Michael, we desperately need your driving licence

To the people viewing this site I am not going to tell you of every time I have been stopped over the years, there are too many to list, I have all records, date & times for the chief constable if he wishes to view them.

So here are a few spread over 20 years.

1994, Inspector Rolly Schwartz and another member of The Mob followed me from Conwy to my home in Mona Rd, I was driving a blue Mazda pick-up, as I pulled up outside the house, they were behind me.

“Can I have a word Michael?” asked Rolly Schwartz, shining his torch in my face. “Have you been drinking?”

I said “I had a coffee about an hour ago”

“Alcohol I meant” He said.

I said “No”.

He then said “Michael would you provide a breath specimen”? I refused.

He said “you’ll be arrested for failing to provide a specimen”, so I agreed to give a sample, as usual a negative result.

Rolly, with his torch then went around the vehicle, checking the tyres and lights.

I asked him, “Why have you stopped me?”

He said “Intelligence received”.

Taco-graphs Are Fail Proof

Once again in 1994, I was driving my tipper wagon, where I had been up to Dolgarrog tip, on my way home, just before I got into Dolgarrog at 7:40 in the morning, a traffic vehicle was coming towards me, I had this feeling it was going to turn around and come after me.

My instincts were right, The Mob were behind me and they followed me until I got to the Bedol pub.

Two officers got out and came towards me, they asked me to get out of the wagon, which I did and asked “Do you know why we stopped you?”

I said “No”

They said “You were speeding!”

I said that “I wasn’t, I kept to the speed limit, I could see you in my mirror”, they said they had done a calibrated speed over a certain distance.

I said “I was not speeding”, they then went on to ask me to provide a breath specimen, which I gave and once again that result was negative.

They then went around the wagon with a fine tooth comb, looking at the tyres, testing the air brakes etc, they also asked did I have an operator’s licence, before I left they said I would be reported for speeding, I went on my way, as they did.

The Mob made one mistake…they never checked my taco-graph!!!

I received a summons to appear at Llandudno Magistrates court, my solicitor Don Roberts and I attended the court.

Something to think about readers who follow this site, you’re going to court to defend a case against 2 police officers, I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it would be in the court against The Mob, who would the magistrates believe, Michael the builder or the 2 police officers?

I think we all know who they would believe, The Mob.

Anyway, much to the prosecutions surprise, my solicitor produced the taco-graph in court.

After careful consideration and viewing the taco-graph by the prosecution, the prosecution dismissed the case and I thought that was the end of the matter until The Mob arrested me for perverting the course of justice, they had sent the taco-graph off to Chorley for their forensics to check it out.

I was interviewed in Conwy police station and bailed to appear back at Llandudno Magistrates, the case eventually referred to Caernarfon Crown Court.

In a nutshell what the police and the prosecution were saying, was that the taco-graph showed that I was not speeding when stopped by the police. I was not speeding on that day, they said I must have done the same run from Dolgarrog tip at the same time that I was stopped but on a different day because you fill the dates in yourself on a taco-graph, which was a ridiculous scenario to come up with by the prosecution.

We were ready to go to trial for the alleged offence of perverting the course of justice and on deaths door the prosecution threw this one out as-well.

My solicitor put a claim in for all the court appearances that I attended as I had to take time off work plus solicitors costs, I eventually received over £1100.

Invoices can be shown.

If any of the readers of the blog or anybody else would like any confirmation about this case I’m sure Karen Dixon, senior lawyer from the CPS in Colwyn Bay would confirm.

Again a waste of the public’s money and also the amount of time I spent on bail.

Strange Happenings

In the summer of 2010, I was having a drink at the Liverpool Arms, it was a nice evening and I was standing outside, when out of nowhere one officer of The Mob came over to me and said “Can you provide me with a breath specimen?”

I said “You what? All the people down here and you want a breath specimen off me”

He said “You’re in charge of that vehicle over there” and pointed to my van, I replied “That’s my van but I’m not in charge of it” he said again “Are you going to give me a breath specimen?” I said “No I’m not”.

He then went on to say “Have you got the keys with you?” I replied “No I haven’t but, see that woman over there (pointing to my wife) she’s got them, she’s in charge of the vehicle”

So he went and asked Anita, did she have the keys? she said yes, Anita doesn’t drink at all, then the officer just walked away and left.

How strange was that?!

After making my own enquiries, we found out that Peter Nolan from the chippy in Conwy, reported me for drink driving, Peter didn’t think I’d find that out!! Well I wasn’t drink driving.

