PC 1352 Dave Parminter involved in a road rage

I have told you on this blog before that this man’s name will keep popping up, as he’s been up to all kinds over the years; you’ve read on a previous post all about his ex-wife Hanne Tolg Parminter, who resigned from the fire service at Conwy amid an investigation into her alleged involvement in writing for far-right websites.

Parminter and his ex-wife have been protected by their state employers, they are as bad as each other.

PC Parminter

Emily Tolg Parminter (the daughter) was involved in an incident last year, when she was caught driving without insurance; her father Dave Parminter allowed her to drive his BMW when she was only a learner driver, not displaying L plates and no insurance, how convenient that she was let off with a warning.

Parminter himself was involved in a road rage incident where he ran over a man’s foot and broke it, he got off with that aswell, it’s disgraceful. I’ve told you before when he used to be a bobby in Conwy, he gave a few kids a slap, he got his name sprayed all over the council offices in Bodlondeb, he went to the Magistrates courts, told them he needs a warrant to search my property, that warrant was negative, all of this is on previous posts.

You also heard of him calling a code red and getting a number of police vehicles to attend Conwy Square and have me arrested for a public order offence, where I pleaded not guilty. The little garden gnome Parminter never turned up for court and I was found not guilty, he thought he could do what he liked; eventually The Mob saw through him and got rid of him.

Not so long ago he was speeding in his BMW, going through Mochdre like a lunatic, where PC 1425 Andy Collis was on duty and drove after him, pulled him over, PC Collis could smell alcohol on him, breathalysed him and as you all know it was a positive reading, Parminter tried to worm out of it with PC Collis, but Collis reported back to his bosses that Parminter’s driving was atrocious going through Mochdre and he couldn’t turn a blind eye to it, he was put before the courts and banned for drink driving, that’s him, his wife & his daughter all up to no good.

David Parminter

It’s frightening to think about how many people he stitched up when he was a copper, he did it to me and he would have done it to one of your sons or daughters and finally he is a friend of Nigel ‘7 bellies’ Roberts one of the authors of Thoughts of Oscar, I have to keep mentioning the blog and 7 Bellies because the police told the public lies, saying they didn’t know who was the author of the blog, when they knew exactly who it was and they used that poison pen blog to get people convicted.

There will be more to come on Parminter and his family.

The next post you will read in the next few days is concerning a police officer who was secretly recorded bad mouthing me and you will see he’s committed fraud himself.

Superintendent John Chapman, I am still waiting patiently, can you try and sort my money out.


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  1. I’m not interesting in hearing about corruption from north wales police . Every man and his dog know N.W.P. are bent. What I want to know is has the pervert Gary sky plumb been charged ???


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