Jessica Ennis Hill, apologise to Ched Evans, please!!!

International footballer Ched Evans has been found not guilty of the rape of a 19-year-old woman on Friday 14th October 2016. The jury of 7 women & 5 men cleared Mr Evans at Cardiff Crown Court, they took just 2 hours to acquit him.

Ched was originally tried by a jury at Caernarfon Crown Court where he was found guilty and sent to prison for 5 years, on his release he appealed his conviction to the Court of Appeal in London, where leave to appeal was refused, Ched’s last chance was to apply to the CCRC, Criminal Case Review Commissioner, where new evidence was submitted to the CCRC and in April this year before 3 appeal court judges in London, the conviction was quashed and a retrial was ordered for October this year and now we all know the outcome.

The 19 year old girl never complained of rape to the police, there was no forensics or DNA, although she claimed her drink had been spiked whilst drinking around pubs in Rhyl, but while she was in the hotel in Rhuddlan, North Wales in May 2011 with no memory of what happened but agreed to have sex with another footballer Clayton McDonald and she said that the sex with Clayton McDonald was consensual, how strange that when she had sex with Ched Evans all of a sudden she says it was not consensual, sounds to me like she has selective memory.

Now let’s turn to North Wales Police and the CPS. The Crown Prosecution Service is the principle prosecuting authority for England and Wales, established as an independent body in 1986 to prosecute criminal cases, they work closely with the Police and other investigators to advise on lines of enquiry and to decide appropriate charges or other outcomes in accordance with the code for Crown Prosecutors. The CPS prosecutors prepare cases for court and present cases in both the Magistrates Courts and higher courts.

So why did North Wales Police and the CPS in North Wales, senior Prosecutor Karen Dixon get this case so wrong, was this case motivated by a personal vendetta from North Wales Police and the CPS against Ched Evans, there was quite clearly no evidence yet the CPS decided to waste the public’s money as they think they have a divine right to win every case, as we know the CPS and The Mob have just lost 2 other rape cases in North Wales, these are on a previous post.

If the senior investigator from the police in this case and the senior investigator from the CPS had to pay out of their own money for this retrial it would never have made the courtroom but because it’s the tax payers money they obviously don’t care, I think the CPS and the Police owe Mr Evans an apology; he spent 2 ½ years in prison and 2 ½ years on licence regularly attending probation and missed over 5 years of his football career and as we all know a footballer’s career is short.

Well North Wales Police and the CPS, it’s time to pay Mr Evans his compensation, I hope you have not capped it at a half a million, he deserves at least £4-5 million, Ched also missed out on what would have been one of the most memorable & important football occasions by not playing for his country Wales at the Euro 2016 championships.

All he was guilty of was cheating on his girlfriend; come on men out there and police officers how many of you have done that behind your wives/girlfriend’s backs?

Finally, Jessica Ennis Hill you owe Ched Evans an apology this Olympic athlete asked for her name to be removed from the stand at Sheffield United’s ground if Ched was resigned following his release from prison in 2014.

Should this post appear on your Facebook, please do not like it, share it so it goes viral, so it will help shame Jessica Ennis Hill into making a public apology to Ched Evans. Personally speaking I can’t wait to hear what Jessica says.

There were quite a few other people where I live in North Wales who also jumped on the bandwagon and knocked Ched Evans, you must all be eating humble pie now.

Isn’t it frightening to think how many people North Wales Police and the CPS have put in prison on trumped up charges, I should know, I’ve been one of them, in the end people who have been wrongly convicted tend to give in and accept it, fair play to Ched Evans and his fiancé Natasha Massey for standing up to The Mob and CPS in North Wales.

How convenient when I attended Llandudno police station and spoke to Sergeant David Ramessur – Williams and made a complaint about the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar, Sgt Williams denied all knowledge of who ‘Oscar’ was, I told him that untrue comments had been put on that blog during my trial in 2010, he wasn’t interested in arresting 7 Bellies Nigel Roberts, MP David Jones or Dylan Moore, all 3 of whom authored that blog but he clearly remembers sitting next to his colleague operating the police helicopter, taking photos of my property, a lot must have been discussed in the Williams house and yet his wife Superintendent Jo Ramessur – Williams has warned people that anybody who names the girl on social media who accused Ched Evans of rape will be arrested and prosecuted under section 5 of the Sexual Offences amendment act and this girl has a life time of anonymity.

Her husband the Sergeant chose to ignore the poison pen blog gang who could have prejudiced my trial in 2010, no charges have yet to be brought against Oscars gang.

Regarding Sergeant Ramessur – Williams, you can view my previous post here:

Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 11

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13 thoughts on “Jessica Ennis Hill, apologise to Ched Evans, please!!!

  1. North wales police need prosecuting. I’m not being sexist but come on, Karen Dixon head of crown prosecution. She hasn’t got a clue. Isn’t that a mans job.

  2. First of all, people who are wrongly convicted like nick and Anita, and me, will NOT give in, roll over. Or accept it. Second, jo Ramseurr Williams was head of ppl- public protection unit. Her mother, is head of social services, her father is head of POVA. Protection of vulnerable adults, yet, the public and our children and our elderly need protection from this corrupt family. As for the rape charges- he didn’t deserve what happened to him, and as muck has said, alls he is guilty of is cheating on his girlfriend, well, let’s hope this is a very tough lesson to others. Don’t cheat. P.s. mick, you would have made a good solicitor, or maybe you should apply for dioxins job 😂

  3. Come on Mick, apply for Karen Dixons Job 🤓 As head of CPS. Graham Parry told me that the legal system are all moving away from the crown…..well, I think we need to move away from the mythical dellusional Freemason unicorn, and back to the crown. Starting with heads rolling from top jobs. Starting with Dixons job, then Mark Polin NWP, then huw Humphries of humphries solicitors ,chairman of the solicitors regulation authority.

    1. O no thanks, law is a minefield and I am not diplomatic enough, u only need to see my fb to see that, another ban for 30 days, bcos my latest blog post begins to name the networks hitlist 🤓

  4. Parmley you crook. What are you going to do with your will, maybe you could buy a chippy in glan Conwy where you live.or even buy a coal mine. Parmley the clown what’s your opinion on CHED EVANS??? NWP got it wrong with the crown prosecution service eh. Give an honest answer as your a sacked ex cop, parmley you know your kid will start to trust you again one day maybe. After all parmley you have been a fool..

  5. the girl who acussed mr evans of the false allegation broke down after giving 3 hours of evidence at cardiff crown court, she now says shes had enough and is fleeing to australia, if anyones to blame dear, its you, you are now probably feeling let down by the police

  6. i bet the police and the cps promised her all kinds if ched would have been found guilty, go and spend your beer tokens in australia.

  7. Michael John Creamer
    4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL
    Please note the accuser never once complained of being raped and in the first trial at Caernarfon she never even turned up to court the mob had to go and find her and bring her to court. In north wales the police and the cps always want positive results to show the government there figures of recent more cases have been acquitted.
    Good luck to ched and Natasha.

  8. When former chief super Simon humphreys landed in north wales from down south, it was around 2005 ish. I was involved in several committees one of those was LAPS. We had very little crime in Conwy so humphreys set about fixing something that wasn’t broken. Without crime, the police are redundant. Shame they focus on innocent people and leave the real criminals like humphries walking the streets. As soon as I heard that by day humphries was a chief super and by night he was a rock band manager, alarm bells started ringing. Bruce Springsteen stayed at humphries house, yet Springsteen at the time was a heavy heroin addict. I guess using heroin takes on a different form if you have money, so it seems.

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