Who Is Responsible For Employing These People?

Prime Minister, David Cameron, why are our judges in Wales so lenient whenever it comes to prosecuting Public Servants?

David Jones ex-secretary state for Wales, sacked by yourself, fiddled his expenses for over £80,000, re-paid it back, only when caught out, he didn’t even get prosecuted and he wasn’t given a proceeds of crime order.


Gary Donnelly, Police Officer jailed for 18 months for sexually abusing a 14 year old school girl. Donnelly told the judge, that the victim had reminded him of his late wife. Members of the public who do not understand the law and know nothing about it, when you read in the papers that somebody has been given a sentence of 18 months custody like Gary Donnelly, the sentence is halved as is everybody’s sentence, unless it’s a recommended sentence by a judge, so in fact Donnelly got 9 months, then he was eligible for a tag, which would have been approximately 3 months, so Mr Donnelly only served a 6 month prison sentence,  yet a young girl has to live with that for the rest of her life and is mentally scared for life.


Next Police Officer, again from North Wales James Calvely Evans who downloaded child porn and also tried to arrange sexual activity with a young girl on line, charged with grooming a 12 year old girl, the images found on Evans’ computer were shocking and his actions disgraceful says the judge and I will send you to prison for 28 months, you know you will only do half which is 14 months, less your tag, you should be back out within 10 months. We only hope and pray he doesn’t go near a computer and stays away from play grounds.


The above officers have committed despicable crimes and yet are protected by our courts and neither of them received proceeds of crime orders.

Now lets have a look at Gary Humphrey a Prison Officer at HMP Altcourse, Liverpool who steals £300 from Marcin Kowalski, an inmate at Altcourse Prison. A man who’s abused his position of trust gets 12 weeks prison, half of that 6 weeks prison and no proceeds of crime.


As readers of this blog know, without repeating myself, I was given over 4 years prison for mortgage fraud, for owing nobody any money, no complainee and a victimless crime. Again for some of you who don’t understand the law, Crown Court Judges know once they give you a day over 4 years, you have to do half, which is 2 years and they know you’re not eligible for tag and they also know for the other 2 years you have to be on licence and attend probation on a regular basis so you are punished for the whole 4 years and a £2 million proceeds of crime which has been reduced, so I have to give the police and the CPS money.

Come on Prime Minister, our English laws are out-dated and need changing. What I’ve described above is an absolute disgrace.

I’m not going away Prime Minister until I get justice. North Wales Police would love to just brush this under the carpet, I will keep complaining for myself and my family.

There are loads more shocking stories to come out, regarding North Wales Police, sacked Police Officers, corruption etc.

I would like to thank the women that have come forward with their information, who were married to Police Officers and who are now separated, your information is being looked at by our solicitors as it has to be checked  before being published.

Thank you all.


3 thoughts on “Who Is Responsible For Employing These People?

  1. If a hard working taxpayer fiddles his council tax then surely he goes to jail no doubt about it. So how come nothing happens to David Jones m.p. for fiddling the queen’s money. One rule for hard working taxpayers, then there is an other rule for the spoon in the mouth David Jones m.p. also David Cameron how come a person goes to jail for stealing razor blades from asda for 3 years, yet north Wales Police officers do six months for being a paedophile and destroy children’s lives. So David Cameron Michael Creamer is right when he says the law needs changing. Paedophiles needs life in prison and the man who steals from asda needs help to get a helping hand finding a job so he can pay tax. Its what the whole of u.k. want mr prime minister.

  2. Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL, Mobile:07977928434
    If anybody in Wales has been arrested by either of these disgusting officers, you may have been subjected to a strip search or a pat down, speak to a solicitor, you may be entitled to compensation.

  3. I was arrested on my driveway because they had no warrant, my shoes took off me, searched, then taken to st asaph and strip searched, looking for stolen police uniforms. I went to JW Hughes to make a complaint and Graham Parry played the part well. However transparent.

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