Witch-hunt part 8

Helicopter for Creamer

After selling Penmon, Lon Padog, Whinacres and taking 17 Chapel Street in a part exchange, Anita ended up with just over £300,000 and purchased 2 Coed-yr-Afon, Gyffin for £379,950, we put down just under £320,000 deposit and Anita got a mortgage on her own for £63,000.

2 Coed-yr-Afon was a new build, purchased from K & C Homes for £379,950 and I agreed with the contractor that I would do a lot of work myself, adding a conservatory to the property, paving all the back garden, a raised decking area with a hot tub, erected walls to garden boundaries, block pavoured the driveway and turfed the lawn to the front of the property.

Any work that I have done to our properties has always been done to a high-spec, I’m a great believer if it’s done right you will never have a problem selling it.

Below are some photos of the work I carried out on the property.

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wh8.6        wh8.3

wh8.5       wh8.4


At the end of 2006 we decided to put the house up for sale, it was marketed by Fletcher & Poole estate agents and valued at £465,000, it was up for sale for a couple of months and then we took it off the market.

Around about November 2007, a couple who were from out of the area, visited the property and fell in love with the house, asking me did I want to sell it, I agreed to sell, saying I wanted £465,000, the gentleman and lady that had called (Rob and Jean Carter) they offered me £450,000, I refused, you can read their letter below.


We eventually agreed on £455,000, this was a cash sale from Mr & Mrs Carter with no chain. The deal was done, we sold the property and moved into rented accommodation at Cwrt Llywelyn, Conwy.

Anita redeemed her mortgage on the property at Coed-yr-Afon, which was £63,000. Anita was eventually left with £393,000 cash in her bank account from the sale of the property.



Again what I am amazed at is Mr & Mrs Carter gave us £455,000 cash for the house, all transactions went through J.W. Hughes & Co and yet the police were happy that the transactions were legitimate this time, so they never charged Rob & Jean Carter in the conspiracy.

Anita purchased 2 Coed-yr-Afon and sold it around about 2 years later, between them Anita & the Carters paid just under £25,000 in stamp duty to the government, if what Anita is meant to have done is fraudulent, which it is NOT, what right have the government got to keep the money?

Long after I sold the house, Don Kenyon decides to go and harass Rob & Jean Carter to see if this deal was legitimate, which it was and furthermore, sends the helicopter over the Carter’s house, taking pictures and also went to the house on foot to take a picture.



This helicopter bill must have been horrendous and he thought he was David Bailey with his camera.

As you can see from when I had the property, they dug all the garden up, to plant shrubs, each to their own!!

This surely must be a breach of Mr & Mrs Carter’s human rights?

The witch–hunt continues…


13 thoughts on “Witch-hunt part 8

  1. that comment needs correcting……certain solicitors from JW HUGHES are part of the network of 500 sent her to steal our money

  2. gamlins…..Catherine whats her name, the big fat ugly lesbian one,,,Williams….again shes part of the network along with a few others from this firm. David jones, janet finch saunders, ken finch, and it goes on


  4. Gorgeous house mick, you know I’m whiter than white as I’m mr plum pub safe. Well I do believe I’m whiter than white hope no one has got any dirt on me as I will look a right plonker. I know I wear long shorts and big boots anyway, I will have a word with the mob and ask them to stop thieving from you as I am a pillar of the mally community.

  5. Its plum pudding here again aka gary mally sky whiter than white I hope no one finds out. How many helicopters have been sent to the one I adore Michael creamers homes, the money the mob spent on helicopters I could of built a good honest reputation at the doors of the maelgwyn.

  6. Mick gorgeous house I cant stop looking at it. You certainly have style and class. Maybe you could teach me to have style, people laugh at me in my long shorts and big boots. You teach me style, class, and good manners and I will have a word with the police to stop harassing you. Your obsessive so much want to be your friend gary sky plum pudding. Don’t tell lynn.

  7. mr creamer you bought a house from k and c homes with legitimate money, you sell it to mr and mrs carter as you quite rightly say, anita makes her money and moves on, there is nothing illegal with what she has done, you may well be the brains behind it, but its all above board , but when you plan a conspiracy, all parties involved in a conspiracy should have planned it together, for the life of me i cannot understand k and c homes, mr and mrs carter and j w hughes and co are not charged with the conspiracy, its quite obvious the police wanted your blood and its now time that they are held accountable for their actions. i have mr creamer spoken to certain officers that have left the force, and you can take it from me they are more on your side and said their behaviour is disgusting, i know it looks that don kenyon is to blame, hes only doing what his big bosses tell him to do, again im waiting to see the bill of costs for this trial. j w hughes and co must have made a fortune from you. i enjoy reading your blog.

  8. whiter than white…..I don’t think so Gary. Didn’t you get caught buying in bottles from the supermarket. And with all due respect, this isn’t some tv soap to make a joke out of. This is the devastation of peoples lives.

  9. absolutely shocking that they can send helicopters to peoples houses ie, mr and mrs carters house, who the police know are not involved in any crime, take an air view of their property, then one on foot by dc kenyon, shown to a jury their home and then published on the internet for the whole world to see.mr and mrs carters privacy has certainly been invaded, the chief constable needs to look at this as to why hes allowed his force to take these pictures for an alleged mortgage fraud. im disgusted and sickened with this, the helicopter is there to save peoples lives and help solve major crimes, not think its a toy to play with, there really has been a breach here and a massive waste of public money. guto bebb your our mp for aberconwy havnt you raised this with the right body as to the waste of public money, and the abuse by north wales police, im making my lunch and i am livid reading this blog, the way our police force are behaving, im getting off before my language starts!!!!!!

  10. absolutely disgusted at the behaviour of our north wales police force, i like many have always been a big supporter of the police, not anymore, i have checked michael and anitas case number in the crown court and its there for all the public to see, hes 100% right he owed nobody any money, where was the crime? this was the police and the cps using the publics money to bring a trial like this to court, it should never have passed the threshold i blame the cps more than the police, they are just a bunch of villains, who all lined their own pockets. i am a local person, i dont know michael that well but anita is a lovely person, they are an old fishing family from conwy, somebody should be held accountable for what they done to that lady. david jones ex secretary state for wales you are one evil man and abuse your position at the highest level. this whole episode needs looking at by parliament, some cps lawyers and senior police officers need to be held accountable for their actions. halle from conwy county.

  11. no loss and the government make money, anita buys a house, sells it to rob and 2 years later, round about 12 and a half grand off anita and the same off rob 25grand not bad eh imagine what the government are making throughout the country……on stamp duty alone

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