Gambling Habit

Two men who had a gambling habit ripped off £15K from Morrisons and Judge Nicolas Parry at Mold Crown Court gave these two men 14 month suspended sentence, for stealing from the store, their mitigation was we have got a gambling habit.

I couldn’t have used that excuse, because I didn’t rip anybody off and no one was owed any money, but John Rogers QC sent me to jail for over 4 years and gave me a £2million proceeds of crime order.

Going back to the Morrisons workers, neither Calvin or Jamie received a proceeds of crime order.

I have emailed you David Cameron, I am waiting patiently for a response, but these last few cases I’ve showed you at Mold Crown Court, the same Crown Court where I was sentenced, once again this cannot be right, these are cases of theft, conspiracy, benefit fraud and mortgage fraud and all walked free from court on suspended sentences, whilst the government actually made money on me, think about the capital gains tax and stamp duty I’ve paid over the years.

Good luck to these people that walk free, as it is the system that needs changing Prime Minister or was it just corruption at the highest level by North Wales Police against me??

I want answers!!

Read the full story in the Daily Post


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  1. Wouldn’t this be interesting if David Cameron was reading this site. If he does the law would have to change or north Wales Police would need investigating.

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