This Is Targeted Harassment 

Below are the letters I received from the PCA (now the IPCC) after I complained about another stop by The Mob. I’m sure you’ll agree that the police investigating the police, which is what happens when a complaint is made and is a waste of time.

Michael Creamer

michael creamer




All the comments and messages are much appreciated, remember no bad language there are school children reading.


3 thoughts on “This Is Targeted Harassment 

  1. Stand up to The Mob and fight for fair treatment, we should be demanding something is done about NorthWalesPolice and their warped idea of justice & fair treatment.

  2. Michael I have spoken to many of your friends, long term friends and short term friends. they find this site interesting, truthful and accurate. all of your friends are frightened to leave a comment as they are in fear for their lives as they don’t trust north wales police aka the mob. let me remind people, the most famous comment on freedom of speech was voting. what the translation of what he said was. I am disgusted by what you say, but I will fight to the death, for your right to say it. he said that of course in a context in a ferocious attack on freedom of speech, but the reason he said it was free speech of itself is incredibly important no matter how stupid how distasteful no matter how irritating we are going towards a society where people are afraid to SPEAK.

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