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I’ve emailed the Prime Minister David Cameron, a link to this blog to tell him of the corruption and harassment that is going on in North Wales and has been going on for years.

Something needs to be done about our corrupt North Wales Police. and maybe now the Prime Minister will do something about it

Email To Cameron


5 thoughts on “Email To The Prime Minister

  1. Come on David Cameron do something about North Wales Police force. Taxpayers are well and truly fed up with our police they are pure evil. Mr prime minister you sacked the troll David Jones m.p. and we are very grateful you did that. Now do the decent thing and come down heavy on the corrupt thugs that is conwy police. The evidence is all there David Cameron, we are not making this up its all true. We just want justice.

    1. Tax Payers Alliance (search them on google) should be made aware of the situation, find the page and type In police in the search box, comes up with all that they have investigated into, the helicopter thing should be reported to them, what a waste of money that was. Not feeling very literate this evening, sorry.

  2. I am not a tory but I voted for guto bebb in the elections. Guto you spoke very well in the house of commons about corrupt north Wales Police force and bent m.p. David jones regarding collusion. So come on guto have an other word with David Cameron.If you want my vote again guto scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Thanks again mr bebb for telling everyone in the house commons that collusion had taken place between n.w.p and m.p. David evil jones.

  3. I wonder what David Cameron will think about north Wales Police. You have the power David to send all named to jail. North Wales Police need to be accountable for their actions, a bit like south Yorkshire Police after Hillsborough. Well done prime minister for having a inquest into the Hillsborough tragedy.

  4. David Cameron if you are trying to think who David Jones is, its the vile little man who you yourself sacked the untrustworthy m.p. for swindling eighty thousand pounds expenses. He also made a vicious blog along with his cronies nigel roberts and dylan moore. North Wales residents are sick and tired of these ghastly men. I do hope mr prime minister you have the power to sort these vile men and n.w.p. out once and for all.

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