Witch-hunt part 11

Helicopter for Creamer

To all you tax-payers out there, did you know it costs ONE MILLION POUNDS a year just on fuel alone to run the helicopter, that’s without the 3 men’s wages to operate it.

I think I have made my point on this issue, how they have wasted your money flying helicopters around my properties, gangsters/organised criminals who are actively involved in criminality do not get this type of treatment from The Mob, if they did then the public would think money well spent.

When I was being interviewed by Don Kenyon, I was asked ‘What about this house? 138 Conwy Rd, Llandudno Junction’ my reply was ‘not my house, go and speak to the owner, whoever owns it’.



He then said ‘what about 15 Bryn Rhys, Glan Conwy?’, again I replied ‘go and speak to the owner that owns it and stop moidering me’,



He went on to say ‘what about 23 First Avenue, Rhos on Sea?’ I replied ‘why don’t you ask me who owns Buckingham Palace? Because you’re asking me about properties here that I don’t own and have never owned. The properties over the years that I have owned by myself or that Anita has owned have all been in Conwy’.



Don Kenyon then went on to say ‘there is no harm in asking do you own them’. So I said ‘well I don’t own them, don’t ask me again because I won’t answer you’

These were later identified by The Mob as having nothing to do with me as I told them to check HM Land Registry. During The Mobs investigation, they later found out those 3 properties were owned by 2 brothers with no connection to me.

My apologies to whoever lives in these properties now, for putting them on my blog, but they were shown to the jury and everybody during my trial and I know it’s not nice for your homes to be displayed on the internet, so you can imagine how frustrated I was, being accused of owning them when I didn’t.

Don Kenyon and whoever was assigned to Operation Pylon must have had a hay-day in sending that helicopter here, there and everywhere.

Police Crime Commissioner Winston Roddick, what do you think to the money wasted by The Mob? I’d be interested to know if you’ve read this blog because in 2014 I tried to make an appointment to see you to discuss this but you refused to meet with me.

The witch-hunt continues….


5 thoughts on “Witch-hunt part 11

  1. strange, iv tried too, several times and im always blocked by the secretary…..Anna Humphries I believe who is also on the committee for the police authority, conflict of interest. Yet on the justice .gov site it says in plain English you can contact he police and crime commissioner if you are not happy with how the police are run….I done this two days ago and received an email back referring me to professional standards….the email was not signed by anyone which I found very odd.

  2. Don Kenyon you are taking the piss out of the taxpayers. I believe you need counselling with your fetishism for helicopters and photography.

  3. Iv just had an email from Constable Mark Rhodes 1892 stating that no crimes are being committed if you lie, steal, cheat, hypnotise, drug, gangstalk, or even murder anyone in this town…….and that’s straight from an officer of our police force

  4. but it is a crime to refuse to pay someone else,s council tax (a police officers) and u will go to jail do not pass go and do not collect £200 and like Anita, no crime is a crime ……allegedly.

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