3 thoughts on “Police Brutality UK

  1. Members of the public the mob have been corrupt for many years now. Hillsborough was a prime example, south Yorkshire Police murdered 96 innocent Liverpool fans. The mob were not satisfied being murders, they then blamed the fans for the deaths. To make matters worse the whole world believed the bent cops, that was until David Cameron ordered a inquest and found out that basically all the mob lied and hopefully the cops will end up being charged. JUSTICE FOR THE 96. RIP TO ALL THE FANS WHO WERE MURDERED BY THE BRITISH. POLICE…

  2. It seems to me that there is a big problem with gambling in the police force. Poker while on duty, Chinese takeaways, no wonder the mob are fat, hide and seek, 30 pound a day thats what we each pay every day to the mob in tax.The police are taking the paying taxpayers for complete fools. Disgusting behaviour by the police.

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