Witch-hunt Part 10

Helicopter for Creamer

While we were living in rented accommodation at 6 Cwrt Llewelyn, the Mob harassed and tried to bully the neighbours asking some of them if they could put cameras in their houses to keep an eye on my house, only those neighbours told me, fair play to them.

I wonder what they wanted to keep an eye on my house for because I don’t know what they were hoping to see or find.

After the restraint order was lifted, Anita was able to spend her £400,000, she paid £100,000 into Cambria Developments account which paid for the land from Conwy Council, that plot of land is where our house is built, 4 Parc Waen.

As the house was being built we decided to move from Cwrt Llewelyn as renting is dead money, so Anita bought 47 Penmaen Rd from a Mr Williams, although he’d passed away, Anita bought it from the family. It was advertised with Fletcher Poole for £130,000 but it was in need of total refurbishment, the Williams family agreed with Anita on £115,000, Anita paid cash for the house, that cash being legitimate and was purchased using the money returned from the police.


This house was only a stop gap while our new house was being built, I put new windows into 47 Penmaen Rd, a new kitchen, conservatory, new carpets and the house was decorated throughout, we stayed there approx. 18 months and then put it back on the market with Fletcher & Poole for £155,000, it was then sold to a Mr Williams, this Mr Williams was no relation to the previous Williams family we purchased from.




The Mob did not introduce this house into the conspiracy? We don’t know why.

So why did Don Kenyon send the helicopter out again to take aerial views and then go on foot to the Morfa Business Park, entering their premises to go behind the fence and take a photo of the front of the house? This was all at great expense to the tax payer.



Come on North Wales Police, what was the motive behind these photographs, this house was not included in the conspiracy, the money that paid for the house was legitimate, as I said more wasted public money, flying helicopters around my house.

This very same house, many years ago before I bought it, The Mob had spoken to Mr Williams the owner and asked him could they put cameras on the back of his property to look into the boatyard where I had 2 building containers, they wanted to watch me coming and going, fair play to Mr Williams, he told them no and told me they had been there harassing him.

I’m amazed, what did they hope to find?

Theresa May, I hope you read this blog and I hope you reduce the budget to North Wales Police, to me it looks like they are overpaid and have loads of money to waste, that money would be better spent reducing the national deficit or in support of our NHS.

Winston Roddick, look at how much money North Wales Police have wasted over the years, shouldn’t tax payers money be spent on more important things

The witch-hunt continues….


9 thoughts on “Witch-hunt Part 10

  1. The helicopter should be taken away from north Wales Police no serious crimes take place here, give the helicopter to a police force that actually needs it. N.w.p are wasting taxpayers money to take photographs of houses of all things.

  2. Taxpayers want to see bobbies on the street, not helicopters taking pictures of mr creamers houses. North Wales Police have had a bottomless pit of money to spend on one innocent man and wife.

  3. mr creamer i can tell you that your knocking on the door now, brunstroms pet dog alan jones and steve carroll helped start your investigation off, jones and carroll were getting information from their informants and passing it on to brunstrom, as mr brunstrom was one of the big bosses in the gang along with clive wolfendale, simon humphries and it was these that had dc don kenyon and the rest of them assigned to the job operation pylon, mortgage fraud that didnt exist. ask guto bebb to write to the cps and ask to apply for a freedom of information that year in 2008/2009 north wales police drafted in an extra 60 officers into the major crime unit, some officers doing part time work, but they were all assigned to operation pylon, you mr creamer and the readers of this blog have got no idea on how much money north wales police spent on your case, this information they dont want the public to see as its too embarrassing for them and some of the above officers would be disciplined for it. david jones mp a contributor to the thoughts of oscar blog along with nigel roberts abused the blog and hoped those derogatory remarks that were on that blog about yourself would prejudice your trial, and it all worked for them. keep knocking at that door mr creamer your nearly there. something has to give. good luck.

  4. I was reading through your blog Michael and i was looking at John Hansons report regarding Thoughts of Oscar, he is saying, that Nigel has done nothing wrong on his blog, freedom of speech you can say anything, and he was backed up by CPS Lawyer Karen Dixon, and Inspector Ian Verburgh said, if you dont like whats on the blog, dont look at it, so the same must apply on your blog? Mind you this blog seems all true and factual. Great blog.

  5. I cannot believe how the police have let Don Kenyon use and abuse the helicopter, it was alleged mortgage fraud for Christ sake! you didn’t need photos of every property.

  6. the north wales police budget should be cut, obviously been given to much money and need to spend it all by the end of the tax year or they wont get the same amount the following year. im embarressed the way they have spent the tax payers money.


  8. Taxpayers – do u realise that NWP have there own taxi service just for police officers…..they call it blue light taxis…… after there boozy nights out they call there mates who r on duty and save themselves the cab fair home……I was floored the first time I saw this….. and have u ever seen a bunch of coppers out on the town together, OMG iv never in my life come across a more badly behaved bunch of people….and with an attitude to match………”what they gonna do(meaning the public) call the cops hahaha” said carroll when I commented on the behaviour I witnessed in a bar in Chester one night

  9. Good point nicola smith. North Wales Police not happy with wasting taxpayers money on helicopters, the mob go out on the beer then phone up there mates on duty to pick them up and take them home drunk in a cop car. Chief inspector have a word with your officers the cop car is for serious crime not for steve carroll and his drunk chums to grab a lift home. This taxpayer is furious grrrrrr.

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