everything. She was a barking dog; you could see on the judges face that she was trying his patience, the camera crew, journalists were losing patients as were the people in the gallery, she’d basically wound everybody in the courtroom up. She also told the court lies, she told the jury that Anglesea had spent the £375,000 damages money from the libel trial defending this allegation in this trial, which we now know to be false, because the truth is the police federation paid his bill.

Tania Griffiths did well out of that trial, I might submit an FOI request and ask to see her bill of costs.

When Anglesea gave evidence, Tania Griffiths lowered her tone and went through his evidence very calmly with him, they told the Jury that many years ago, when Anglesea was the Inspector, there were 3 lads held in Wrexham custody over Christmas Day and there was nobody in custody to make them a meal and no café’s or shops open nearby, Anglesea described dramatically how his wife made 3 Christmas dinners and brought them to the police station for the 3 prisoners, he also explained he lost his daughter when she was 5 through some illness, he then went on to say recently he had just lost his twin brother who was 79, I think he died of old age, he also put photos of himself in the jury bundle holding his grandchildren and Tania Griffiths kept reminding the jury he’s a frail, 79 year old man, it was all to gain the sympathy vote.

She forgot to tell them over 30 years ago when these indecent assaults took place, he was a powerful 6ft 2in, 49-year-old, strong man.

Tania Griffiths also cross examined police officers from the national crime agency, asking them how did this information leak out to the press? The officer couldn’t answer and replied ‘I don’t know how the press got hold of it’. Tania Griffiths, in her closing speech, told the jury ‘What would you say if your friends and family said Jimmy Saville is guilty and everybody says he is guilty but the evidence has never been heard in court’, I don’t think that went down well with the jury, everyone knows Saville was a horror & a paedophile, when I heard her say that in her speech, a retired school teacher was sitting next to me, we looked at each other in disbelief & couldn’t believe what she just said.

Anglesea for the whole 6 weeks of the trial, came in through the front doors of the court with a smirk on his face, he was also cocky & arrogant, I sat quite close to him during the court breaks and lunchtime in the café area & he was arrogant when he gave evidence, he thought he was going to win this trial & be found not guilty, because he won his libel trial.

Let’s face it readers of the blog, when he was the superintendent at Wrexham, he was a very powerful man, it seemed the officers underneath him were petrified of him. So, stop and think for a moment, how them poor boys aged 10 – 16 at the attendance centre & Bryn Estyn must have been petrified of him and he knew it.

In the next day or so you will read part 2 of this story, regarding the other victim Mr B, this too is shocking.

I will also tell you how the judge in this trial ordered me to be brought into court.

I wonder what DC 2313 Don Kenyon thinks of this case with Gordon Anglesea as he told me police officers don’t tell lies as they have good jobs.

12 thoughts on “The real truth about the paedophile ex-Superintendent Gordon Anglesea Part 1

  1. DON kenyon is a bent lying pig. M.P David Jones is a disgraced expense cheat. North wales police are corrupt. Gordon Anglesey is a ex BENT COP. MARTYN parmley can’t keep his big mouth shut and soon will be !!!!!!. too many bent politicians and corrupt cops in Conwy.

  2. im not very good at ready or listening to stuff like this because it makes me angry, but I forced myself to read this post which I say is very well written Mick. The dominos are falling one by one, it’s just a shame so much trauma and damage has been caused to many innocent people in the process. This man is now 79, and whatever happens to him is simply not good enough.

  3. why the hell should this paedophile be able to keep his pension hope you get beaten up when you go to prison this week you dirty b*****d!!!!!!


  5. Gordon your first wife had the sense to get rid of you, she knew what you were like you dirty bastard. Your second wife Sandra she cant wait to see you go to jail, so she can spend the rest of your money, shes a gold digger and has a new fella lined up already because you will die in jail ha ha ha ha ha!!

  6. where do north wales police recruit their force paedophiles, thieves, going on police computer ,drinking and driving, going shopping in the police vehicle, having affairs with each other. Have we ever had a welsh chief constable? just keep robbing the welsh tax payer.

  7. After having conversations with several of my elderly neighbors the past few days it appears, Anglsea was well known in this area. He was also known for being very involved in the Methodist church here in rhos on sea, the general opinion of him however is a man who was very disliked, and a bastard. I wonder what the church have to say about him. And there involvement with yet another “peodofile”

  8. I would like to congratulate north wales police on bringing a charge against Gordon the beast Anglesey. They have also brought a charge against Gary Donnelly another beast. Can NWP go one better and charge disgraced M.P. David Jones for his involvement in the thoughts of Oscar debacle.


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