I Can Smell Alcohol

In 2013, Anita and I were travelling through Mochdre around about midnight, when an unmarked Police vehicle came up behind me, followed me for a distance and then put his blue lights on, indicating for me to pull over, which I did.

1627 Chris Jones came over to the vehicle and asked me to wind the window down. I shouted through the window “I am not winding it down, what do you want?” he then asked me “Where have you been?”

I replied back “It’s none of your business where I have been” then he said again “Open the window Michael”, I replied “No!”

My wife was in the passenger seat and there was a female officer standing over the passenger door, because I wouldn’t open the window, 1627 Chris Jones then decided to use his bully-boy tactics, drawing his baton, saying if I didn’t open the window he was going to smash it and that he could smell alcohol. How he could smell alcohol through a window is beyond me.

I agreed to open the window halfway down so he could put his hand in with the machine to breathalise me, I again told him, it’s an offence to drink drive so why would I do it.

We waited for the reading. It was Zero, negative again.

I said to Chris, “I thought you could smell alcohol?” His pathetic answer was “Anita must have been drinking”, people who know Anita, know that she doesn’t drink at all.

On September 24th 2014, I contacted the Chief Constable’s office and asked to speak to him, his secretary asked why and I explained it’s personal and I need to see him urgently. After the secretary made some enquiries, she got back to me asked what’s it regarding, I again explained that it’s personal.

He refused to see me.

We need answers now and we need the government to help us get them, because this level of harassment needs investigating.




11 thoughts on “Michael, we desperately need your driving licence

  1. You were paid mr creamer one thousand, one hundred pounds by the police. What an absolute disgrace. It was a good job you had that taco graph otherwise you would of been paying north wales bent police force a hefty fine as they tried to set you up once again. I suppose NORTH WALES POLICE USED WELSH TAX PAYERS MONEY TO REIMBURSED THE 1.100 POUNDS . Come on police inspector tell us how much you have spent on helicopters and money paid back to Michael creamer for your mistakes.

    1. Maybe it would be of interest to the government if Mr Creamer could put together an estimate of the costs to the tax payer in the persecution of one man who still to this day has a clean driving license , over 200 stops, surely North Wales Police know by now that he is always fully insured, always has up to date tax and MOT and would not drink and drive , he would be a fool to do any of these things and a fool he is not. So why did they keep targeting him ? If I was to waste police time I could be prosecuted , yet they are allowed to waste their own time at a cost to the tax payer. The police surely must have known they were never going to get him on any driving offense so why keep stopping him, vindictive springs to mind, I for one don’t like to think my taxes are funding a vindictive police force . Its such a shame the way this country is at the moment, elderly people are being robbed in the streets due to lack of police walking the rounds as they used to, why ? they don’t have the resources to put officers on the beat, because they waste their resources.

  2. Michael, I think you have the basics from all your experiences to write a Booker Prize winning novel. You will make a fortune!
    The North Wales Police lost my respect a long time ago, and I suspect that many other people feel the same way. They have no manners, are vindictive in their attitude, have a mentality that should require them to be certified, and an approach to their responsibilities that is lacking in any form of common sense.
    Perhaps we should have a few demonstrations and give them an opportunity to attack us with batons, CS gas, Tazers and riot shields, they would enjoy that!

    1. Tony your not telling me north wales police payed peter nolan for false information are you. So the mob are paying for helicopters, too many police officers, 1’100 pounds to mr creamer for there incompetence and now there paying informants for false information again I can’t believe the amount of TAX PAYERS MONEY THE MOB ARE SPENDING ON ONE MAN.

  3. it s a disgrace Michael that pc chris jones smell alcohol he must of smelt his own breath and like all of THE MOB IS SHIT THEY ARE BULLYS

  4. North Wales police are an absolute joke,look what they have put Michael Creamer through over the years, he certainly needs JUSTICE, not just for himself but for his wife and kids.

  5. I personally know of Police Officers, who after clocking on for a night shift, would visit the back doors of local pubs and avail themselves of a pint of ale at the landlords expense. This was before they had even started any patrolling, and was a regular nightly occurance?

  6. Michael I have spoken to many of your friends, long term friends and short term friends. they find this site interesting, truthful and accurate. all of your friends are frightened to leave a comment as they are in fear for their lives as they don’t trust north wales police aka the mob. let me remind people, the most famous comment on freedom of speech was voting. what the translation of what he said was. I am disgusted by what you say, but I will fight to the death, for your right to say it. he said that of course in a context in a ferocious attack on freedom of speech, but the reason he said it was free speech of itself is incredibly important no matter how stupid how distasteful no matter how irritating we are going towards a society where people are afraid to SPEAK.

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