Witch-hunt part 9

Definition of Witch Hunt:

An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

Prime Minister and the Chief Constable of North Wales Police, please take note.

Just to update you from the last post, Anita has sold 2 Coed-yr-Afon, Gyffin, Conwy and after redeeming her mortgage, she was left with approx. £393,000, plus monies she got for selling furniture from the house. Myself and Anita, whenever we have bought a house, we refurbish it with new furniture and when we sell the property we also sell the furniture.

So after the transactions had all gone through, Anita in her Advantage Private account ended up with £400,000.

We then moved to rented accommodation which was 6 Cwrt Llewelyn, Bangor Rd, Conwy, so we are all quite clear here, let’s look back at Anita’s history; 5 Mona Rd, mortgage for £18,700, property sold for £43,000, the police did not introduce this property into the conspiracy. House number 2, Penmon, Lon Padog, Whinacres bought for £54,500, sold for around £300,000 11 years later.

House number 3, 2 Coed-yr-Afon bought for £380,000 sold for £455,000, leaving Anita with £400,000 can anybody try and convince me, to tell me what she’s done wrong? Stamp duty has been paid on the properties. Oh, the CPS and police wanted to steal her money.

Now moving onto myself, mortgages that I have had in joint names, my name was on 5 Mona Rd, in joint names, my name was on the mortgage on Whinacres and later on removed.

I had a mortgage on my own on 10 Penmaen Crescent, that was approx. for £36,000 that property was sold and the mortgage paid back.

I told you earlier I sold 5 Mona Rd to my father around 1994/95 where he lived up until approx. 2004, due to his ill health and not being able to work anymore, he asked me did I want to buy the house back, I told him no, he also asked other members of my family did they want it, he had also contacted an estate agent, after further consideration my father asked me would I do him a favour and buy it so he could rent it back off me, which I did. I brought it back for approx. £67,000 I later sold that property so I had had 2 mortgages on my own which were both redeemed.

My 3 children had a house which I paid cash for and put in trust for them (you have already read about this) Once again what have I done wrong?

Oh I forgot The Mob were desperate to convict me.

I was working and had various business ventures, earning good money, maybe The Mob didn’t like that because I was probably earning more money than them and they took it personally, jealousy springs to mind.

So just to jog your memories, myself, Anita, my 3 children are living in Cwrt Llewelyn, renting a property that neither me or Anita had a mortgage on, all our mortgages had been redeemed by this time.

Whilst we were living at Cwrt Llewelyn, The Mob were absolutely convinced that we owned it, they went and saw the landlord we were renting from, to get a statement from him to say that he owned it. This is what I’m up against, corrupt police officers. Whatever I tell them they won’t believe, but they get their eye wiped and they don’t like being left with egg on their face.

On the 10th October 2008, whilst living at this address The Mob turned up early one morning for a dawn raid, mob handed and desperate for a conviction, we were both arrested for mortgage fraud and taken to St Asaph, where we were detained until 9 o’ clock that evening, then for the next 14 months we were on police 47/3 bail while they made further enquiries.

When we were in the police station on the 10th October 2008, Don Kenyon and his gang told us that Anita has £400,000 in her Nat West account and ‘because it’s late at night we can’t contact the courts or the bank, we are going to release you both on bail, but you must both sign these forms that you will not go near the bank and touch that money and if you do it will be a criminal offence’.

I told them it was criminal what they were doing and that money is legitimate. The day after we were released myself and Anita went to see our solicitor, Dave Bushell from Brown Turner Ross in Liverpool, we explained the full facts to him, he said he would write to the Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom requesting the £400,000 back as Anita was just about to complete on a deal to build a house and we needed to pay the council £100,000 for the land.

The chief constable wrote back to my solicitor within 7 days and said the restraining order had been lifted and your clients could now spend their money, why would they give the money back if it was suspected of being criminal property? Because like I have always said the money was legitimate and there had been no illegal transactions, please read Anita’s bank statement, showing money in the bank and also read the letter from Brown Turner Ross to the Chief Constable.




Why did the prosecution not tell the jury about this?

The Chief Constable of North Wales Police and the Prime Minister, you can see this is just bullying and harassment, what are you going to do about it? I’m not going away, please sort this.

Witch-hunt continues….


14 thoughts on “Witch-hunt part 9

  1. absolute disgrace and utter nightmare police only say wat they want in court and you right mick police are jealous of wat u ave done and got by HARD WORK

  2. Fishing expedition from the mob. North Wales Police take 400.000 pounds off anita because they are corrupt, they then give it her back to build her family home. Then after months of fishing from corrupt don Kenyon and the yes bent cps. Then charge the poor lady and send her to prison for nothing. I mean I’m whiter than white so I will be having a word with guto bebb. This story is shocking by NORTH WALES POLICE.

  3. Guto bebb I voted for you what the hell is going on. Now do you believe north Wales Police are corrupt and have colluded with David Jones mp the thoughts of oscar cowards. Plus the untrustworthy crown prosecution services. Guto bebb the Conwy taxpayers are losing patience with you.you will want our votes when election time comes around again?????????????. NORTH WALES POLICE ARE THE WORST CORRUPT FORCE IN THE WORLD.

  4. I hope the north Wales Police don’t try and hack anitas account and try and steal more money off you two, after all they are thieves and have stole from you before. Who says north Wales Police are an honest bunch.

  5. we dont know what don kenyon was thinking in his mind, if he could get mick locked up, he would have anita with all that dollar in the bank, he may have fancied his chances, lets face it anita is a milf then reality hit him he had to go home to his dragon. nice try don, no harm in dreaming

  6. Iv only spoken to Anita once, but I don’t think she is as stupid as me, she wouldn’t go near Don Kenyon or any other copper, and y would she her and mick have one of the most solid marriages in Conwy. Something no copper could compete with. Me, I was stupid and naïve, and iv paid a hefty price for it.

  7. that letter to the chief constable, that would have been to richard brunstrom !!! the man that broke into headquarters and said he was testing the security, the same man who used to hide in a horsebox on the way to llanrwst looking for speeding motorists, i wonder who used to be in the horsebox with him?? was it his little pet dog pc alan jones from henryd, both retired now living on their pensions.

  8. alan jones is pc/sgt 489 steve wanker carrolls best mate… and brunstrom is a druid who do those weird ritual things, chief super simon Humphries was a manager of a rock band on the weekends. very peculiar

  9. I do believe this is what Brunstrom, Humphries , Carroll, and the rest are part of especially explains brunstroms strange behaviour.
    social engineering is were a group of vigilantes try to steal our wealth by becoming our friends and obtaining inside information fraudulently without us suspecting them, we openly give our life details to people like solicitors, mps, because we trust them, but the worst are those who befriend us… these are the ones that make me feel ill

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